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  1. There's some total choss and some thriving moss and krummholz on Steinbok!
  2. Slesse Conditions 2018

    Still there yesterday more or less unchanged
  3. current song in your head

    This earworm is harder to get rid of than tattoos.
  4. Next economic meltdown predictions

    Right after Skynet gains self awareness
  5. Slesse Conditions 2018

    Roads fixed up. Pocket glacier still there as of last weekend
  6. That bivi site was still under snow 2 weeks ago
  7. I thought you had to climb over all the subsidiary summits to the south to call it a Twin Sisters range traverse?
  8. Name those peaks: Outram and Manson Ridge in centre-left midground, Silvertip group at back right
  9. Summer solstice traditions/fun things

    It's also National Aboriginal Day, but maybe just in Canada. Get on top of the Chief to bust out your Exalted Warrior. Then you have both bases covered.
  10. Summer solstice traditions/fun things

    namaste, bitches
  11. Summer solstice traditions/fun things

    the solstice? it's INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY!
  12. Solo Snow Climbs

  13. Looking for a Mentor

    That's like saying someone who posts "Looking for the Perfect Wife" is a great catch because they're invested in the sanctity of matrimony.
  14. Looking for a Mentor

    The number one sign of danger on internet climbing forums is posts titled "I'm looking for a mentor!"
  15. Pacemaker access

    Also worth noting that based on 17 years of data there is a significant inverse correlation between "talking about climbing Pacemaker, especially online" and actually climbing Pacemaker.