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  1. There Was Shrinkage!

    I got back from a repeat of the Ptarmigan after 19 years and it is pretty amazing the glacial recession in that time (2003 was a lean snow year and 2022 phat as well). Here are a couple examples: LeConte in 2003: LeConte in 2022: Chickamin Glacier in 2003: Chickamin Gl in 2022:
  2. There Was Shrinkage!

    absolutely, wow!
  3. There Was Shrinkage!

    Good eye @dberdinka! At home, with careful looking, that really jumped out at me. These glacier have thinned dramatically in the last 19 years, as well as retreated. You may not be wrong about them evaporating one day in the not too distant future.
  4. At first I didn't notice the bike in the photo and thought you were referring to the pace he set @olyclimber
  5. There Was Shrinkage!

    Feel free to post other examples from the Cascades if you have them!
  6. Everything is so phat in that Roper photo! I imagine that was during high summer? My how the glaciers continue to shrink.
  7. Start to finish, completely rad. So much stoke, so much youth! Love to see the next generation at the height of their "storm years"!!
  8. [TR] Glacier Peak - Frostbite Ridge 08/07/2022

    This is one of my favorite routes in the range, but I haven't been back since the road washed out in 2003. Need to change that! But over 4 days for this old guy.... Great report, thanks! Oh, and for future parties, you can avoid the dangerous bit on the Kennedy by going around the north side of Kennedy peak. A bit longer, but quite mellow and scenic- that's how we went.
  9. Mildred Lakes Area

    Looks like a nice and tasty weekend! Love the links to the trips on your memory lane!
  10. @Sam Boyce and Lani are taking the range by storm!! Pretty impressive string...
  11. Trip: Dome and the Lizard - Ptarmigan (Ptarmithumb) Traverse Trip Date: 07/22/2022 Trip Report: Ah, the classic Ptarmigan....is there a finer high traverse in the Cascades? After 25ish year of rambling around the range I'm not sure there is a more scenic and pleasant high route. And so, after a 19 year hiatus it was time to return with none other than @Juan Sharp. My thumb was still broken with a pin, but no matter, we would take it easy over 6 days and savor the experience. There is probably too much already written about this particular trip, but I will say that it is worth repeat visits, if only to camp in the places you wished you had camped the first time! And, amazingly enough, the traverse was much quieter than I had it in 2003. Probably "closures" on both ends had something to do with that (check notes below for additional beta). High points, for us, included perfect weather, good snow conditions, few bugs, an evening visit from a couple curious goats, ethereal marine layer mists from White Rock Lakes, Northern lights from the Dome/Dana Glacier col, solos of Dome and the Lizard (for me), sunrise/sunset on Dakobed, and a surprise visit from @jenny.abegg and partner who were mountain running from Canada to Stehekin, along the crest, in ONE WEEK. They covered in A DAY, what took us 4 days! To say we were amazed would be an understatement. I can't wait to see the movie made by the film crew running along with them for a couple sections. Low points would be the brush of Bachelor and Downey Creeks, but there is always a price of admission to the glory of the North Cascades parklands. I'll be back, but I won't wait as long next time! Heading up the closed cascade river road: @Juan Sharp below Mixup on the way to Cache col: Formidable: Camp 1 with a good view of the NF of Spider: Traversing over to Middle Cascade Gl: Passing thru Spider/Formidable col, Old Guard and LeConte in the middle: Climbing up above Yang Yang Lakes: Camp 2: Formidable at sunrise: Heading out on Day 3: Traversing to LeConte Gl.: South Cascade Gl.: The majestic north side of Sinister/Dome and the Chickamin Gl.: Camp 3 at White Rock Lakes: NF of Sinister and the Chickamin: Elephant Head and Dome from WRL: The aptly named Elephant Head: Agnes! Snout of the Dana: The German Helmet lost in the mists to the right of @Juan Sharp: Summit ridge of Dome: Hydramatic Spire: Camp 4, North Cascades style: @jenny.abegg and crew heading towards the Chickamin one evening: Dakobed from Camp 4: Surprise aurora borealis one night....it didn't look like this to the naked eye, 25 sec. exposure. Heading toward Itswoot ridge on day 5: Dome and @Juan Sharp: Sussing out the way to Cub lake from Itswoot ridge: False hellebore: Getting to the fun part in Bachelor Creek: @Juan Sharp crossing Bachelor Creek after doing battle with the worst of it. Note the bloody shins: The Bachelor Creek trail has sustained significant damage from slides this past winter: Camp 5, on the banks of Downey Creek: We're not in Colorado any more! Thru the burn at the end of the Downey Creek trail: Gear Notes: 30m rope, glacier gear, helmet, ice axe, crampons Approach Notes: Cascade River Road closed at Eldorado. Bachelor/Downey creek trails officially "closed" but in decent shape, esp. thru the burn. Bachelor Creek trail in good shape above 4500'. Cross Bachelor Creek at the alternate 4500' crossing. Flagged from there down to old log across Bachelor Creek at 4100'. Lots of blowdown in Lower Bachelor Creek and upper Downey Creek trails. Much bear sign.
  12. Whoah, after all that build up over the years, I thought it was going to be 10+. Way to slay the beast and bring back a report to the timid masses! Truly an incredible spire!!!!
  13. Psycholocross Bikes

    That's a sweet bike! I really like the combo of steel frame/carbon fork, sounds like your bike rides similar but is way lighter! Since we're trading bike pics, here's mine:
  14. Psycholocross Bikes

    Crazy!!! I had no idea they made Ti frames! But I am really not much of a bike nerd.
  15. Psycholocross Bikes

    I just use my Jamis Renegade to ride around town and to work, mostly to stay fit.. Maybe the occasional gravel approach road. But they are a sweet style of bike! What did you get @olyclimber?
  16. It has been so long since I've been in that area (more than 20 years) that I need to go back! I hardly remember how good the views are! Thanks for the report...
  17. [TR] Prusik - West ridge 07/27/2022

    Such a fantastic route, thanks for the great report!
  18. Yes, Jacob's Ladder is definitely not a "classic" in the classic sense. And for us, the mystery of the unknown was quite enticing, and for sure clouded our view of the route. But glad that it was a good diversion nonetheless!
  19. Pat McGrane's Pioneer climbing guide

    I've never even heard of this range....looks great!
  20. Looks like a great outing! And yes, in full sun and no wind, those alpine trout are spooooooooky!
  21. That is a mega trip, solo, and slightly injured! Thanks for the report and glad it all went safely. What did you think of Jacob's Ladder? I'm always interested to hear non-biased opinions!
  22. Was trying to embed a hyperlapse, but I am not smart enough.
  23. Well, we're old and crotchety, and like the Freedom of the Hills..... so we only heed closures if it is actively on fire. I suspect that the USFS is merely covering their liability bases, post-fire. The Suiattle road is closed within a hundred yards of the Downey Creek trail so not much extra walking on the south end. The north end has gotten trickier this week since NPS says that it is "closed" unless you have overnight permit in the park (or that is what they said last week). No idea of how hard they are enforcing it.