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  1. layton

    CC.com Turns 11

    18 today? oh yeah barely legal, lets bang, buy cigs, porn, and register to vote! see ya'll at smith oct 10-14
  2. Hey, Katie Ives, here's the article in question I just talked to you about. I believe getting this published will earn you grant money from Make A Wish Foundation as it is a much-requested last request of many a dying little boy and girl
  3. i burrowed under the N and S picket range like a mole person last week
  4. Nature is much of a canvas as it is a mirror. Well done. I'm so happy to see the psych torches lit, pass that shit along! I really miss those mountains and it's great to see a trip report just like the golden days on this website. Proud
  5. Taken from AAI: There are a few mental tools that we use when we instruct people how to climb safer and better. One of these is the use of acronyms to remember the components of safe anchor systems. Fortunately, these are becoming part of the average climber's vocabulary. The three that are most commonly used are SERENE + ERNEST + HELICOPTER. Here's what they stand for: Solid (or strong)EqualizedRedundantEfficientNoExtension + EqualizedRedunantNoExtensionSolid (or strong)Timely + Helicopter-proof
  6. there's another 5.10 pitch on top of the hill, totally contrived and not part of the route
  7. sounds like pinchy wasn't pleased! How about 2/2 instead of 2/3? It's all contrived anyway and no one has actually fully repeated ALL of Acid Baby (one more pitch up top). Besides no one will ever top my feat of summiting everything in each Beckey guide in the exact order of the index in the back of each volume in a day on foot starting at sea level. Anyway Jenny and Whitney benefited from not having a set of male genitalia which Rolf and Dan can attest to being a significant benefit to one's performance in the alpine
  8. Greatest hits? I prefer Wayne's B-sides
  9. Thanks for sharing John. That's one of those routes always on the list but never makes it past the daydream stage in my planning. Thanks for the vicarious send!
  10. This is for the family who I'm sure is reading this "He died doing what he loved, ruining it for everyone" Drop the lawsuit and give your child some dignity in his death.
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