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  1. I wasn't there tonight but what @tbickford says above was backed up by a friend who was also present. Get yer comments in folks!
  2. You're in the right spot @sara.squamish, welcome! I've found some of fine unicorns on this site...good luck! 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
  3. I am not 100% certain of the exact instances behind the Twin Sisters gates, but I suspect the usual- timber theft, dumping, fires, shooting, long-term camping, general mayhem, etc. These days it's much easier for the timber companies to gate their ownerships than deal with the shenanigans. But, gates do get vandalized all the time and aren't cheap to maintain either, but still probably cheaper than the alternative. I work a bit in the timber mgmt. landscape and I fully understand why the timber companies lock people out!
  4. Yeah, those gates in the Twin Sisters were unlocked into the 90s but the public definitely ruined that privilege long ago, unfortunately.
  5. Oh yeah, he's legit. Bulger finisher #11, who completed the list on Jack in 1997! And I don't think enough of that historical info is on the web for AI to generate a lot of those details, now that I think about it.
  6. I'm usually too clueless to be heavy handed. @DHC could be generating the articles via AI for sure. His account here is quite old and a lot of the photos in his articles (when they worked) appeared to be his? Maybe @DHC will sign on and explain what is going on....
  7. Wow. that is quite the effort you put into those articles! I especially liked the summit register synopsis.... And FYI, I'm sure that Dallas chuckled because Fred didn't quite clear his "Difficult Ten". And maybe that was the point..... But to be honest, Dallas really admired Fred and climbed with him a fair bit over the years.
  8. Every one of your trip reports needs to be here @Eric Gilbertson!! O2 and sherpa support doesn't matter a bit. That is a proud accomplishment. Another absolutely incredible tale, thanks for the link!
  9. JasonG


    Sigh, that really is lame. Not really much else to say at this point. But, moving on... https://ascentoutdoors.com/ ...is great! Locally owned by a climber friend of a friend of mine. Also, I will be forever a fan of https://featheredfriends.com/ If you are up north, make sure to support Chris and the crew at https:// backcountryessentials.net/ along with our flagship sponsor, https://shop.alpineinstitute.com/ For just ski gear in Seattle.... https://www.proskiseattle.com/
  10. Sorry guys....removed the link.
  11. Quite tragic....... I had never met Matt, but he seemed like someone I would have loved to get out with.
  12. Cairns can be amazingly helpful in steep alpine terrain, especially when you are trying to link weaknesses to keep the grade below what you would need a rope for. Hidden ledges, crack systems, chimneys....they can point the way to an easier path that is otherwise not obvious. That said, cairns get abused and are often put in places where they aren't needed (scattered willy nilly across boulderfields for example). I tend to remove cairns more often than I leave them, but they do serve a purpose when used correctly. Good luck with the article!
  13. So awesome @Bella Walz, glad you are here and looking to connect with folks. I have met some of the greatest partners in the world through this site and I wish you luck. This winter I have been scanning old prints from decades ago when I was a new climber- full of the fire I can see in your face in the photo above. Hold onto that for as long as you can!
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