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  1. Yes, for sure! Glad to hear that it went off without a hitch, relatively. What a day out there.....
  2. Did you summit?

    There are none! No summit, no party.
  3. WA Ice Conditions 2020-21

    Attention all you hardmen and women....the table is set and the DEATH climbs (death picnic, death banquet, death smorgasbord, death fondue, death BBQ, etc.) on the North side of Table Mountain are served..... Don't worry, there won't be a wait to get a table.
  4. Routes on Lundin, south face

    Climb the South face of Lundin and post a TR about it @underscore_child! Here is a bit more info on the aspect of your desire: https://www.mountainproject.com/route/119738692/south-face https://www.mountainproject.com/route/119617555/south-face-2001-variation There is maybe another route on the face per Beckey, or maybe they found an easier start to the "2001 variation" back in 1975.
  5. [TR] Mt Shasta - Avalanche Gulch 02/22/2021

    Great, thanks for the report from Shasta! It is still on my list, though I am thinking a spring ski might be the ticket, given the long drive (for me).
  6. Volcano ski condition 'forecasting'

    Yep. I think this is true. A lot depends on how the storm exits, and that is pretty nuanced. Like you said, they always come in windy on the big hills but it is a roll of the dice what the final few hours of snowfall look and bond like.
  7. Hahahaha. Thanks for the bump @olyclimber, and thanks to @rat and @lunger for doing what nobody else seems able to do, and surviving to write about it!
  8. WA Ice Conditions 2020-21

    Ask and ye shall receive! (It is just hidden, so if you really need it back, just let me know)
  9. Better PNW weather forecasting

    Great, again! Thanks for doing my homework @bedellympian!
  10. Fun read, thanks for all the gory details! And, you'll want a pair of these if you're going to climb PNW ice.
  11. Photo ID need help

    Well, the mountains around here are pretty much getting loved to death these days @Indygraham22, so thus the lack of details online about some of these places. The weekend crowds are getting crazy! I will tell you that you are in the right ballpark though. You'll need to go off trail, however, to reach that particular tarn (just a generic name for a small alpine body of water). If you don't hike much, going off trail isn't super straightforward here in WA. There is a lot of steep terrain, brush, and changeable weather just looking to ruin your day. That said, I'd recommend downloading a mapping program like Gaia and the map for the particular area you are hiking. That plus a full charge should help a great deal if you get turned around. If the topo map is Greek to you, here is a good source for reading them: https://blog.gaiagps.com/how-to-read-topographic-maps/ And, for your home research, check out Caltopo: https://caltopo.com/map.html#ll=46.76409,-121.72993&z=15&b=t&o=n&n=0 You can toggle between the topo and the aerial and find that tarn you're looking for! In the process, you'll figure out how to get there from the nearest trail. Good luck!
  12. No, I have Anderson, Carrie, Tamanos, and Alta yet to do. I haven't exactly been putting it very high on my to-do list. It might take me a few more years at the rate that I'm going!