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  1. I have inside info that the Park Service wasn't in favor of this also. WSDOT has obviously hearing about it on multiple fronts and the original decision shows out of touch they were with the soaring popularity at that road end. Did not hear about the resort or SCL's positions but they have other ways of getting to their infrastructure from below I think.
  2. I put it up on TAY as well....under North Cascades Roads. Thanks for the reminder @Bronco!
  3. Contact your elected officials!! I already have....
  4. Love it! #DestinationDarrington
  5. Snow snow snow

    Thanks, it may not be powder, but I think it'll do....
  6. [TR] Sloan Peak - Corkscrew 11/17/2018

    That's an impressive November ascent! Cool.
  7. Snow snow snow

    @Alisse I'm usually stoked for riding deep powder this time of year, but I'm ignoring the forecast for a bit- headed to the Big Island!
  8. Great write-up on that adventure, thanks! Have you tried to cut and paste the content over here @Kposaune? I'm always curious if that is an easy option for folks that maintain their own blogs. Chances are, cascadeclimbers will long outlive most blogs and the info will be accessible for future generations.
  9. Old Kloke Book "One Day Winter Climbs"

    @KiiraA....link to download a couple posts above.
  10. That looks spicy!
  11. Trip: Lundin - Southeast Ridge Trip Date: 11/17/2018 Trip Report: Ahhhhhhh......... Smooting. Is there ever a better fall activity? Wait, don't answer that. Just look at the photos below and don't feel so sad that the ski season hasn't really started yet (have you bought your Smoot copy yet?). And get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that @cfire, @genepires, @Kit, and myself all had a very nice friendship hike to the top of a snowy ridge. "Congratulations! it wasn't terrible."- @cfire #moderatealpinism Gear Notes: half rope, ice axe, crampons, helmet, light rack (this time of year). When the rock is dry you can probably scramble it all at a grade of exposed Cl. 4. Snow and ice made it a bit more exciting. Approach Notes: Commonwealth Basin trail to the end and then follow the ridge up.
  12. Trad anchors

    Metal on metal is an acquired taste @cfire
  13. 3 o’clock rock stewards, thank you

    I need to go back!
  14. Vertical Limit guide to climbing

    Yep, that's the cover of his book, and I highly recommend it!