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  1. Ptarmigan ridge- Rainier early season

    We've had a good bit of fresh snow lately which could result in a wallowfest and/or avalanche hazard.
  2. That's quite the piece of work! I read your winter Cathedral TR. Having been there several times in the fall (via the border crossing), it's a beautiful area to hang out in. But to ski in, tag Cathedral and Amphitheater in the dark and ski out the next day..... whole lotta misery if you ask me.

    Is that N Hozomeen from Ross Lake via the Skyline Trail?

    ^ Nice. Did you camp up there?

    Here's to lazy summer days.
  6. 2021/2022 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    Oh heck yeah. She still has that thing.
  7. Bridwell's Last Interview

  8. 2021/2022 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    We could have ice conditions that we haven't seen in decades. Here are some pics of Index Town Wall from around 1989 or 1990. These were taken at the end of a similar arctic-geddon. I had been out of town for most of the cold snap, and the day we were here the temps were warming up. Note the HUGE missing column in picture two. No way I was capable of doing that then, now, or ever, but there are some crazy good climbers around now. (We climbed some slabby WI2 by the RR tracks) I'd love to see someone bag this if it actually forms up again!

    Not that I am worthy, but since Jason's a bit slow today.... (He's probably out in the hills.) I've always liked this one. It goes WAY back to one of the last times I climbed with him when we did N Twin Sister in December 2004. He was just a young whippersnapper then, and I wasn't such a fossil.

    Therein lies the rub.

    Jason, when exactly is your coffee table book coming out?
  12. Zig Zag, Mt. Erie, Pitch 2 retrobolted

    Same looser who bolted Little Sister?
  13. [TR] Lundin Peak - West Ridge 10/27/2020

    Rock shoes? You crazy kids!! Sounds like fun.
  14. Conditions Report: Static Point

    I have fond memories of my whopping two/three(?) visits to Static Point. Very cool spot; I'm glad it's still a viable climbing area. Funny, I was not exactly all that bold, and never felt it was overly runout.... once you clipped the first bolt on P1. I do hope you left that first easy 40' slab exercise in its original unbolted state. [Oh, and great job doing all this work!!!!]
  15. Most REAL experiences climbing

    Jason will remember this..... NE Rib/Buttress of J’berg. We’d just started up the “Becky 4th class” rock section above the steep heather. Our partner opted for the easy chossy variation rather than take the awkward chimney. Well above his last good piece something comes loose and he starts sliding off the mountain, shouting out- STOP ME! Fortunately, a fixed pin he’d clipped held, and it was an easy catch. I’d estimate he fell a good 30’. In the brief time before he determined that he was basically OK, I realized just how serious the situation would be if he had been really hurt. As is, he was able to complete the route and hobble out with a very badly bruised thigh.
  16. Climbing this spring (and maybe summer)

    I'll send you a batch of slides to work on Jason!
  17. Summit Mount Rainier 2020

    But seriously pardner, have fun, and hope you find some cool friends.
  18. Summit Mount Rainier 2020

    Hi, I'm Phil. I've lived here for a while now, currently 65, and in pretty good shape for an old fart. 'Don't know if I'll ever summit the bigR again, of if I'd even want to unless I could take it slow and mellow. Never been much over 1000' elevation in CA. Stable snow=Good. You and I sound perfect for each other.
  19. Interesting.... Should we be expecting a new TR from you soon Jason?
  20. I think if you've gotten 10 years out of one, you're ahead of the pack. My merino base layers always do that, thinner stuff especially. I've taken to laundering them very carefully and air drying.
  21. Vertical Limit guide to climbing

    Is that an Ed Cooper photo Jason? Somehow it seems likely to me. Funny shit, that video; I watched it twice.