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  1. Whatever sort of bouldering ice climby thing you did up there, congrats and thanks for sharing!
  2. Still remember vividly my flight with John. I was pretty lucky. Heck, I'll even plug his book again. https://www.jaggedridgeimaging.com/snow-spire-the-book
  3. https://craftmtn.com/features/above-alpine nice article about @John_Scurlock and the small hardcore group PNWers on cascadeclimbers.com
  4. Well I upgraded the site to the newest version. I'm not sure about the image thing @JasonG. I can try to reproduce. D
  5. WUT!!!! MT ANGELES TR????? Is "mature mountaineer" how you describe yourself on TInder? Looks like a good time Jason!
  6. All I can do it echo what the folks above like Jason, Phil, Nic, etc have said above. Glad you have humility about the situation and are brave enough to share the experience so everyone can learn. Nothing wrong with dialing it back a bit and building your climbing resume more slowly. Also if can either do a guided trip or two, or climb with some folks with a lot more experience, and do so with a "learning mindset"....i.e. asking question and absorbing as much as possible, you can go from having a scary time to having a more enjoyable time in the mountains. Its not a race, the mountains will probably be there tomorrow and even the next day too. I'm really glad you and your buddy "lived to tell", and I wish you both more casual days in the hills. You learned the hard way about a few things, and have some great advice above.
  7. Ok I’ll have to find time to look at it. Suction
  8. I’ll get this on the calendar tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Maybe you're well aware of it, but that is exactly what lead to the demise of a few climbers from out of the PNW that flew in with a vacation window and tried to make it work despite the weather (see that famous Mt Hood incident, etc). Good on you for recognizing that! IMO there are things to do no matter what the weather, but sometimes they are just a little more mellow/less exciting... like going to crag at Mt Erie. Anyway it can make it more fun too as you can create a whole list of possibilities and research them all.
  10. Uhhh....any trip where you get to use a chainsaw is pretty awesome. Wow those are some great pictures, you know that first one is special because you put it first....it is! Thank you for sharing. That is another solid adventure.
  11. I’m in West Seattle and I too have a copy you can borrow.
  12. Unicorns! You may get another chance.
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