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  1. Interesting.... Should we be expecting a new TR from you soon Jason?
  2. I think if you've gotten 10 years out of one, you're ahead of the pack. My merino base layers always do that, thinner stuff especially. I've taken to laundering them very carefully and air drying.
  3. Vertical Limit guide to climbing

    Is that an Ed Cooper photo Jason? Somehow it seems likely to me. Funny shit, that video; I watched it twice.
  4. [TR] Johannesburg - NE Rib 1957 10/13/2018

    Oh boy, doesn't that bring back memories. That would be a piece of work when snowed up. Yikes!!!
  5. Excellent TR as usual Jason. We went in there a few years ago when we got shut out on a Granite Lakes trip (hint, hint...). Our approach was via Grade Creek road, and there is a surprisingly good way trail in as far a Bluff Lake. We must have removed five pounds of completely unnecessary flagging tape.
  6. It looks like you've got your links out of order; for example, clicking "South face of Tupper!" loads previous pic of N face of McDonald. At least on my computer.
  7. Such an awesome place- I love that Hamill Quartzite. How were the snaffles?
  8. Rainier Infinity Loop: new FKT

    Heck, you can arguably even skip the sunscreen.
  9. That's the coolest thing I've seen in a long time.
  10. Identify this peak

  11. Identify this peak

    N. Face of Fury?
  12. Conditions for complete NR of Stuart

    Anyone here have any more info on yesterday’s (6/24/18) accident on Stuart? News reports so far seem to point to a slide from the snowfield below the false summit onto the rocks below. This seemingly innocous spot may in fact be the statistically most dangerous part of the whole mountain. My wife and I were taking an extremely mellow hike up off the Foss River when we saw a USCG copter go by about 1:30 PM. It flew up the Skykomish valley then turned S and flew roughly over Decpetion Pass. A bit later I could make out with binoculars an aircraft circling Stuart in the distance and knew something was up.
  13. Pacemaker access

    I'd suggest standing well back in case of avalanche. Bring your longest lens.
  14. Advice for First Timer to N Cascades

    Speaking of disasters in unexpected places; if you end up doing the Colchuck Col route despite the dire looking video above (I’d never expect to see a major avvy there, it seems so benign.), be careful descending from Asgard Pass. How many fatalities have we had there recently from people glissading into a moat/hidden waterfall? It’s actually a really cool route with a fine alpine feel and not much real difficulty.
  15. Day or two of rock this week?

    Worse. That was some pretty major incompetence on the C-H, but we’d have possibly been in over our heads, and definitely would have frozen our asses off had we continued. The Headwall route was pretty much in the bag. Winter, too IIRC.