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  1. "The Alpinist " Mark-Andre' Leclerc

    My personal favorite MA TR on this site:
  2. "The Alpinist " Mark-Andre' Leclerc

    I plan to see it on the big screen! MA was big inspiration to me over the years, even though I never met him in person. Although the film is probably something he would've probably cringed at seeing, I am glad that we can all get a better sense of who he was as a person and climber.
  3. Well done! Glad the report could be of use.... That is a proud and interesting traverse.
  4. Another @seano-sighting! @therunningdog and I saw him a couple weeks ago on Forbidden. He gets around! And good work on WHC- I bet Silas and @John_Roper are proud that that this route is getting more attention. It's an excellent one!
  5. Yikes! Glad you made it out safe. That could have ended.....uh....poorly. Monte Cristo is a rugged peak! Though I seem to remember the north side from the U-notch wasn't too bad....
  6. Ok, so I guess I'm old. Since entering my 40's several years back, I can't seem to shake lingering tendon issues. Hips, fingers, knees, etc. Most recently, I've been plagued by sore tendons in my left elbow (seems like tennis elbow though I don't play tennis). It that hasn't gone away despite relative rest for the past several months. Any climbing that requires much grip strength is right out. I have no idea how I injured it, which seems to be the case for all my tendon maladies. I tried stretching and massage which helps in the moment, but it all stiffens pretty quick again, and remains painful. Any tips?
  7. for sale Alpinist Magazine 0-37

    Yeah, I probably should move on at some point as well, but I'm still deluding myself!
  8. for sale Alpinist Magazine 0-37

    Thanks for letting me know the approximate value! I have them all from 0 to the current issue....
  9. [TR] Goode - NE Buttress 07/02/2021

    Yep, one of those parties (I think) was a friend of mine and his girlfriend. They reported no issues (except a few close bear encounters) and had a great climb.
  10. Wow, @jwalseth weighs in on this! So great!
  11. A lot of them have been stolen or thrown off the mountains over the years. I'd say a good proportion of the prominent summits had them in the 80's and 90's, but many have since disappeared. It is a shame. For a lot of those summits there was a good deal of history in the old registers, sometimes going back to the FA! Alpinist did a good story on the Mountaineers summit registers awhile back, but it isn't available online.
  12. Alpine BUCKS

  13. [TR] Mount Deception - Standard 06/20/2021

    That is a steep slope to learn french technique with a broken hand @olyclimber!!!
  14. [TR] Mount Deception - Standard 06/20/2021

    That is super impressive @ryaneames! Both on your and your dad's parts!! Wow.
  15. Harlequin Romances

  16. Trip: Jack - Nohokomeen Headwall Trip Date: 05/30/2021 Trip Report: Ever since this route has become popular, I've wanted to check it out. Jack is hard to ignore from anywhere, but especially from Ross Lake, where my family and I typically like to camp for a week each August. While I have climbed Jack from the east side, the north side is the show stopper from Ross, with the giant Nohokomeen Glacier dominated the view from the north end of the lake. In the words of @Trent (though he couldn't join @therunningdog @sparverius @kmfoerster and I), "It must be climbed!" And so we did. But it wasn't fast. We spread our effort over three days, with one full day for the summit and associated lounging, and another day on either end for approaching and running away. We waited until the highway was open, so there was none of that uncivilized biking stuff you might have seen on nwhikers. No way! We were, uh, civilized. And very serious- so serious this mountain climbing business. No joking, no laughing, no resting, and certainly no campfire or whiskey... It was all business and very professional. That's how we roll. Gear Notes: Snowshoes were handy for portions....ice axe, light 2nd tool, aluminum crampons, helmet, light glacier gear. We soloed the headwall up and down Approach Notes: East Bank trail and then up by May Creek. East bank trail is mostly cut out, only one log to hop over. Light brush and pretty straightforward travel and routefinding up the hill, based on where it looks best on the map. Nohokomeen Headwall is to about 50-55 degrees and the summit ridge is exposed.
  17. current North Sister conditions beta

    Yep, there are forums for the sub-areas of the Cascades. No problem, I moved it here!
  18. current North Sister conditions beta

    Do you mean the peaks in Oregon @wingclimber? If so, I will move the thread.....
  19. Any unique conditions Challenger/Luna Area?

    Luna and Terror Basin XC zones regularly fill up on weekends now! This is a big change from even 5 years ago.
  20. Any unique conditions Challenger/Luna Area?

    You put in for the lottery at the end of March each year. Shhhhhh. It used to be poorly known, but I heard this year they got 5k applications. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.
  21. [TR] Whitehorse - Lone Tree Pass 05/22/2021

    Wow, I didn't realize that Whitehorse had become crowded-good to know! I have a couple vivid memories of that final slope below the summit. Back in the 90's I decided that it was a good idea to leap off the summit into a sitting glissade down it. By the time I realized that this was a very bad idea, I was going so fast that stopping was not an option! Thankfully, I skipped my way to the flats in control, without impaling myself. Then, some years later, I snowboarded it in too firm conditions. Same story- by the time I realized I made a mistake, there was no stopping. Again, thankfully, I managed to stay upright and in control for some sketchy turns down to the flats. It takes me awhile to learn from my mistakes.
  22. [TR] Anderson - Eel Glacier 05/30/2021

    Jack. . Well done, and with your son, no less! That is still on my list for later this summer, but we'll see.
  23. Any unique conditions Challenger/Luna Area?

    As with any pickets trip for a defined window, I think your biggest obstacle will be the weather. I imagine there will be a log to cross (seems like there always is), but maybe not in the exact spot as last year. Great shot! What is your astro lens of choice?
  24. Climbing with invisalign - tips?

    And in place of toilet paper. But they were two different sticks. He had a system!