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  1. If you're headed up to Midnight, stop and check out Damnation Crack on Jello Tower. It's only rated 9+, but the FA was in 1957, so it's probably a solid old-school 9+.
  2. Jason may be a nerd, but he's hardcore. Hardcore choss dog.
  3. There is another saying: "There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots." I'm old, and was never especially bold, so take my advice FWIW; you kids be careful out there.
  4. Hell’s bells; since I’m officially a geezer, almost anything I do counts as an achievement. There are still a few bucket list trips that I’d like to tick; semi-rugged off trail stuff that would involve some minor scrambling. I’m going to be 90% or more retired, so hopefully more multi day outings. Lots of high lakes to explore. Maybe finally get up into the Chelan Sawtooths and/or central Pasayten.
  5. Nice try! Ice climbing in Washington is always conditions dependent, and sometimes you've just got to slog in to see what's happening. I think that upper climb could be easier to access with good snow coverage when it's well consolidated. There is quite a bit of slide alder to negotiate traversing below Alaska Mountain, and doing so while floundering would suck, big time.
  6. Ha! I found a picture. OK, maybe that snow bridge was more than 3" thick.....
  7. I remember that trip with Jason and Mizuki well. Funny story; we were descending down the NE shoulder, picking our way down along rocks and snowfields. At once point we hit a snowfield that rolled off steeply and across a narrow snow bridge that looked a bit sketchy. We put Mizuki (the lightest of us) on belay and sent her down first. As she’s going over the snow bridge she’s saying “It’s very narrow, it’s very narrow.” Of course we thought “yeah, we know; just do it.” I think it was my turn to go over next , and as I’m cramponing down this snow bridge I realize “Oh, she meant it’s THIN.” As in about 3” thick and maybe 18-20” wide. And if it busted, you’d do a wicked pendulum fall into this big overhanging snow cavern and get bashed up. Yeah, “Jason, tread lightly on your way down!!!”
  8. I'll bet Joe's Garage is getting Phat.
  9. That glacier ain’t what it used to be.
  10. Ooops. That makes far more sense. But still!!
  11. I feel sorry for the Sherpas who get caught up in this nonsense.
  12. Cool TR, that's a spectacular face. How was the road? Back around 2018 or '19 we drove that in my wife's Prius (Not my idea!), shortly after it had been regraded with dozens of water bars. I was sure we were going to get stuck and cause a huge Cluster F.
  13. I clicked the cascade-ice.com link and got all kinds of malware alerts. Crap, hadn't noticed it was a zombie thread.
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