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  1. What I wonder, like @olyclimber, is why us @DanO? Why do you care about us so much and not the people over on TAY or Facebook, or wherever? Because, let's be honest, we're not that lovable. Except for @Bronco. He's a love machine!
  2. Can I get a special title too, O Dark Elite Overlord?
  3. When I see this, I eat popcorn? Or, popcorn now, vipers later? Does popcorn attract the vipers?
  4. I couldn't quite figure it out until you suggested it. Yes!
  5. @DanO, did you see what @olyclimber did in the last few pages? HE'S IN THE MACHINE. I mean, just try and escape your "enthusiast" label. I am stuck being a "bro", just because I pissed him off like 5 years ago. @olyclimber is our overlord as long was we type here, that's the deal. He's unstoppable. I can feel his gaze on my forehead!
  6. You guys are testing my supplies. THE FREE FLOW OF IDEAS IS BLOWING MY MIND, AND I CAN'T STOP EATING!!!!!!!111!!!!!!
  7. Good plan @olyclimber, it is worth the struggle to get there!
  8. OK, I'm back. So I need to save more if I am going to retire to Russia? Is China cheaper?
  9. Well, then, we have a lot of ground to cover. Carry on!
  10. I wanted to go skiing with my kids today, and so I did. My hat was wool, however. I think you may be missing the point that you're not making any converts here @DanO. You've done your missionary work, but the field is not yet ripe for harvest. You can keep up with the back and forth with links, but you'll find that we're not apt to change much. But, then again, I'm sure you aren't likely to either. I mean it is fun and all, but I don't think you're really having that much fun with it? At this point, I think we can agree to disagree and check back in annually to see how our respective predictions are working out.
  11. It would seem that the song remains the same. Just checking back in.
  12. Yes! It was only a matter of time until Gen. Ripper made an appearance. Definitely one of my favorite movies, period.
  13. I sure hope so. Otherwise, my ballooning credit card debt will do what the mRNA can't. Minimum payments are made for us terminal patients!
  14. I think I better stock up on popcorn.
  15. So.....I'm supposed to listen to Alex Jones @DanO??!! The same Alex Jones who preached for years that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax??