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  1. sk

    teens climbing

    So thing 2 has taken up climbing. I can't climb with him. I am going to set up a top rope for him and his friend tomorrow. Am I doing the right thing?
  2. sk

    Where are they now??

    i will have to find him! where is Trask?
  3. sk

    to all my climbing friends

    of course you guys would take my good bye and turn it in to an opportunity to discuss your junk. i love cc.com
  4. sk

    to all my climbing friends

    I kept my gear for 5 years with no climbing. it is like keeping a toy that never gets played with. my gear is going to a home where it will be used, travel to Thailand, maybe go to Greece. plus to to Leavenworth and Smith and exit 38. how can i deny my gear such a full life?
  5. sk

    to all my climbing friends

    I can certainly relate. I sold my rock gear in the '90s. Except for harness, shoes (still have those fires'), and other sundries... Ropes, rack, etc... Gone. The friend I sold (gave away) this box full of stuff to couldn't believe his luck but I was done with serious rock climbing and I knew it. I was always more of an alpine guy at heart but I did so love rock climbing. It was an obsession there for a while... I realized it on the summit of the Grand Teton, after a solo climb of the Owen Spalding Route. I wanted that summit so bad and when I got there, I just felt empty. Man, I was just worn out. I did really enjoy meeting Jim Donini on the summit that day though. We chatted away about climbing and stuff he was working on in Alaska at the time then descended together, doing the double rope rappel... Very cool. It took me a few years away but the fire returned... Anyways, story time's over, promise. Sounds like you need some more time before you give away your stuff Muff. JMHO d i need more time but my health doesn't. I have done nothing but get more sick over the past 5 years. this is part of the acceptance that i am not getting better. i don't like it but i don't think i am supposed to. it is just what needs to be done.
  6. sk

    to all my climbing friends

    "My sense is, you love it too." I am not sure love is a strong enough word
  7. sk

    to all my climbing friends

    i have been hugging my gear every day since i decided to do this.
  8. sk

    to all my climbing friends

    NO this is about ME
  9. sk

    to all my climbing friends

    i hope you are right gunna be damn expensive to replace all my gear when that day comes
  10. sk

    to all my climbing friends

    I think it's ok to quit and not have to endure the pain if that's the options. Find something you love to do and reveling it. Lifes too short already. Wish you the best! Warm regards and thank YOU for the memories too. thank you bill. thank you for understanding.
  11. sk

    to all my climbing friends

    Ivan if it were that easy i would be back in a flash. maybe someday this will be possible and i plan to hold on to hope.
  12. sk

    to all my climbing friends

    thank you for the inspiration Kurt. We will see what the future brings.
  13. sk

    to all my climbing friends

    you are all the best and i love you dearly but my body is failing. I will hold out hope because you do. but i am still giving away my gear and hanging up my prana top. and maybe i will keep my cc.com just to see what is going on
  14. and all my friends who are climbers, goodbye. i can no longer call myself a climber. I really haven't climbed since 2007. now it is time to kiss the rock goodbye along with my gear. it is with a river of tears and a heavy heart that i do this. I wish you all well and great climbing. Thank you so much all of you for all of the good times, great climbs and random meetings at the Sun Spot, spring things and love fests. we have had some good times. I give my gear away on the 17th of August to a new climber. Today I tried to climb with my old climbing partner for the last time. eventually i should prolly get rid of my cc.com account.
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