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  1. What I wonder, like @olyclimber, is why us @DanO? Why do you care about us so much and not the people over on TAY or Facebook, or wherever? Because, let's be honest, we're not that lovable. Except for @Bronco. He's a love machine!
  2. Can I get a special title too, O Dark Elite Overlord?
  3. When I see this, I eat popcorn? Or, popcorn now, vipers later? Does popcorn attract the vipers?
  4. I couldn't quite figure it out until you suggested it. Yes!
  5. @DanO, did you see what @olyclimber did in the last few pages? HE'S IN THE MACHINE. I mean, just try and escape your "enthusiast" label. I am stuck being a "bro", just because I pissed him off like 5 years ago. @olyclimber is our overlord as long was we type here, that's the deal. He's unstoppable. I can feel his gaze on my forehead!
  6. You guys are testing my supplies. THE FREE FLOW OF IDEAS IS BLOWING MY MIND, AND I CAN'T STOP EATING!!!!!!!111!!!!!!
  7. Good plan @olyclimber, it is worth the struggle to get there!
  8. Trip: Mount Curtis Gilbert - West Route Trip Date: 07/11/2020 Trip Report: The catch up from last summer continues.....We're in early July at this point. Most all the federal lands are back open, the snow is melting fast, and the high alpine is calling! And, of course, there are still Smoots to be ticked. Luckily for me @Juan Sharp isn't too picky so it didn't take much arm twisting to get him to make the drive way south to the Goat Rocks and Mount Curtis Gilbert. We opted for the short and sweet approach via the Snowgrass Flats TH, thence to the PCT and Cispus Basin. It was all very short and civilized with great weather and views. First look of Gilbert (R) and Goat Citadel (center) Klickitat from the hike in Juan crossing a scenic stream just before Cispus Basin The man, the myth, the Juan at camp. The blown out hulk of Loowit to the south (R). We kept it Covid friendly and slept in two tents. Shortly after I took this picture, I busted the filter and ring on my go-to lens. Oops. Both my lens, and wrist, though unrelated to one another. The next day dawned clear, earlier than either of us would have liked, and so we had no excuse to stay in camp, starting the engaging slog/scramble using goat paths and steep snow to the mellow area near the summit. Crampons, axe, and helmet kept it reasonable, but there was certainly a lot of loose rock and steep snow to keep your attention. And the views! A rare photo of me (R), thanks Juan! Without too much trouble or head scratching we reached the summit in a few hours, having it to ourselves this glorious day. Views were expansive, from well north of Tahoma way down past Wy'east into central Oregon. It was a great day to tick a Smoot with a good friend. I can't really say much more. Maybe because it was 6 months ago and my memory isn't what is used to be! We must have descended and hiked out at some point, but my memory of the details are hazy. Suffice to say that it was smooth and we got home all in one piece. Another great weekend in the Cascades! Gear Notes: crampons, axe, helmet Approach Notes: PCT to Cispus basin. Good camps above and below the trail
