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  1. Frenchies as allies?

    you guys are like little children...and you are twice my age...i will miss allof you greatly though as i am leaving for 5-6 months...i bid you all adieu! see you all at the next pub club...i will be the one puking up pop tarts
  2. Frenchies as allies?

    oh yah! haha! so what? who gives a shit? that is waht happens when you have food poisoning...duh!
  3. Frenchies as allies?

    hmm...you guys are gonna have to fill me in...
  4. Frenchies as allies?

    what in the hell are you talkin about?
  5. How do you Sock Up??

    i find that smartwool's get really matted...especailly after spending a coupla days in em...even in the washing machine they really dont ever regain their cushyness...they also seem to get progresively sweatier the old thye are...like mabe they stop breathing? i dont know...for all the $$$ they are kindadissapointing.. i have taken to buying whatever socks are on sale as the price is ridiculous...
  6. Stocking Stuff for the Sport Climber on Your List

    when i whipped out my black light my frosh year at univ. my roomie thought i was 'old school' haha... yeah it is funny that i am almost antiquated at the ripeol' age of 21!
  7. Stocking Stuff for the Sport Climber on Your List

    i thought that was a given!
  8. Stocking Stuff for the Sport Climber on Your List

    then cover the sheath of your rope in glow-in-the-dark paint...this, with the 'bedazzled' lycra, the disco ball, lasers and gold draws would be great... i think we all should work for the REI marketing dept. we could make it happen...you could even have 'cosmic-climbing' at the local gyms (similar to cosmic bowling)...whatdya think?
  9. Frenchies as allies?

    exactly...vichy france's puppet government is precisely what everyone was talking about in the 1st page... do you not understand? people were making a juxtaposition between the conversion of the vichy government's conversion by the french free, and the anti-american sentimented government to ove which suggested that there should be european support for the U.S. so what about that dont you get?
  10. Frenchies as allies?

    what spin? i got that direct off your cohort's web page which he waved in my face so well in the last page..."The remaining French naval vessels were destroyed in Mers El K├ębir harbour near Oran in July 1940 by the Royal Navy after Churchill found that the Vichy regime was prepared to hand them over to the Germans." soo....
  11. Frenchies as allies?

    so you are saying that france should have surrendered? cause i would rather die than surrender to the nazis... but if you are willing to join the nazis and help in the extermination of the 'untermenchen' (sp?) i guess thatis your right...you are an american...oh wait but if we surrendered in the 1700's you wouldn't be would you? and the brittish weren't even attempting genocide...they were jsut charging too much for tea!
  12. Frenchies as allies?

    at least the brittish nailed the french's navy before the pansies handed it over to teh nazis...can you say roll-over?
  13. Frenchies as allies?

    actually no. i mplied that their was no other option for the U.S./ UK to back... they could either back vichy france or another de gaull france which they thought was facist...slim pickins eh? either back vichy france, or a kind of government they were, at the same time, fighting in the east
  14. Frenchies as allies?

    haha mommy and daddy paying the bills!??! i wish i was a liberal aided welfare recipient(or a mommy or daddy's boy)... but alas i am not...as for the important stuff...what are you talking about...i was aware of the vichy government and i addressed it...if you so wish, you are more than welcome to re-read my post on the matter...
  15. Frenchies as allies?

    uhm...because liberals are so akin to partisan politics...clinton being a liberal, i made the connection between the two similar 'war strategies'of each. i can ask the same question about the liberals' use of the words of the exalted NRA leader Charleton Heston to convey the ideals of conservatives... point is... clinton epitomizes the views of many liberal posters on this site (whether they want to admitit or not). so i think that a comparison is fair between two 'draft dodgers' (granted de gaulles was not near as cowardly as clinton's)