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Day or two of rock this week?


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Kaindcaid and RikRik:


I have performed some "head-shrinking" analysis to help you understand what is going on between you two.


It's obvoius from my research that you both are fighting the subliminal attraction to each other and should just have a "sausage fest" and get it over with. Kainscaid's verbalizaion of "cocksucker" and whatnot is confimation enough. You are each in Love and it can be scary at first. It's not worth dragging each other through the mud when you think about it.


I hope that helps.

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Originally posted by kainsacad:

Red monk:


It is good you are trying to throw a party. Some kids need to party more frequently to be happy so the rest of the life can breathe.


By the time the bear is served give them something to chew on.



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Must've missed this the first time around.  I think I also climbed with the poster Kainsacad out at Index once with a similar experience.  He advertised as a 5.10 climber and struggled mightily to follow a 5.8 and seems to lack some of the basic understanding of belaying and rope handling.  There may be a different thread about him, his name is Mehrdad or something like that.  Former Iranian army if I recall.  Good times!

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Good times!

I’m pretty sure that I made an attempt on the Coleman Headwall with Jeff Street and this guy. He talked a great game; studly Iranian alpinist, climbed various 4000m peaks, very fit, etc. We started to suspect something was amiss five minutes from the parking lot when he’d disappeared behind us and took a looong time to catch up. Next “morning” (middle of the night), the conditions were PERFECT; full moon, crisp hard snow, no wind, perfect visibility, and he totally screwed us! ‘Took twice as long on the approach, then once things started getting a bit spicy, it became extremely obvious that he was in no way fit or competent. We pretty quickly decided that he was an unacceptable liability and bailed.


I’m still pissed when I think about how great conditions were that night, and how he lied his way onto our climb. 

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Spelling, moran!
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56 minutes ago, JasonG said:

Sort of like a certain someone on the Cosley-Houston @Phil K:wink:

Worse. That was some pretty major incompetence on the C-H, but we’d have possibly been in over our heads, and definitely would have frozen our asses off had we continued. The Headwall route was pretty much in the bag. Winter, too IIRC.

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