  9. OK, I'm back. So I need to save more if I am going to retire to Russia? Is China cheaper?
  10. Trip: Mount Jupiter - East Ridge (standard) Trip Date: 05/08/2020 Trip Report: My trip down 2020 memory lane continues! We've moved up to May now. The pandemic is still slowing unfolding but people are going back to work and the lockdowns are easing. Public land is open in some instances (Olympic National Forest) but closed in other (MBSNF, national parks, etc.). Your friends were likely in two camps- those still locked down and those that were straining for the freedom of the hills. Quietly, I rallied @therunningdog and @Trent, two of the chossdawgs who were straining at their tethers. It didn't take much cajoling to convince them to launch across the sound for a quick strike to the east side of the Peninsula. Growing up around Seattle you can't ignore ol' Jupe, it is right there on the Olympic skyline, standing proud at sunset like an Olympic version of Mt. Pilchuck. Jupiter is small, beautifully shaped, and larger looking than it really is, sitting at the edge of the range like it does. We were all smitten, or at least mildly interested. Beggers can't be choosers! The Brothers (L) and Jupiter (R) from the Edmonds Kingston ferry We drove up to the trailhead from the ferry the night before, finding an excellent spot to throw down our gear in the dirt for the night The next morning dawned clear and crisp and we climbed on the bikes for the punishing grind up to the normal TH. Recent logging has made this section view rich, but also has meant that the public is no longer allowed to drive the few thousand vert to the proper trailhead (which has been logged over anyways). We opted to take the road a bit further to the ridge crest then go cross country to the trail. It might not have saved much on the way up but meant for a longer descent on the bikes. And so we began the long hike to the summit. A former lookout site, Jupiter has a well graded trail all 7 miles to the summit. It was just what we needed after many weeks of limited mountain access. Steve hiking the scenic trail with the Brothers beyond Another great look at the Brothers It was a glorious day with 360 views of the Olympics, Puget lowlands and Cascades. You could easily see from Canada to well south of Rainier! A long break was called and observed with some well earned R&R. Way sooner than we would have liked (we had a ferry to catch) we began the descent back to the bikes. We hadn't seen anyone all day and that theme continued on the exit. I think many are scared off by the long distances involved in doing this in a day, but bikes make is quite reasonable with a trailhead bivy. Just make sure you have disc brakes and suspension! It was an adventure on my bike.... This view is just leaving the summit, looking down the ridge that is ascended. The trail roughly follows the ridge east, all the way to the clear cut in the distance. From there bikes will take you steeply down to your car deep down in the trees. Now, when I watch the sunset from the park by my parents house, I can look Jupiter in the eye and tip my hat to a fine peak. And to the memories of a perfect day in the alpine with good friends. May is coming soon, best be ready! Gear Notes: bikes are key since the road is gated low these days. Approach Notes: Follow the descriptions and drive as far up the road as you can
  11. Well, then, we have a lot of ground to cover. Carry on!
  12. I wanted to go skiing with my kids today, and so I did. My hat was wool, however. I think you may be missing the point that you're not making any converts here @DanO. You've done your missionary work, but the field is not yet ripe for harvest. You can keep up with the back and forth with links, but you'll find that we're not apt to change much. But, then again, I'm sure you aren't likely to either. I mean it is fun and all, but I don't think you're really having that much fun with it? At this point, I think we can agree to disagree and check back in annually to see how our respective predictions are working out.
  13. It would seem that the song remains the same. Just checking back in.
  14. Yes! It was only a matter of time until Gen. Ripper made an appearance. Definitely one of my favorite movies, period.
  15. I sure hope so. Otherwise, my ballooning credit card debt will do what the mRNA can't. Minimum payments are made for us terminal patients!
  16. I think I better stock up on popcorn.
  17. So.....I'm supposed to listen to Alex Jones @DanO??!! The same Alex Jones who preached for years that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax??
  18. [TR] Mt. Index Traverse - North -> Middle -> Main

    So great @Marcel LaPerriere!! Would love to see more photos from the past and the stories with them! Feel free to start a new thread with anything you'd like to share. I know many of us love stories of the the days of yore in addition to what is going on now. Love Steve's shirt and his Mieje (sp?) pack. When I first got into the mountain thing, my parents lent me their Meije's from the early 1970's that they had bought in Chamonix. Most of my first summits were using a pack similar to Steve's above!
  19. Anyone Coached by Uphill Athlete or Other?

    Better listen up @Colin1984, Mr. Frieh has spoken!
  20. Wait a minute. I thought 5G (I didn't know it was short for 5th generational!) was supposed to be a good thing? You're saying it is going to enslave me? I mean, I know I already spend too much time on my phone, but this sounds pretty bad. The 5G experience is that addictive??!!
  21. Good point @StevenSeagal. Also, did anyone ever run the putting UV light INSIDE your body thing down to ground? I want options!
  22. Wow!!!! Those are both incredible images. Thanks for posting them @oldster.
  23. Too late. I am more than a month past my second shot. For the record, I think you are out of your mind. I'm sure you feel the same about me. Time will tell which of us is right @DanO.
  24. I think you've made your case @DanO and are unlikely to score many more points, no matter how many videos you post. Check back in with us vaccinated folk in a year.
  25. Spray is alive and well!