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  1. I've never found wool to last as long as synthetic. Nor have I found it to wick as well. But it certainly smells better!
  2. These are all great photos, but I'm especially liking the B&Ws by @Off_White! I can't keep all these people and their nicknames straight though.
  3. Der Tigerhorn

    Good idea. Would be fun to see a bunch of unusual tours posted up!
  4. Conditions on Lincoln, Colfax, Kulshan

    They did, but I wasn't completely convinced. Grouse is pretty direct, even if you have to walk a bit in the forest. I think the main deciding factor for my partners was a bit of thick, steep trees and brush near the bottom of the swath. Not much fun going up, but I think over pretty quick on the way down. Skiing everywhere was poor, so that wasn't much of a factor.
  5. Himalaya/Karakoram weather models

    I would be very surprised if they used their own instruments. They probably use data mostly available to the public, but a lot of times it isn't very user friendly (thus you pay them to translate/summarize). Also, I know some numerical models you have to pay to access.
  6. Government Shutdown

    Strava speed records are at stake @jon!
  7. Dam at Eight Mile

    But yes, that would be a sight! During larch season would be the best. No problem finding a level campsite.
  8. Dam at Eight Mile

    Total BS. Those dams were built with pick, shovel, mules, and dynamite. They can be maintained with the same. And don't enlarge them for heaven's sake!
  9. Whoah. Belt and suspenders!
  10. Conditions on Lincoln, Colfax, Kulshan

    @lazzara! Sorry for the late reply....We went up Grouse (carried skis from outhouse to swath) and came down the summer trail after a team mutiny. It is a bit thin down low with more brush than I would have expected. Hopefully this helps!
  11. Not so fast @Dylan Colon. The conditions you experienced on your first trip have to be expected in winter and you and your team need to have the ability to deal with them without calling for a rescue (esp. if nobody was actually hurt). Also, you can't expect to have a good idea of how conditions are going evolve throughout the short winter days, despite forecasts. Yes, sometimes they are spot on, but I've often been surprised. A bit of wind or clouds can change things quickly or dramatically. That said, I'm glad you had a great second trip! But be wary of assuming that you can accurately judge conditions on the short days of winter (summer is a lot more forgiving). Be prepared for the worst, and pleasantly surprised if it isn't. I hope you don't take this as being overly harsh, but I wanted to point out something that seemed a bit off with your post above. I'm sure others will disagree with me though.....
  12. Government Shutdown

    I was wondering the same thing!
  13. Conditions on Lincoln, Colfax, Kulshan

    Ah, that explains the tire tracks! Yes, the winter closure is clearly signed (and we stopped at it).
  14. sold! Black diamond gloves

    $$ ?