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  1. nice work, glad you guys didn't break a hip
  2. Castle Rock New Route

    I just go around the hardware store clipping things in their natural setting
  3. AAJ Pdf

    Switching cloud storage and f#$%kint google didn't zip everything so I'm now trying to recover what was lost. Anyone have pdf's of all the AAJ's they can send me? Yes I know you can search online. Thanks! -Mike
  4. Marc and partner missing in AK

    Farewell Marc, you will be missed.
  5. Cheers

    omg that party was fucked. midgets jumping though fire h oops, wherley passing out on top of the tent.....ughh
  6. wamest jacket on earth

    And it's Gore-Tex!
  7. I'd love to see Tyler Adams or one of his avatars like Corduroy Boy be immortalized here RIP good buddy
  8. RIP Fred Beckey

    Long live Fred Beckey
  9. [TR] Mount Whitney - East Buttress 9/7/2016

    way to persevere!
  10. very cool! That area is so amazing
  11. Equally impressive are the amounts of cliff bars and pop tarts consumed during such an ordeal. No wonder you could only finish 1/2 a bag of Chex mix!!
  12. a group of 4? WFT assholes? This is becoming way too fucking common.
  13. to be mathematically accurate, you would have to ADD the "suck it up". your equation implies that "sucking it up" actually takes away from "all you can do" nice photos from stairway, BTW. Someone's been doing their clickbait facebook "math" problems!