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  1. HARM Transmitter

    Woo...h Robbob, I did not know that. With so much social knowledge you must be a nuclear scientist.
  2. How to Strengthen Knees?

    Biking with gears shifted to large ones, low cadence, is basically a strength training for leh muscles. High cadence is fitness practice.
  3. HARM Transmitter

    I am looking for a used transmitter (chest strap) for heart rate monitors. Any brand will do it.
  4. scrambling

    Don't they have scrambles in England?
  5. scrambling

    Don't they have scrambles in England?
  6. Day or two of rock this week?

    Can't hear you. have you shoved your tongue down your fucking ass? I guess so.
  7. Day or two of rock this week?

    Hey you whiner; kirkir: If you moran learn how to communicate while climbing no one will have to scream " up rope". Otherwise you day dream at the measley belay you have setup with rope running free down the slope. You also need to learn to say "off belay" once you are anchored otherwise your belayer will think you are still climbing. You also need to upgrade your measely rack to have enough protection. Do not forget to put in a protection as soon as you start climbing. If your first pro is 20 feet above the belay point if you take a fall you either end up on the ledge or your fucking ass will hit the head of the belayer. Probably some one like you with no self esteem will not mind ripping his ass on a helmet. You also need to learn not to steal your partner's worthless sling and claiming that you have lost a cam. May be you shoved it down your stinky ass when you were thinking hard how to back stab climbing partners. kirkir all this circus is about you wanting to express your tom cruise status, impressing others and demoralizing them. Fuck your miserable character. Even a powerful environment like mountains cannot improve a fuck head cock sucker like you.
  8. Day or two of rock this week?

    TRIP REPORT I responded to rikrik’s ad and offered him the following by email: Climbing the Snake; 5.9 on Saturday and short single pitch 5.10a routes on Sunday in Squamish, which he accepted. His experience in Squamish according to him was Diedre only which he did not like. I had climbed Diedre, Sparrow and half of the Unfinished Symphony that includes two 10a pitches all with climbers from cc.com. I had expressed my abilities to him very clearly. At the start of the Snake there were two parties ahead of us. He did not want to wait; his excuse was that the first party, which was a male and a female, were too slow. It seemed the man was instructing the woman how to climb so it was going to take too much time. Although I encouraged him to start to climb hoping to pass those groups with their permission he constantly refused. He started insisting on climbing in The Smoke Bluffs. When a party of two showed up looking for Saint Vitus Dance. All of a sudden he untied the rope and said he wanted to climb The Saint Vitus(5.9) because there was only one party there. How he made this interpretation I do not know. He refused to accept my explanation that on a weekend day like that almost every popular route on the Apron would be over crowded. I went along with his choice since the grading was same as Snake. At the beginning of the route we found a party of three getting ready to climb. By mistake we had ended on Saint Vitus Direct which has a short 5.10a corner pitch. If we had done our homework we would have known that we did not have to climb this 5.10a because there was a simple hike to the Baseline Ledge. It was my call and I believed I could climb it but I fell twice under the crux. I had installed six pros up to that point and the very last one caught my fall twice. This is the proper application of rope and pro. Who can claim he has learned rock climbing without falling? Then I asked to be lowered and when he expressed feeling in danger I asked him IF HE WANTED TO QUIT; he said NO. On the Baseline Ledge while waiting for a party of two to climb he got impatient again and got the idea that we could climb The Vector (5.8), which starts on the same ledge. I asked him if he had 4 or 5 pieces of pro 3-4 inch as the guidebook calls out for. He said yes but I could see he did not; he had left his big pros in his car. He was about to fall at the crux of the 1st pitch the second climber of the party ahead of us at the belay point directed him which holds to use. When I got there he asked me if I wanted to continue to climb which I told him "yes; we are here to climb". At the crux of the third pitch, which is a vertical crack, he spent a lot of time whining that he always had problem with vertical cracks. He aided it eventually. We forgot prior to the climb to place an order with the Almighty God to create a route that can change momentarily as we wish so we can have a pleasant climb similar to driving down a scenic road!!?? As a partner I encouraged this guy all the way up and tried to help him accomplish the climb. As I planted positivity he planted negativity. He has a very inadequate rack. Most of his placements were passive chucks several in a row. He does not even know how to communicate once at the belay station. He was also upset that the rock was very rough and scratched his hands and he was going to develop scabs on his skin??!! Having said all the facts that climbing and grading are inexact sciences and maximum athletic abilities change day by day what remains important is how motivated and determined one is to achieve the goal and improve his skills. I learn by trial and error with a safe approach, in other words I put climbing safety devices into proper and real use. I am not afraid to take a fall although it is not the goal. This is how I evaluate myself and then make improvements. Unfortunately I do not have the luxury of taking climbing courses spending several thousand dollars so I look to find a source like cc.com. Those who look to get themselves a clean climb like driving down a highway cannot be in the same league as I am. rikrik was an impatient and a hectic climber with unstable thinking. If he suffered during our climb it was mainly due to his disrupting the preset plans. When he was given an option to quit at the right time he refused. But later into the climb he started being destructive. He either is a nervous individual with agenda(s) other than climbing or he has a character flaw in his social behavior. He must have a history with cc.com that I am not aware of. I remember that few weeks ago when I had just signed onto the site I saw a posting with similar subject. I did not pay attention to the member name. If anybody has extra time please try to locate it.
  9. Day or two of rock this week?

    Red monk: It is good you are trying to throw a party. Some kids need to party more frequently to be happy so the rest of the life can breathe. By the time the bear is served give them something to chew on.
  10. Day or two of rock this week?

    Attitude: Thank you for the correction. I will have problem spelling such words due to the fact I use them very infrequently; only for those who ask for it. Despite the spirit was understood. The terminus of a glacier is spelled MORAINE. Look it up and learn your mother language better.
  11. Day or two of rock this week?

    A warning to anybody who may become a partner for kirkir: Do not take him to an area he has never climbed before otherwise he will chicken out. Unless you have climbed the area before several times and know the holds by their coordinates. It seems his specialty is baker. Take him there to enjoy. He is not a frontier man. He is a follower. Until his friend comes back from travelling and he solves his problems with his long term girlfriend anybody who climbs with him should protect himseld from back stabbing by this moran. By the way anybody who has climbed with me before an has a complaint email it or post it, If I do not hear from you it means you do not exist or you are as chicken heart as your man; kirkir. Hey folks this is a free website for climberd to meet. It is a BLIND MEETING. You did not like it shut up and go some where else. Suck up your negativity.
  12. Day or two of rock this week?

    rikrik you certainly are an ass hole bitch. You are a constant whiner. You just got yourself a partner for two days. You or any body else should not make the assumption that an offer you get is from a perfect climber. Come down the sky we all struggle to climb. Climbing is an extreme sport that is why we have rope and pro. If you do not have the heart quit or hire a guide who can tell you which holds exactly to use.
  13. Day or two of rock this week?

    I hope everybody by now has discovered what type of individual RikRik is. No wonder he has a pibull by him all the time. Last week I was the only response to his ad now he is raising hell to advertise his Tom Cruise status. My ass son of a bitch cock sucker. You forgot cancelling the snake unilaterally and you were going to rap down at the end of the first pitch of Saint Vitus until I encouraged you to keep climbing. I am preparing a comprehensive report of our trip with this moran for those who are interested. This guy has an agenda other than climbing.
  14. What an explosion of eeeeemotions. Though you could not beat the lawgoddess in the number of responses received. Who knows; it may not be too late!?
  15. Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

    The ... ness; don't you think you could attract more people by running your own site!