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  1. That was a fantastic TR over on TAY @Kameron! I didn't know that they upgraded the board. Looks a lot better!
  2. Makes sense. We had soft snow which made it much more reasonable. And I wasn't with my son and dog!
  3. [TR] Mount Formidable - South Route 07/05/2020

    Very true. The approach is greatly helped with the snow, but it certainly makes some of that easy scrambling quite tricky.
  4. Yep, it's steep but it goes!
  5. [TR] Mount Formidable - South Route 07/05/2020

    Wow, that looks stout in those conditions. Much easier when all that steep snow is gone, but then you have the death blocks to contend with. Good work getting everyone up and down safely!
  6. Whew. I get to stay in the Skagit. Wait, does that mean I'm old?
  7. Pseudo-TR from a Carolina gumby

    Welcome @Benzo! Thanks for the great TR and perspective on gaining the skills you need to do these types of trips in a safe and fun way. The mountains are quite humbling, I know I feel like I still have much to learn all these years later. Keep the reports coming and I will look for you and your wife in the hills!
  8. Liberty Ridge - Ski descent accident

    Let me know @OlegV and @DPS! It is on my list....
  9. [TR] Prusik Peak - Der Sportsman 06/23/2020

    Ouch. Glad you had a good climb on that stout route!
  10. Liberty Ridge - Ski descent accident

    I think LR is very condition dependent. My experience was from a long time ago, but we found excellent conditions in early June of 2002. It was quite cold and calm though. That said, I was almost taken out by a bowling ball around the black pyramid! However, I really liked the route and thought it well worth the 50 classic designation.
  11. High Ice movie

    OH!!! Well, you learn something new every day! I know what I will be doing on a rainy November night this fall!
  12. Liberty Ridge - Ski descent accident

    Sad news. A bad week on Rainier it sounds like, with the two other searches underway.
  13. The Cascade Brush and Bushwhack Rating System

    How times change...... the Blum approach has a bridge over the Baker River, and the Goodell creek approach is now a full blown trail, sans brush. Thanks for a blast from my beginnings in the climbing world! Not too many of the young 'uns use this system any more.
  14. High Ice movie

    Rumor has it that a certain someone at the Darrington Ranger station has a copy on VHS. I've heard it is about as amazing as the trailer suggests. There are still people around D-town who have stories about the film crew/shenanigans that went down during the making of the movie. Thanks for the reminder to work my connections to get a viewing!