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  1. [TR] Cruiser - S Corner 06/16/2018

    Yes! Such a great climb, glad you made it happen on the second try. I still think that is one of the more intimidating summits out there, given the grade. THAT'S low fifth??!! I had to laugh that you did it C2C. My wife and I took three days!
  2. That video is great!!! Thanks a bunch....I may never get up there, but I can see why the AK range is addictive. So beautiful.
  3. What hapened with the site?

    OK, sounds like we need to add it to the list @jon, @olyclimber. Thanks @OlympicMtnBoy and @Josh Lewis
  4. What hapened with the site?

    So @Josh Lewis, you're trying to find what routes are good in a particular month? I've never searched like that, but interesting if that is how you'd like to....
  5. Summer solstice traditions/fun things

    So true @Off_White. Just this morning, as we were walking into the office, my co-workers were pointing out baby spotted towhees in the landscaping outside our building. I replied, "In a few months they'll be big enough to fly into our windows."
  6. @genepires is spot on. I'll add that with an excellent forecast a good quality backpacking tent is fine on Rainier. I don't own a 4 season tent and have climbed Rainier several times. But you have to be willing to change plans if high winds are forecast on the upper mountain. i.e. not climb Rainier. Which brings up another pet peeve of mine. Teams heading up on Rainier with a poor forecast. We have a big state with lots of fun climbing. If the forecast is bad, don't go up high on the mountain. It'll be there next time and you'll have more fun somewhere else (i.e. on the east side and not on a volcano). That said, mid July is a great time of year and you'll probably have decent weather.....
  7. how da phuck...

    I use a desktop, Lightroom, and export the highlights to a folder that I upload directly to the TR. I have a Smugmug account as well now that Google stopped supporting Lightroom. But for the average person you could download the photos you want to whatever device you are using to create the TR, then embed directly to the TR so they stay forever. There is a pretty big issue with old TRs not rendering correctly when people change image hosting services.
  8. how da phuck...

    You have to link it individually, I think. I much prefer to batch export and upload directly to cc.com. So it can live forever!
  9. Recent Outside article about Marc-Andre

    “It’s important to appreciate the place you’re in,” he said, “and to have a memorable experience, something that sticks with you for a long time. When I’m old, I want to have all these adventures in my memory.” Amen Marc. I wish you could still be around to tell us about those adventures.
  10. Summer solstice traditions/fun things

    "International Day of Yoga, or commonly and unofficially referred to as Yoga Day, is celebrated annually on 21 June since its inception in 2015. An international day for yoga was declared unanimously by the United Nations General Assembly. " Unanimous!! The UN!! 2015!! So many levels of humor
  11. I'm saving some of that "endless" time for our Big Island vacation this November. They went Mon-Tues....and to be honest, I go back and forth on Lincoln. Not a lot of room for error on that one and I don't relish all the face-in downclimbing
  12. I've run into a few that enjoy it. Packing guns and tasers even, miles from the road, harassing people for minor things like sitting on the side of the trail. Look at what you're doing to the heather! I must see your permit! Don't even get me started.... But I agree that most are nice enough, doing the best they can.
  13. Damn! You guys almost make me want to put Lincoln back on the list @Trent @cfire......almost. Way to make it all seem so casual, conditions are everything!
  14. An age old question....but I know it's not me!
  15. Photo ID

    No problem @tyee99, Just so you know, I mispelled Bullon above and just corrected it now....Post a link to article when you're finished!
  16. How about if you'd have taken the boat like the rest of us mortals?
  17. We went in late June precisely because we were able to cross Bridge Creek on snow. It was great (no real snow on route, easy to navigate the glacier), and we had a snow patch at the summit bivy to melt for water. I agree that it should be fine. Or, ask @John_Scurlock!
  18. This is so very true. The older I get the more I don't mind shifting last minute to something that will have more sure weather. I usually have an east side backup. Perhaps the Cathedral/Grimface group? And I would not go near the south fork of the Cascade, at least based on a recon a few years ago. You're on vacation. Just rent another car and do it one-way, N-S like everybody else. 100% more enjoyable. And, you don't need permits.
  19. [TR] Mt Hood - Old Chute 06/16/2018

    The is the best Old Chute TR I've read in a long time. Keep the lame TRs coming! (and slow down)
  20. Summer solstice traditions/fun things

    Mainly, I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm usually working, or dealing with the kids, and basically pay the solstice no mind until late in the evening when I decide to crack a beer on the patio and remark how late the light lasts......and that it's all downhill from here.
  21. Summer solstice traditions/fun things

    Watch the rain for a really long time
  22. That's quite a weekend! And great pictures as well...there is no substitute for being up high when the sun goes down or comes up. As you know, there are a lot sacrifices to make that happen.