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  1. Quite a trip boys! Thanks for sharing your adventures!
  2. [TR] Mt Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys 07/18/2021

    RIP Margaret Colson Devot
  3. I'm selling a F-Stop Tilopa camera gear backpack. 50L. See the description here: https://shop.fstopgear.com/camera-bags/tilopa-50l-adventure-and-travel-camera-backpack/ Mine instead has a small ICU. I think these are great packs. This one has actually never been used, as I have another F-Stop pack I use instead, and have used for years. This one has sat in my closet for a while, and its time someone else used it. This particular backpack would be great for a back country photographer. You can also buy other ICUs or accessories for it from Fstop. I will hold and protect an expensive camera set up, but still have room for your other backpacking gear. Color is "foliage green" which I don't believe they offer anymore. The ICU has seen some use in my other pack, but it is in great condition. $200 cash or Venmo. Pick up in West Seattle only.
  4. for sale Alpinist Magazine 0-37

    BTW, if anyone else wants to get in line in case this deal falls through then please do. You could even flip them if thats your thing! Me, I'm saving for a house in the countryside so I need to move on.
  5. for sale Alpinist Magazine 0-37

    Jason I'm letting mine go for a quick sale. Look at how much Chessler wants or the set on Ebay right now. If you want more money for them I'm pretty sure you can get it. I'm selling for less just to move on from them which has been hard for me to do. They are an awesome and irreplaceable part of my memory, but at this point I need to move on and let someone else enjoy them. I hope the buyer (if it works out) enjoys them half as much as I did, especially with the local tales in them.
  6. RUMR's kid is crushing

    Kid has *always* crushed. I'm sure he climbs harder away from the competitive climbing thing. Competition is cool and all, but climbing for yourself is something all together different.
  7. for sale Alpinist Magazine 0-37

    These are potentially sold. Waiting to close the deal up.
  8. for sale Alpinist Magazine 0-37

    I'm selling my collection of Alpinist Magazine again. Issues 0-37. I almost sold them many times, but I think this time is real. I'm sure you know about the warehouse fire if you're interested in these. $300. All in good shape. Cash only, and no I won't break up the set. You can flip what you don't need. Pick up in West Seattle. I know its a lot of money, but this is way cheaper than what other people are asking. Also listing on Craigslist, and will probably go to Ebay if neither of these work out. This is your shot at them
  9. current song in your head

  10. current song in your head

  11. [TR] Mount Deception - Standard 06/20/2021

    luckily once you get through the hour glass it was fine, and then was soft on the way back down.
  12. [TR] Mount Deception - Standard 06/20/2021

    I remember taking my son (who had done nothing but travel baseball all the time) up the South Brothers col in the morning when it was super firm. Was an interesting place for him to use crampons and an ice axe for the first time. He did fine, but I did question my decision making for a couple minutes. I mean, it wasn't that bad, but definitely and interesting experience for him especially since he had a broken hand. He was older than 9 though....
  13. Harlequin Romances

    His Christmas Wish (Mountain Rescue Romance Book 1) - Kindle edition by McClone, Melissa. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.
  14. Harlequin Romances

    Well its a bit of work to get it on, but yes, they look pretty fetching in one.
  15. Harlequin Romances

    Rad it was all about that hunk Jake Porter. His rough, strong hands ripping bodices.