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  1. Can you identify this mountain?

    maybe they are hiking backwards up the mountain?
  2. [TR] Glacier NP - multiple 11/22/2020

    Problem is that these are .HIEC files and the board version we are on doesn't support them (not sure if newer version do or not). But if you convert them to .jpg files it will work! I downloaded one of your images and converted it to jpg. Then you just attached them like you did the .HEIC files, and click on the image in the box below and it will show up. I did check to see if I could get the board to render .HEIC files, but doesn't look like this version supports it.
  3. One big magazine

  4. One big magazine

    Print media is obsolete. Publishers and advertisers have found a more direct paths to your brain that doesn't involve you reading or possibly translating anything.
  5. current song in your head

    how about some lip sync action
  6. looks like a boney holstein laying next to a pond
  7. Another reminder there is no climbing in Idaho

    what an ugly stack of rocks
  8. If you want to sign a petition to try to stop things, I just came across this: https://savemec.ca/
  9. Anyone Coached by Uphill Athlete or Other?

    I'd say if a big names are using a service, and you're considering it because they use it...well that is just advertising. i'd bet they don't pay for it, but use it because they got it for free. so consider that. and i'm sure they didn't get the were they are because of this service. that said, sometimes it just comes down to what motivates you to reach your goals. if something like this can do it, and reading a book about relatively the same thing doesn't...maybe it is worth to you. I know i for some odd reason push myself harder when others are around, but can't do that because of COVID.
  10. awesome pics...you hard dudes with the out of print yellow pads! thank you!
  11. seconded! always an epic TR when your car is unusable and you're way out there. i remember that TR where the guys get back to the car and its just a burnt husk. yes that is a radiator cap...unless they got tricky and put a mine under it.
  12. Iceberg flips with climbers on it

    You may be the only person I didn't share this with when I saw it! My son and I were just in that valley earlier this year. Pretty crazy to watch.
  13. current song in your head

  14. Is this a new sport of iceberg flipping???