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  1. Kinda wet and thin in SWBC
  2. but let's get to the real issue: did he take any pictures of alpine conditions during the flight?
  3. Mmm, fresh ice (these got climbed yesterday)
  4. when did trask change his user name to allthumbs again, exactly? was it before or after I dropped the hello kitty?
  5. https://hakai.org/blog/a-new-weather-station-at-the-top-of-british-columbia/
  6. Professor, what's another word for pirate treasure? Where is kevbone with that picture of Venus Williams' butt? Cause that was BOOTY
  7. Website address for cam is still in process, not set up yet as per the owner. As you can see from the image it's a joint Vancouver Island University/UNBC/Hakai Institute project.
  8. There's a new webcam and weather station at Plummer Hut giving a direct feed of Wadd. Don't have the website address yet though
  9. Solo climbing isn't a problem. There, fixed for you.
  10. It was a truck not a van. They said they were investigating, but not "as a crime". Just investigating. It was "Jesse James" (Internet pseudonym). He lived in his truck. He either fell asleep with a candle or a joint burning, set his mattress on fire inside his truck, and burned himself to death. That's the simplest explanation. Why isn't the case closed? He had deliberately destroyed all his ID. No one really knows what his real name was. There are no dental records on file. Skipping out on a debt or criminal charges elsewhere, who knows? But until they find out who he really was in his previous life, they can't prove that the body was him, just a "John Doe". So the case stays open. Not because "the real killer is still on the loose", OJ Rogoz.
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