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  1. Fall Ropeup Plans

  2. Beacon Rock Notice

    Post deleted by Harkin_Banks
  3. best of cc.com Wanted - Belayer!

    nodder seattle?
  4. best of cc.com Wanted - Belayer!

    not so sure?!!!!
  5. Extreme Alpinism

    As long as Jedi does not write a book everyone will be happy.
  6. Dead

    I thought you were referring to this little gem:
  7. Science Flips PETA the Bird

    and it still does you idiot. jeezus.
  8. North Face Jackets can get you Mugged

    damn specialed I see you scanned in a photo of one of chilliwack's finest
  9. Looking for something different todo this weekend?

    please gandalf, the correct term is Acro. I bet mr. sulu never got any action in the hot tub apres ski. though I'm sure you will correct me with episode numbers
  10. Alpine pack features

    windshirt bandolier
  11. Science Flips PETA the Bird

    and how do you define pain cbs? titration elbow?
  12. Looking for something different todo this weekend?

    I don't know who that is, but I bet you could give me a biography of that guy in detail, including cross-references to all other episode appearances and role playing games. maximum warp!
  13. Origin of w00t!

    too bad the gamers have not yet reached sunlight edit: that's one hell of a find colonel
  14. Depth Charges

    no kidding
  15. Depth Charges

    so...what's the profit margin on those pastries in the front counter? 300%? what's remarkable is people are willing to buy them at starbucks INSIDE a safeway, often within 100 feet of the bakery.
  16. Brush with tabloid greatness

    maybe he will start dating embryos and "used" towels
  17. Brush with tabloid greatness

    Why would they need to play dress-up when that's what they got caught for in the first place?
  18. AlpinMating

    speed up the replies too, jeezus you are taking forever
  19. Depth Charges

    I thought it was the eye that won't wink, it only stinks.
  20. AlpinMating

    dude I'm just kidding
  21. AlpinMating

    You're the one on a bulletin board posting about your hounding exploits with mounties tilt
  22. Depth Charges

    What makes it a dutch oven is pulling the covers over the unsuspecting prey until they vomit