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  1. OK, the big winners are @Sir Crikalot @bellows and my sister! I will be in touch with details on payment and delivery. Thanks everyone, we've raised significant funds for the site!!
  2. Well, that sounds quite rough. I think a year is probably realistic, unfortunately. But at least you have a supportive wife and young kids to keep you entertained during rehab! Hang in there and keep us updated!
  3. JasonG


    It's so true. His "Range of Glaciers" is an impressive historical tome. My anthropologist boss came to me some time ago and asked if I'd heard of this Fred Beckey guy. She was very impressed with his historical research (this is her life's work) and knew how hard-won that book was. She had no idea of his climbing accomplishments. I told her he was the "Michael Jordan" of climbing and that all of us climbers knew of him and his many legendary exploits. "Yeah? Well MJ didn't do groundbreaking historical work on the side." Fred was truly a remarkable man.
  4. TODAY is your last day to bid on the images!
  5. I am medium salty, nearing 50. You'll probably heal a lot faster than a lot of us older dogs. I am still recovering from shattering my thumb last year and I think "hang in there" about sums it up. That, and don't stop the PT! Not a lot of good that can be said for recovering from a big injury. I will say that being laid up is a good reminder that a well-rounded life has its benefits. Other hobbies, friends, and family often get pushed aside for climbing, and now is the time to rectify some of that deficit.
  6. I'm done! I guess I won't be able to keep the Bulgers at Bay any longer. And yes, you most certainly need to go up there @geosean!
  7. @dberdinka is our resident cornice slayer.
  8. https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/barron-ghost-town It is along the route that was originally scoped for the North Cascades Highway (up Canyon and Slate Creeks and over Hart's pass). But that way wasn't deemed scenic enough and so it went over WA pass. Fred was definitely upset at the route 20 took and wrote about it. It would have been way cool to climb up there without the highway. And yes, our house has cleaned up a lot since that photo was taken!
  9. Yes! We will roll out a fresh red carpet up here in the Skag for all you fine cultured folk.
  10. Sure thing, let's end it at midnight 1/23/23, just to give people something to do on a Monday. Will edit original post to reflect this. Break open that piggy bank!!
  11. Not this month, but I'll be ready next time to host y'all up here!
  12. Speaking of little people.... Luna Peak sunrise.
  13. JasonG


    Back in 2015 I spent some time helping him with the Green update, and one time we met at the Porterhouse here in MV (photo above). I really should have saved his VMs! I still have his number in my home phone so I could screen his calls. 😅 What a character.
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