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  1. Jim Rothwell

    He was a friend of a friend, but I call those friends. I imagine some of you ran across Jim. Rest in peace brother. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/seattle-hiker-who-died-on-buck-mountain-identified/ take care out there.
  2. [TR] Mount Constance - West Arete 5/31/2015

    good memories for doing this myself long ago. weird how a good picture can put you right back in a time and place.
  3. Where oh where did all my sprayers go?

  4. First woman to free City Park

    Pretty cool stuff! Pretty amazing how far climbing has come. http://www.alpinist.com/doc/web18c/newswire-first-female-free-ascent-of-city-park
  5. [TR] Mt. Slesse - NEB 07/19/2018

    Thanks Ken! Always great to see an old familiar face! Congrats on tagging this one, and enjoy the Alps! I'm not climbing anything, but will be in the Alps next year.
  6. Expired security certificate

    yeah we know (or at least I know)...just got back from the coast...we'll get it fixed!
  7. current song in your head

    On the lemon theme this is a great album
  8. current song in your head

    This is one of my favorite of the summer (new to me at least)!
  9. [TR] Enchantments - 7 Bulgers in a day 07/14/2018

  10. Paradise Parking Lot

  11. Paradise Parking Lot

    Not disagreeing with you, but it is pretty amazing how "passionate" folks are about this argument, which I suppose pits "access" vs "winderness". As in, if the land is the peoples land, but they are too out of shape, handicapped, or unmotivated to use it then what do they care what happens to it. So people want to maintain existing roads and infrastructure so that enough people use the land and care about it and will maintain it. This "shit hole" is governed by the people (at least in theory) and if the majority would rather drive their RV to managed facilities rather than backpack in to unmanaged wild spaces...that group will win. And on the other side is those that see the value in wild spaces, not just in the landscape but in the mind. A place were you can go and escape the humans, the crushing spread of the humanity. A place were you won't be hassled by the Man. I would think that all of us here are in that group, but actually it isn't so. I recall some spirited arguments back and forth whether to rebuild/restore the Dose road washout on the Oly Pen. Barring some great scythe like a virus or war that wipes out the human race and knocks population back it sure seems like things will only get worse and worse if you want to escape your fellow man or enjoy solitude. We can create more wilderness by designation, but there is going to be more and more people getting sick of being stuck in an RV traffic jam. Just try to go camp at a state site on the Washington coast during the summer. If you didn't reserve your campsite 9 months in advance, you are SOL. The earth isn't getting any bigger.
  12. Paradise Parking Lot

    Move to Canada you patriot!
  13. current song in your head

  14. current song in your head

  15. Summer solstice traditions/fun things

    I usually have a bonefire and roast up one of the neighbors cats and eat it.