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  1. Do climbers tend to be arrogant d-bags?

    Hey y'all. Logged in today for the first time in maybe 6 years to see if there was any inside news about the rescue on Hood yesterday. Found nothing, but good to see the sprayers still spraying and many of the "old timers" still active, including a few of the arrogant d-bags (you know who you are...) Peace out and go Hawks!
  2. 500 Foot Fall on Hood

    well, obviously they used the MLU to stop the bleeding. duh. So what is going on with this site? I logged on expecting at least three pages of speculation about the cause of this accident and whether or not the guy is an idiot... when did cc.com get so subdued and respectful? sheesh.
  3. Hey Mayor Nickels!

    Idiocy I can overlook, so long as it is consistent with my unthinking allegiance to the elitist liberal agenda. I think it was the patronizing that got me.
  4. Hey Mayor Nickels!

    You should probably lay off the condescension unless you can get your facts straight. Not being part of the 'original' constitution doesn't make it easier to amend, and it takes a lot more than an act of Congress. We now return you to your regularly scheduled poo thread.
  5. Saddam Stretched

    looks way more old school than an 11... but dynamic is probably not what you want for a hanging.
  6. Close the Rivers!

    I can't believe this arrogant guide wasn't even wearing a pfd. As a taxpayer I'm outraged about the SAR costs. Clearly, all rivers should be closed to rafters and fishermen in the winter. Seahawks, twocents, jonmf76, Phil Jones, Molly, here's a new place for you to post idiotic comments about a fresh tragedy: http://www.ifish.net/board/showthread.php?t=137324 Thanks, it's been great. [font:Arial]Oregonlive, Dec. 29, 2006 Searchers recovered the body of retired fishing guide Jim Erickson this morning along the bank of the North Fork of the Nehalem River. Erickson, 72, of Wheeler, and Scott Gray, 44, of Watertown, N.Y., were fishing for steelhead on the North Fork on Thursday when their raft hit a snag and capsized. Both men floated several hundred yards downriver. Neither was wearing a life jacket, according to the Clatsop County Sheriff's Office. In an e-mail this morning to The Oregonian's Bill Monroe, Gray recounted the Thursday accident: "Hi Bill, ... I was actually with Jim, I am Scott Gray. "I was the last one to see Jim; we struggled and struggled diligently to get out from under water, as we were trapped by the raft. I feel terrible I was unable to help him, but it was such a struggle. "The last time I saw him, we were both out from under the raft but having endured a battle, Jim was not fighting, and I was still fighting being taken underwater several times. "I was trying to get to shore through the rapids, as well as shedding clothes underwater. I only knew Jim a short period, but it felt like I knew him forever. I am sorry for the family and the fishing communities loss. "I am also a county legislator from New York State and Jim and I were having quite the political conversation. That 2 hours of my life will never leave me." Searchers, including dive teams, hunted for Erickson for several hours on Thursday, aided by a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter flying from Astoria. Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin said two construction workers spotted Erickson's body about 8 a.m. this morning on the riverbank along Oregon 53, about 3 1/2 miles downriver from where the accident occurred. Erickson was one of the best-known fishermen in Oregon. He had fished the North Fork for 40 years. [/font]
  7. best of cc.com Mt. Hood events speculation

    more deadly on a dolphin though...
  8. best of cc.com TAUNTAUNS - WORTH THE WEIGHT????

    MLU? MRE? PLB? I give up.
  9. best of cc.com TAUNTAUNS - WORTH THE WEIGHT????

    I have never seen a giant squid but I have read Jon Krakauer's book "Into the Ink." I know there are giant squid experts on this board and wonder if you could help me understand these photos and explain why this squid had to die. Katie Couric said one of its tentacles was separated. Is this true? And why are they so hard to find? Can't we just attach squid locater units?

    easy. run search for MtnGoat and "global warming."
  11. best of cc.com Mt. Hood events speculation

    ahhh... finally back to normal around here. Thank the good lord baby jesus.
  12. MT Hood Continued

    Hey brrp - I hope you're still logging in because I want you to read this. It sounds like you didn't really know Jerry Cooke very well, because the BS you are spouting on this board is completely disrespectful to your purported friend and his climbing partners. Jerry traveled across the country to climb Mt. Hood in December because getting out of bed and going to work every day to pay the mortgage was not all he wanted to do with his life. Some people are born with a love of wild places and are driven to explore them. Other people are happy spending their weekends driving their Toyota Emasculator mini-vans to Costco for more crap they don't really need. STOP passing judgment on this board about the decisions and character of these men and climbers in general. You have your lifestyle, we have ours. Tell you what. The next time some fat-ass Brooklyn lawyer has a heart attack at his desk on a Saturday afternoon I promise that nobody from cc.com will post anything on brooklynlawyers.com questioning the choices he made.
  13. MT Hood Continued

    Lambone, I think this one's for you. iain, thanks for posting that photo of the actual anchor. The infamous "y" photo made no sense based on what was being described in the press. I'm sure those cables are actually nowhere near the snow cave or their belay, which makes it hard to believe how much misinformation was being propagated based on the photo, but I suppose that's not entirely the fault of the media. Thanks to all of the SAR folks for all their hard work... hope I never need you but it's sure good to know you're there. Condolences to the friends and family for this tragic loss.
  14. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    come on Lambone, you gotta keep up with this fast-breaking news... This is from one of the endless redundant updates Oregonlive adds every 2.5 minutes. "About 25 volunteers from Portland Mountain Rescue headed up the south side of the mountain to establish a safe emergency descent from the summit. "Two experienced climbers, Iain Morris and Nick Pope, packed light and headed quickly to the summit. Risky avalanche conditions slowed progress as they neared the top."
  15. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Patches of blue sky in downtown P-town all morning -- what's it like up on the hill? Hang in there guys, help is on the way...
  16. Cloud Cap road info?

    anyone been up there recently? thanks
  17. OR DMV Driver Improvement Program Question

    Yes. You don't admit guilt, but the result will be a conviction.
  18. I am so shitty climber

    Unless of course they are having the most fun.
  19. yeah, I trust my government

    attack the patriotism of whoever would dare to criticize, natch. perhaps have a high-placed minion leak some information about the criticizer, legalities be damned.
  20. yeah, I trust my government

    but apparently there is also a softer side...
  21. yeah, I trust my government

    I entered "cobra commander" in the driver's license database and got this. what's with the hood? Is that just for when you're driving?
  22. Bush: The best governor ever?

    Discuss -
  23. My stepfather....

    since it's Friday afternoon, and we're on the subject:
  24. My stepfather....

    sobo, I'm glad to have given you the chance to get that off your chest. I don't disagree, depending on the whiskey... but cheap stuff on a hot day might find its way onto some ice.
  25. anyone gonna get after this?

    The North Face of Yermom that would be the dog route...