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  1. love it! great memories up there for me. thank you.
  2. such awesome territory...
  3. Merry Thanksgiving

    Merry Thanksgiving Gapers...from the Lord of the Gapers Now you can play your christmas music!
  4. Vertical Limit guide to climbing

    I just went to see Free Solo last night. I felt it was pretty comparable to my night time solo of the Tooth, though I didn't feel the need to have it filmed because I am a Soul Climber.
  5. Where oh where did all my sprayers go?

  6. Best phishing email ever

  7. Trad anchors

    those are made by @Off_White
  8. Holy crap! What a story. Thanks to who ever tagged it as a best of. i can’t imagine the feeling of waking up to the car. But good for you for not making that the story, but a footnote to a great trip.
  9. sold! BD C4 rack with tons of doubles

    Gene, I do have one more thing of lube. When I can I come over?
  10. SOLD! I have the "doctor's rack" for sale at a pretty good discount. All Black Diamond C4 cams in great shape. I'm throwing in a vial of Metolius cam lube with it. Doubles in the middle sizes!1 each - .4 silver2 each - .5 purple2 each - .75 green2 each - #1 red2 each - #2 yellow2 each - #3 blue1 each - #4 silverish1 each - #5 purplish1 each - #6 greenish14 cams in total. A little less than $43 a cam for the set, and those bigger ones are expensive!No, I'm not interested in parting these out...I'm selling these for this price at a bulk discount.These are only available as a package deal. Take what you want and sell the rest to your climbing buddies if you don't need them all!A biner is included with each cam, and I'm also throwing a nice Metolius gear sling to take your doctor's rack home with...along with the cam lube.$550 cash only. I don't want to ship, so first one who show up with the cash has them. All cams are in great shape. No trades.
  11. sold! Metolius Master Cams

  12. sold! CCH Aliens for sale

    SOLD CCH Aliens for sale - Used but good condition. Black -1/3" Blue - 3/8" Blue - 3/8" - has tied, non-factory sling Green 1/2" Yellow - 3/4" Grey - 7/8" Red - 1" Cash only. $200 cash for the lot of them.
  13. current song in your head

  14. Which one is your favorite?