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  1. Remembering my time with Chaps on SEWS. Just glad to be alive. Excellent use of furniture, but bring a doily for it next time!
  2. Out of control dogs at the Coulee

    What a litigious cat.
  3. Climbers vandalize Video Bluff!

    true confessions of CC.com
  4. current song in your head

  5. That was a moment of flowery prose, wasn't it! LOL. But I do mean every word. So cool that those guys chose this place to report it. Appreciate it.
  6. Site Status

    Paring the down original post/thread, there is enough negativity in the world already. Regarding my commitment to support this board going forward, I can only make configuration changes to the existing board software. I don't have access beyond that to upgrade or fix deeper issues. So I'll continue to do what I can, which is pretty limited. I have access to admin the forum software, but no access to the servers or databases which would be required to upgrade the forums to improve things, to fix security issues, etc. Only Jon has that access right now. peace.
  7. Accident/Death on Triple Couloir

    Not only that, but this: "He also climbed six of the seven second-highest peaks on each continent." Was only missing K2, which he did attempt.
  8. https://www.wenatcheeworld.com/news/local/noted-climber-dies-on-dragontail-peak-in-the-enchantments/article_b7c756e0-b12c-11ec-968d-ef77faf61608.html That is quite a climbing resume, and a sad ending.
  9. registration issue

    I just fixed an issue with registration for new users, so if you were having trouble try again. Other issues we will fix...been chatting with Jon, its just a matter of him finding some time!
  10. STEEZ

  11. STEEZ

  12. [TR] Sherpa Peak - East Ridge 02/05/2022

    Getting after it!!