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  1. [TR] Selkirks - High Traverse (III 5.4) + Harrison Peak 08/18/2018

    We are very happy to know that you are not dead yet. Welcome back!
  2. Weather speculation

    Above 7k I can say that it will be deep (and wind affected). Five FEET forecasted in the next few days in the North Cascades!
  3. Dee Molenaar has passed at 101

    Amen. Thanks for letting us know. I talked with Fred a number of times, but never had the honor of meeting Dee.
  4. idea Winter/Spring climbing glove discussion

    Nice!! Thanks for the update on those....
  5. Backcountry Ski Trip - Granite Peak MT

    Isn't the "Froze to Death" Plateau out that way?
  6. Who is your weather guy?
  7. What about if you just provide about #30 of upward pull for the duration? I'm not quite to full carry ineptitude yet.
  8. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around that much climbing in 18 hours. Well done!
  9. Most people have a hard enough time in the North Cascades just finding the obvious gully- my guess is that the the drugs are destined to rot into the earth very peacefully, aided by some unhinged (even for them) Snaffles
  10. I find that this one is just right Dan: https://www.casio.com/products/watches/sports/sgw300h-1av Been using it for a decade or more with no issues other than a new battery.
  11. Thanks @curtveld! It certainly did have better views that I was expecting and low enough to be a good option in the shoulder seasons. You won't ever find it crowded!
  12. review Sewer wanted

    Yes, thank you @tanstaafl, great looking service.
  13. That sounds even better than Plan A!