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  1. [TR] Mount Torment - North Ridge 08/09/2020

    way to beat the heat!
  2. Price Avalanche + Rescue

    Damn! But what was the price of this avalanche and rescue?
  3. Can’t post cc.com links on Facebook?

    I suspect that it is related to something that Jon has to fix when he gets time! Sorry guys.
  4. Kid carrying packs

    i remember carrying ulee up the old Mailbox Peak trail. he peed down my back. it was memorable. he also yelled at me most of the way, telling me which way to go. the pack strategically placed his head by my ears. I think it was a Kelty. it was pretty comfortable.
  5. sold! Alpinist Magazine 0-37

  6. for sale Grivel G14 Crampons - Cramp-o-matic

    Still for sale
  7. sold! Alpinist Magazine 0-37

    buyer never came through, these are still for sale.
  8. [TR] Stuart Range - Stuart Range Traverse 08/30/2021

    Appreciate you sharing. Never underestimate the stoke you are providing others, and the conditions report, and all that. Nice work!
  9. sorry dude, man that sucks.
  10. What is your photo system and why?

    Glad you made it up there, I wish I could have made it with you. This year between my mom almost passing a couple times (she didn't and is holding on great once they figured out how to keep her going), and myself (kidney stone, finally resolved with a procedure I won't share as I don't want to think about it) my summer got shot to hell. I felt lucky to go hiking on the beach the times I have. Do look forward to doing the Bowron and this fall and a November AK trip. I actually have a Sony RX100 Mark 4 I might be willing to let go of if someone is in the market. It does have an issue, like i think i may have put a crack in the screen or something. I'll have to dig it out and figure that out. Great camera though, and it was the best one a while back when I bought it for outdoor adventures i think where you need a super compact camera. I have had great look with the small Canon point and shoot cameras over the years. Mostly I'm shooting my Canon 5D Mark III, but usually don't bring it on hikes/climbs as its heavy.
  11. mountain/outdoor photography forum

    created it. maybe it will be used, maybe not. worth a shot.
  12. for sale free: retired 70m & 60m dynamic ropes

    I assume you donated the ropes to the Smithsonian, if they were "game used".
  13. NSFW pop-ups (really?)

    Yeah that Wordpress install just needs to be nuked. @Jon is on only one with access to it. I'm sorry dude...for now just book make the forums and go there directly. https://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/