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  1. The old trailhead has been gated and the section above it logged, but IMO there is still plenty of great trail there. Would love to see a new section of trail put in that comes up north from the Dosewallips or down south from the Duckabush that avoids all the logging and give access to that trail without having to deal with the timber companies. Mt Jupiter summit is special place, worth all of it for the last 1/4 mile up to the summit. It just that first little bit that has been logged recently and messes up the access.
  2. There are some numbers on this site: https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/giffordpinchot/recarea/?recid=34143 good luck!
  3. Nice man! Stoked and inspired seeing people getting after it. I'll have to check this one out.
  4. It seems like these deals never end well for the users that built the site’s content and made it relevant. Too much money paid for something that private equity demands a return on. It either makes them money or they turn it off or sell it to the highest bidder who may be unscrupulous. Time will tell, best wishes to those that invested their time and energy that site freely.
  5. Ha I totally missed OnX buying MP. years ago even. https://www.onxmaps.com/blog/onx-secures-series-b-funding
  6. I hope they at least shared some malt liquor spicy drink!
  7. I just added some more people who have donated to our super secret Supporters forum. Aaron, I don't know who you are on here, DM me! Thank you all!
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