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  1. Hiring Pro Videographer/Climber

    what's a "pro" climber? BAWAHAHAHAHA
  2. Logging at Index Lower Town Wall

    Really glassgowkiss? You might want to read a bit more carefully before calling people out. Raindawg never made any claims about free climbing related Numbah10: It was implicit in his statement. He has made claims like this of other routes...
  3. Logging at Index Lower Town Wall

    ahhh man, haven't been on here in a loooong time... Same old crusty farts (Dwayner, Chirp)... Funny thing, i've been climbing a little bit more as of late. Was up at Si this weekend, and it was CROWDED. CROWDED with people all having a good time, being courteous and supportive. The bolts made it accessible to a lot of people who otherwise wouldn't have been able to enjoy it. There were families, teens,kids, old fokkers etc. It was a great use of resources for a living, breathing city to enjoy over a splendid, albeit hot, weekend. The day before we were at Index and had a great time there. Didn't clip a bolt, wasn't crowded (pretty hot) and was fabulous. Both styles of climbing can coexist with mutual respect. Dwayner and Chirp, you both smack of elitism. Don, you still haven't sent Chronic despite claiming that you could given the time. Still waiting for the proof...talk is cheap and you are tiring. Rudy
  4. Out of control dogs at the Coulee

    I have no problem with well mannered pooches. Its kind of like people...
  5. Out of control dogs at the Coulee

    Your a tard, I don't give a fuck if you were there first....if your dog pisses on, or eats my pack, I'm gonna kick it in the chops. Seriously, wtf?!? and I like dogs...(I don't care if he humps it). Maybe a better solution is I dump your pack out, and trade with you? Or maybe i'll just take a wizz on yours?
  6. Out of control dogs at the Coulee

    This is spot-fricking-on...
  7. Index

    Is that you Bob? Shoot me a text...
  8. This is lame

    No Rad...different issue here. Woods was pissy because of the new scoring system didn't favor him. The one top that Mohammad had was worth "more" because no one else could do it. Julianne beat Pooch under the old scoring system. The WC guys are not "better" than woods...Muhommad is not a top notch WC guy...Woods is as strong as them but doesn't have a ton of comp experience...
  9. This is lame

    Totally agree Bob...funny, had he been a "big name" Woods probably wouldn't have pouted like a babe...
  10. a padawan graduating to a JDI?

    I'm belaying!!!!!!!
  11. Bitter poop...errr...bitter old has been pope...my bad...
  12. DPM interview of Kai and Drew
  13. Cool little article on my boy...

    I'm very proud of his attitude and work ethic. It'll be interesting to see where he goes in his life.
  14. Congratulations to Drew Ruana

    Thanks Billy! And to think all these years I was laughing at you clowns at the NRG. Guess it's perspective!
  15. Congratulations to Drew Ruana

    To be candid, a lot of Europe was not present. For example, Poland was a no-show and Germany sent no delegates. Still the Austrians, Japanese, Koreans, Russians, Swiss, and British, among others, were there in force are monsters... This is the best that the US has ever done. One other local point of pride is that 6 delegates of US Team are Vertical World members. Of the 3 medals brought home, 2 of them were VW, both silver (Sid took a silver in speed). We had 3 top ten finishes, and one top 15 finish. There is not one other team on the planet that has done this...ever. These boys and girls had just lost a coach 4 days before they departed and had to struggle with that while there.
  16. ISO kids's climbing shoes

    Hey Gene/Clee The shoes were from the Ruanas (me). There are still a TON of them in the seattle vw gym. Call and ask what they have to save you a trip. They are all high performance shoes for little peeps. Several of the pairs have actually climbed 5.14 and almost all of them climbed 5.12-5.13 but they all have life left in them. I was paranoid about running out of fresh shoes, so I'd stock up on them when I found them in small sizes.
  17. how to burn fat

    it seems this idea is a bit misguided, based on both my readings, personal experience with fasting and caloric restriction, and common sense. from my readings: the body enters ketosis after the depletion of glycogen stores, i think after two or three days under normal circumstances (link in previous post above regarding ketosis). almost all tissues can utilize ketones for energy needs. the brain is a bit different: although most areas can utilize ketones, there are small areas needing glucose (can't remember which areas; tiny cells). this glucose need can be supplied through gluconeogenesis, which requires all of 20 grams of protein (please verify!). this would be a net protein loss of 20 g per day during a complete fast, which would equate to what, a pound of protein loss every 20 days? seems a touch low, but.... another consideration in lean tissue sparing during fasting/low cal is the increase in growth hormone during fasting: here's one study link. another study, i'm sure you can google it, showed a 2,100% spike in GH after a 48 hr fast, if i recall correctly. point being, the body protects lean tissue. duh. personal experience: i've done a 7 day water fast, and an 8 day broth and juice fast, and multiple shorter fasts. during these times, guess what disappeared? that's right, fat off my body. did i lose strength ie. muscles? i won a climbing comp on the 7th day of my juice fast (~200-300 cals a day). common sense: is it reasonable to think that humans, along with every other animal, aren't biologically equipped to handle periods of caloric deprivation? nonsense! and, is it reasonable to think that during these periods of caloric deprivation, the body would utilize its lean tissues for its caloric needs, the very lean tissues it needs in order to locomote and find more calories? that's silly! of course it won't. it'll utilize fat reserves, damaged tissues, other wastes, anything and everything except the tissues necessary for the survival of the organism. if the body didn't do this, we wouldn't be around as a species. it's not like this physiological aspect has changed during the last 10,000 years of humanoid domestication.... anyways, that's my two cents on this subject. from both personal experience and a hell of a lot of reading. and to reiterate: the fastest way to lose fat is to stop eating, period. any other claim is just silly nonsense. Couldn't agree more...
  18. best hard sport routes near seattle

    and...you still haven't proved me wrong... I will gladly tell you one more time...YOU can't climb 5.13...
  19. sport climbing and erosion

    To avoid generalization, we need to grant Ivan red passport and take away my US passport first. I will make sure the cliffs are free of dust if you restrain your lovely kids from shopping in the local gunshops... DAMN...
  20. sport climbing and erosion

    whatever, Pat O' Butterball...
  21. sport climbing and erosion

    trashheap == cliff claven a connoisseur of factoids!