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  1. question New winter boot recommendations

    I think you stick with whatever company fits your foot and then choose the best model for your desires. Footwear has to fit otherwise the features are pretty moot. In my case it has to be LaSportiva. Nothing else fits as well from the major companies.
  2. RIP Frank Fickeisen

    Sorry to hear about your loss.....Thanks for some insight into someone I had never heard of, but should have- it sounds like he didn't waste his time here.
  3. You guys stumbled upon a little known rule built into the new software - the first Eiger North Face TR in the database gets automatic "Best of CC.com"! Enjoy your time in Cham and the views @Priti & @JeffreyW, we'll look forward to more radness later in the year!
  4. So, are you guys Chamoniardes for the forseeable future? Or does it just happen that you are "stuck" in Chamonix?
  5. Yet again, the dynamic duo with an incredible ascent!! Wow seems insufficient. Inconceivable? Thanks again for taking the time to post such detail and beautiful imagery for us armchair types to oogle. That climbing looks quite legit and insecure. Well done! Way to stay safe throughout a grand adventure.
  6. And lucky! Can't forget that part. Without it, I wouldn't be typing this. Thanks for the great blast from the past, post some more stories please!!
  7. Climbing this spring (and maybe summer)

  8. Climbing this spring (and maybe summer)

    It is looking like I'll have to build that fence I've been putting off for years. I'm running out of slides to digitize..... first world problems for sure in light of what is going on!
  9. Closer, for sure, thanks for the vote of confidence. The new camera really upped the number of keepers, but I need to figure out how to organize it around a theme or how to even approach it, what software to use, etc. Suggestions welcome! Truth is, it is also a bit daunting. But maybe one of these days....
  10. [TR] Mt. Hood - Yocum Ridge Solo 03/21/2020

    We've all got low-T now. My wife says that's OK.
  11. Climbing this spring (and maybe summer)

    We've outlawed all forms of fun in WA
  12. idea MYOG - Gear mod's and personal creations.

    That is a pretty cool little camera, I hadn't even heard of those before. I guess I would tend to gravitate towards something like a Canon S120 (which I have), G7X, or Sony RX100V and put it on my shoulder strap or gear sling when the going gets too technical for my dSLR in front. But certainly something to keep in mind!
  13. idea MYOG - Gear mod's and personal creations.

    Ha! They have zero sympathy for my addiction and are always suspicious when I am around. And totally understandable about the larger pack. It certainly complicates things when they get that big! Hard to compete with the likes of BD for the price/effort.
  14. [TR] Mt. Hood - Yocum Ridge Solo 03/21/2020

    Probably go outside. But this is a close second. Certainly better than working!
  15. idea MYOG - Gear mod's and personal creations.

    I'm always impressed by your creations @kmfoerster. So cool! Maybe a 50L version for people who carry too much camera gear?