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  1. Ptarmigan Traverse Questions?

    @keenwesh is spot on. The Downey fire will mess up the last bit of the exit, but not enough to scare anyone off, I don't think. It will be well beat in by July next year.
  2. Another reminder there is no climbing in Idaho

    That looks OK, I guess, if you're into that sort of thing.
  3. As promised, more photos! Looking up the Big Beaver over Beaver Pass at the Redoubt group. Heading to Elephant Butte Summit of Elephant Butte The ridge narrows and Mac Spires loom above @kmfoerster Unknown people posing for me below West Mac Dinner with a view on West Mac Sunrise was windy but spectacular North to Davis Peak (L), and West to Degenhardt, Kulshan, and Terror (R) Teebone ridge on the walk out from Terror Basin
  4. This looks like it is a good replacement: https://www.gossamergear.com/products/thinlight-hammock-pad#specs
  5. Iceberg flips with climbers on it

    So crazy! And that isn't even a big bear, by brown bear standards.
  6. Right on @Ben Johnson! Glad to hear that it all worked out.
  7. Iceberg flips with climbers on it

    Best thing I've seen this week since this. The iceberg's motion reminded me of the end of the video. Don't look away!
  8. I saw that @DPS, but couldn't find an Evazote dealer online?
  9. Beacon

    Apocalypse Now?
  10. They have been my source for "hardman" pads for a long time. It is an integral part of my kit, not because I'm hard, but because they really work to give you comfort around camp without danger of deflating anything. And they're a great backup pad and hardly weigh anything. But, it doesn't look like they carry them anymore anyways? Perhaps this is similar enough? https://foammart.com/product/l200-14-colors/
  11. wow. For a second, I thought you were talking about your bowels.
  12. I love everything about this! More TRs please @Kameron, you have the knack!
  13. So great meeting and getting out with you @kmfoerster! You were an integral part of the adventure and anyone would be well served to have you along on a trip! I will try and add a few more of my favorites in the coming weeks, but that was a super memorable outing! I think part of the issue I had with the snaffles, aside from being snaffle bait, was that I didn't have a bivy sack to seal them out. That and I didn't figure out why they were attacking my head until way too late in the evening. They really do like shiny things! I'm sure a headlamp would be a prized midden addition, and a sure fire hit with the snaffle ladies! I so hate snaffles. A respectful hate, but hate nonetheless.
  14. Ptarmigan Traverse - Very Late Season

    Good point! Also, the Downy Creek trail has been burned over and is still smoking. Will be spicy/filthy for some time, likely years. Those burns can be spooky, esp. in wind.