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  1. I recently visited the Loast Rocks Bouldering area in NorCal. It is pretty spectacular. When I got home I started looking for more info on the area, and realized i went in the wrong way and like a total dolt walked right through the local tribes land(Yurok Tribe), and it sounds like they don't want us beanie wearing pad totin chalk usin boulderers on their beach, although there are no signs or any indication to keep off the land. Anyway, here is the right way to get there: From the Access Fund website: http://www.accessfund.org/regions/res/CA Lost Rocks Access Alert! To ease access concerns, please enter Lost Rocks from the either the Flinthead Ridge walk-in campground area and use the trail there to reach the boulders or from the southern end at High Bluff. Both trails are off the Coastal Scenic Drive. The less gnarly approach is via High Bluff with just a small 4th class section at the very end where it dumps on to the beach a second time at the true southern edge of Lost Rocks. North along the beach from the Flinthead Trail is private land and Yurok reservation land and is off limits to climbing. The Yurok are very much opposed to climbing on their ancestral lands in Redwood National Park/Lost Rocks. Some individuals are choosing voluntarily not to climb there. It is public land so if you do climb there please be very respectful and practice a leave no trace ethic! Alternative areas for bouldering without access issues: Osagon Rocks in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park—hike 8 miles or ride your mountain bike on a sweet/mellow 25 mile loop, just watch out for elk! Houda Pt. and Moonstone County Park—Just north of Moonstone ½ mile is Houda, bring your surfboard too! Fun beach bouldering, just watch out for loose rock here and there. Also, an interesting article w/photos here: http://www.northcoastjournal.com/123004/news1230.html It has become common knowledge among local climbers to stay off of Split Rock out of what we have felt is respect to the Yurok. Through conversations with park officials we know to get to the boulders via the Flinthead Ridge Trail and not through the Yurok ceremonial dance ground. The challenges arise when climbers from elsewhere visit the area. There are no signs to indicate which trails to use and which rocks to climb -- invariably trails and rocks that should not be climbed are, and not out of disrespect but because there is no indication that it is not OK. Local climbers thought it could be beneficial to show that we understand that Lost Rocks is sacred to the Yurok and that we want to climb in an informed and respectful way.
  2. Saw on Colin's FB that Roger and Dan were avied and sustained injuries. Curious for more information. Best wishes for a good recovery guys. Glad you are still with us.
  3. Avalance on Snoqualmie Mt?

    wow 20" slab...3 buried. lucky day for those guys. Bummer on the busted up legs, but at least bones heal. Thanks.
  4. Say what? Missing climber on Rainer

    Any recent news on this? Eric was my close friends Uncle...
  5. what now beotches?

    http://www.climbing.com/news/hotflashes/solo_new_route_on_aconcagua_south_face/ my first post in a long time, prolly a duplicate...welll fuck you. I remember when half of you cc.com fuckers (minus the noobs) just trash talked this dude all the time. The other half of you I like.
  6. what now beotches?

    Sorry guys, drunk posting...partied a bit too hard for the superbowl. cheers
  7. Black Diamond CF BP tool wanted?

    I have two, make me an offer.
  8. that's awesome! definately something I wanna do someday!
  9. Scarpa T1 mondo 27.5 (9.5us)

    $300 Current version, used a handfull of days. Look new. Liners molded once. Pics soon.
  10. Scarpa T1 mondo 27.5 (9.5us)

    sold sorry
  11. Wanted size 9-9/12 Tele/Rando boots

    Did you see my add? http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/861917/Scarpa_T1_mondo_27_5_9_5us#Post861917 Do you want Tele or Rando boots? They are quite different...
  12. [TR] Ice Bender - First Ascents 1/10/2009

    john, going on the 12th-22nd. Planning to climb with pete some.
  13. Scarpa T1 mondo 27.5 (9.5us)

    Yup, I still have them. I live in Ashland Oregon...so you'll prolly have to try them on up there. They don't really feel comfortable until you have the liners molded for your foot, they can be molded several times.
  14. They day I climber Louise Falls a guy came up with a metal detector to search though a bunch of ice debris at the base. His tools were burried unde that ice. Apparently he was belaying in the cave whe that whole curtian crashed on him. Seems to be a common occurance.
  15. [TR] Ice Bender - 12/8/2008

    Nice dude! i'm planning to make a trip there shortley....see Pete and swing some tools. Cheers
  16. Cobra Ice tools for sale

    new ones?
  17. WTB: Old School Alpine Hammer

    not mine http://cgi.ebay.com/VINTAGE-ICE-TOOLS_W0QQitemZ200278244927QQihZ010QQcategoryZ109117QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  18. [TR] Cody - Carter Mtn 11/15/2008

    Nice john! Cody is rad, maybe see ya in Bozeman!
  19. [TR] Yosemite - El Capitan - Zodiac 10/15/2008

    nice send guys! and nice photos!
  20. FS: A5/TNF Single portaledge U.L. FLY

    Is this for the standard single or the smaller ultralight version? Is it the yello one? Does it have a pole? Do you have a pic? If yes to all these questions I will buy it.
  21. Sweet Alpine Tools Carbon Fiber Black Prophets One Hammer one Adze. They have been used but in good shape. I know some of you alpine hardmen want these... Pics can be emailed upon request.
  22. FS: Pair of Straight Shaft CFBPs - $250

    bump, these are still available
  23. Fritschi Jumars

    hmmm, have a pic or link? never heard of Fritchi Jumars...interseting.
  24. BD Cobra Ice Tools - $350

    assuming these are the old model?
  25. Mescalito photo TR, June 2008

    http://picasaweb.google.com/mlambert60/MescalitoJune2008 Hit the Slideshow button. It was fun sticthing in Tom's photos with ours to tell the story. Enjoy