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  1. Mt. Baker partner wanted

    Route conditions on Baker are typically pretty challenging in early October. I wouldn't expect "ideal".
  2. Buckhorn Lake

    Woah, that's wild! Never been in there...
  3. question Best approach shoes

    When Scarpa stopped making the heavy duty SL backpacking boot, I bought a pair from Cascades Crags as they went out of business. They sat in my basement for more than 12 years until my old SLs finally bit the dust after 18 years, two soles, two trips to Nepal, and many, many miles. Finally breaking in the new pair this year. Do it!
  4. question Best approach shoes

    Sweet, glad they work! And you are making up for lost time this summer!!
  5. Nice work! Sorry about being one of the 15....but here's a lumpsucker for your trouble: https://www.seattleaquarium.org/blog/closer-look-what-puts-lump-our-pacific-spiny-lumpsuckers
  6. Uhhhhh, this might be mine! I lost a blackberry somewhere on the East Triad about 10 years ago! I would love to get it back just for posterity. Edit, lost on 10/26/08 to be exact. It was a Blackberry Pearl.
  7. Sharp-shinned hawk? https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Sharp-shinned_Hawk/id I sometimes see them hunting in the alpine. Cool birds!
  8. I think owls can be very territorial. I know I don't have enough hair to look tasty, yet I have had them bomb me, as have several other Hair Club for Men members.
  9. I thought it was worth climbing, though it isn't all as solid as the photo would suggest. Still, that pitch is one of the better alpine pitches I've climbed in the Cascades and really made for a memorable trip.
  10. You continue to rack up the impressive solo string @JonParker! I bet you'd like that SW side of Dorado Needle (if you haven't been that way already):
  11. I think you solved the Sasquatch mystery AND DB Cooper!
  12. They hang with the grizzlies at all times.
  13. You do know that black bears can be brown, right? Despite 10 years and hundreds of DNA samples from hair snares, park biologists were never able to confirm a grizzly in the North Cascades. Do you have a photo? All the "grizzly" photos I've seen from the area have been clearly cinnamon black bears.
  14. Those are super cool images from Afghanistan!
  15. Super cool looking trip! Thanks for the idea....