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  1. question steel bails on aluminum crampons

    My Petzl aluminium crampons have steel bails.
  2. https://governmentofbc.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=ef6f11c8c36b42c29e103f65dbcd7538&mobileBreakPoint=300
  3. Yes, I would say talk to CAST. They do exactly that for alpine ski boots. casttouring.com
  4. David Lee Roth in Yosemite

    In part due to this and in part due to the manufacturer's name (Ruth Lee), our Rescue dummy is called David Lee Ruth.
  5. question Clogged MSR Whisperlite International

    Jetboil makes the Crunch-it tool: https://www.jetboil.com/Accessories/CrunchIt/
  6. question The Lifespan of Carabiners?

    Petzl says metal gear is good for lifetime if it passes inspection.
  7. Where are they now??

    No kidding!
  8. Best Topo app for Android?

    Big fan of Locus maps here. Lots of available maps out there. Sometimes you have to do a bit of conversion work. You can d/l all sorts of online stuff (GE etc) for use later. Make sure you run the Locus maps tweak app to get access to extra sources. Only thing that really bothers me is that it is a multi stage process to mark a waypoint.
  9. Yet another shooting

    According to a couple sources I just checked via a quick Google, Americans actual own ~3 times more guns per capita than Canadians. 31/100 vs 89/100. Switzerland is ~25-46/100 - military rifles kept at home included. Not sure why the range in that figure. In my mind it would be interesting to know the numbers when you start counting handguns. I suspect the difference would be much more dramatic. In Switzerland the guns are kept at home, but only 2000 specialist militia members are allowed to keep military issued ammunition at home. The rest have to go get their bullets from an armoury when the time comes... I don't know what Switzerland's ammo control laws are. Sources: http://globalnews.ca/news/1354803/fact-checking-michael-moore-does-canada-have-more-guns-per-capita-than-the-us/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_of_guns_per_capita_by_country https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_politics_in_Switzerland#Storage_of_military-issued_ammunition
  10. pressure cooker?

    also: http://gsioutdoors.com/products/pdp/halulite_2.7_l_pressure_cooker
  11. OK, so I know it is butchering the bard, and wherefore does not mean "where are," but I was wondering what happened to the Annabelle craze?
  12. Which smaller sized carabiner?

    DMM Phantom is a nice small locker.
  13. Ski-In 2014

    Details below - please visit the Events Forum Ski-In Thread for updates and discussion!
  14. Ski binding screwdriver

    The little torx that comes with AVID disc brakes fits the dynafit bindings. Bug your local bike shop.
  15. The Canadian Avalanche Centre also recommends against single antenna beacons.
  16. All versions, recalled, looks like they will upgrade you to their top model. http://www.pieps.com/en/inhalt/pieps-vector-recall
  17. AT binders for slack country?

    It's not as big a deal as people make it out to be, unless you are a lycra suited rando racer worried about a few seconds at each transition - and then you're probably not wearing Dukes anyways.
  18. Krak Kills

    Kraken Krillen?
  19. quiver killers?

    That's not an added advantage of plates, since that's exactly what I do with my BF inserts.
  20. http://geobc.gov.bc.ca/Topographic_Maps_KML_Viewer.html Good viewer, all free. PDFS only for now, TIFF to come.
  21. 1-ML-93011-ML- Snoboy's Request
  22. Steph and John - Any chance you were shooting photos before you got to the Bugaboos? There is an area on the West side of Duncan Lake that I am very interested in, and it looks on the line map like you passed right over it on the way from Kelowna. I am specifically looking for sinkholes and karst features in the limestone of the Badshot Range. See anything?
  23. So, let's start a little database of mounting templates for backcountry bindings. Scans of originals are good idea, and if there are no dimensions on them, then put a ruler or something in the pic to allow people to get them printed at the right scale. edit: Beck had a good point, that the dimesions may not be accurate if you print these out. Two options to work around that. 1) Manipulate in image software, until all printed dimensions match those on the diagram. May or may not end up accurate. 2) Draw you own template using these dimensions, and the original as a guide. Always check against your binding before drilling. /edit Unfortunately there is no *freshiezone* specific gallery in the photo area yet, so if you can't host the photos your self, PM me and I will help you find a spot. Here's the G3 Targa to get us started:
  24. Binding mount templates, AT and Tele

    I've decided to drop this from the stickys. Hope that's not too controversial! There is another version of this thread over at TGR.