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  1. Just for Lulz have a look at "Jane Smith" who joined 5/9. Something seems less than human about Ms. S
  2. I can do that... won't be showing up before 19:00.
  3. When is the next one? If I start planning now, there's a chance.
  4. It's unanimous at this point! Not even sure if I'll make it, as I work in B-Town until 6PM this coming Thursday.
  5. I'm starting to see a pattern here. Tommy Thompson with @JasonG
  6. There's a wealth of good pubs in Georgetown if that's more convenient for people.
  7. Magical place! I'm so glad I spent some quality time up there before it got over-run with nitwits. One memorable trip in 1989 with my wife and father-in-law (who was even older then than I am now!) we did the grand tour much like you and Kim's. I was out in the middle of Shield Lake on an inflatable raft when some hikers down near the outlet called out to me: "IS THIS SNOW LAKE?" Good times.
  8. I voted hybrid, mostly just for pragmatic reasons. Like- whatever works, right? Other sites I frequent are ad-free for dues paying members and not so for the rabble. I'm old, and lost my taste for risk after one too many near misses, so may never contribute a lot, but still like coming here for the vicarious adventure. And Jason's TRs! There is so much great content, history, and funny shizz here that it would be a shame for it to disappear. If some of the technical concerns were corrected, would this site become more lively? That's the key to keeping it thriving, obviously. What (if anything) functions like the old CC.com as a local online climbing community? It sure seems there should be enough demand for that.
  9. Fantastic TR; I couldn't stop reading it. The climbing looks better than I might have expected, but the trash and BS with guided clients seems really trying. You guys did it in great style!
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