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  1. But that wouldn't that mean I need a FB account? For those that want to know, there was continuous snow from the Trans Canada about a week ago, probably a few bare patches now. I'll post a TR eventually....so much to ski out of Stanley Mitchell!
  2. They've extended the comment period to May 13th 2019. There is still a lot of time! I am already a party of record and will try and update this thread as I know more. The Skagit Tribes and Seattle City Light are on the record already opposing the current application and calling for an EIS. Not sure about the NPS. There is a mining resource area in the Skagit County comp. plan for this location (outright denial isn't on great legal ground) so I think comments are best expressed in the vein of trying adequately understand the likely effects (noise, traffic, etc.) of expanded quarry operations. I think most feel that the current SEPA application doesn't do a good job of this. Most have been stressing that an EIS is warranted to fully flesh out the possible effects and what effective mitigation measures might be. At some point Kiewit will be seeking a comp. plan amendment to expand the mining resource area. That will be another opportunity to make your voice heard.
  3. If you value peace and quiet on your way to North Cascades National Park, please take a few moments to review and comment on the proposal to expand quarry operations along the Rockport Cascade Road, across from town: https://www.skagitcounty.net/Departments/PlanningAndPermit/MarblemountQuarry.htm Short story- Kiewit is proposing to mine 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, for up to 100 years. They will be drilling 5-6" holes in rock, and shooting the quarry daily. Up to 150 trucks a day with one rock loads, the rock primarily bound for the mouth of Columbia and SE AK (good saltwater breakwater material). In particular, I worry about the intersection of Hwy 20 and 530 in summer months with heavily loaded trucks turning west up the hill from 530. Among other things..... Like noise. I mean, you can hear a chainsaw miles away up there, let alone quarry operations! I think a full EIS is certainly warranted and have let Skagit County officials know. Thanks for taking a look!
  4. Hwy 20 reopening

  5. [TR] Mt Stuart - Stuart Glacier Couloir 04/05/2019

    Finally someone explained Brexit!
  6. [TR] Mt Stuart - Stuart Glacier Couloir 04/05/2019

    Totally wicked. Glad you dodged the avy dragon! That topo is fantastic.... Brings back good memories of a trip long ago with @Juan Sharp and @DPS and Kurt Hicks.....
  7. Thanks @Water, those are great (especially the second from the bottom)! Clouds are pretty necessary for great imagery. Something I have to remind myself when I am groping around in a ping pong ball.
  8. Rainier in July

    There is nothing to see up there.
  9. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Triple couloirs 03/31/2019

    Excellent! Such a classic.
  10. Paging @G-spotter...
  11. Rainier- Kautz vs Emmons route

    You realize that this isn't someone who has spent any time on a glacier, right @ScaredSilly? For first timers (at least in my experience), just being on a huge glacier with deep crevasses is plenty exciting.
  12. What hapened with the site?

    No idea....still happening? Any ideas @jon?
  13. Wondering if anyone has up to date info on snow depth in the Little Yoho, specifically if the road is still covered or has bare areas? Going to Stanley Mitchell Sunday, if possible. Thanks for any info!
  14. I think it is rad that you guys can be casual about climbing a route like this @Marko @rat. One of the great aspects of climbing is that it is can be infinitely tweaked to your tastes and fitness, creaky knees and all. For me, it means low angled vegetated terrain, most of the time.
  15. How many pink tricams?