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  1. best of cc.com TAUNTAUNS - WORTH THE WEIGHT????

    We preserve cascadeclimbers.com primarily so this thread continues. Please do your part.
  2. Hood accident lawsuit

    We can’t seem to provide medical care without taking people’s homes in this country. It’s probably early to be talking about complete coverage professional mountain rescue services.
  3. Hood accident lawsuit

    Jason, here...you'll make more headway with this:
  4. Hood accident lawsuit

    i think you missed the ironic twist there at the end of Layton's qoute. "volunteers". enough said. litigious society.
  5. https://www.momentumclimbing.com/sodo/ Can't believe I just learned about this yesterday, but there are two new climbing gyms going in in Seattle by Utah-based Momentum Climbing. Lots of things I don't understand, but I'm totally OK with given that the locations are convenient to me: Why are they opening two locations so close to one another? I get that one will be bouldering and that the other will also have ropes. How they fit in with the second location with the SBP, whom Cascadeclimbers.com has partnered with in the past...other than yeah...ropes will make them different. Anyway, cool to see more options to get your pump on!
  6. Its in the calendar, but be sure to check out Waynes Washington Climbers Coalition event next Tuesday!
  7. [TR] Moose's Tooth - Shaken, Not Stirred 04/15/2018

    Great pictures, awesome trip. Thanks John! You must have a nice frequent flier airline card score.
  8. current song in your head

  9. Posted in the events calendar, but in case you miss that:
  10. event Marc Leclerc Memorial

    Gathering of celebration for the late MArc-Andre Leclerc this Saturday. Marc was an absolute legend both in his climbing and his spirit. Pavilion Park, Squamish BC @ 5:30pm
  11. Identifying Cascade peaks from Seattle area

    Not sure why imbedding a link doesn't work, but you can always attach the image to the post and it displays. Something nutty with the image display processing for linked images... I'm talking about embedding those images to display in post.
  12. Yes I'll try to get to this soon...the pictures are there. I need to check to see if there is a way to fix programmatically.