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  1. Glacier Peak Advice

    While it may be possible, I don't ever leave the crampons and axe at home on a major peak this time of year. It is a long way to go to be turned around by a section of icy neve. But I don't have firsthand experience on Dakobed this time of year.
  2. Sweet! I bailed off the C-H many years ago and probably won't be back. But I could see myself doing this! Looks like a good fall route. I would imagine that cornices might prove to be a problem in the spring?
  3. A fully enclosed (all four sides) bombay chimney in the upper summit ridge, right above one of the Doorish routes (I think).. The final bit of the Diamond overhangs so dropping rocks down the chimney means they don't touch anything for a long way. It is totally wild, and completely unique in my Cascadian ramblings.
  4. Totally agree, but if people don't think their actions matter, that is also wrong. The issue is whether of the majority of people in the world care enough about carbon emissions to change their behavior and the way the global economy is structured. And on that point it is pretty obvious that they haven't, and likely won't, until it makes economic sense.
  5. The only real organizing people need to do is pay attention to how they vote (both with their dollars and ballot). It all flows from that. Every election is an opportunity towards revolution. Just look at 2016.
  6. Huh? Who is buying all that fuel? I know you and I are, with everyday decisions, including where we set the thermostat, how far we live from work, etc.
  7. That thing is crazy!!! I'll have to go back thru my slides to see if I have any. I have fond memories of dropping rocks thru it and watching them touch nothing for a very long time.
  8. You can get to pretty much a lifetime of trips in a 1991 Civic and a few minutes of walking. I'm going on 21 years with that option.
  9. I'm not sure a lot has changed since this national address got Jimmy Carter laughed out of the White House: I don't think either party is very interested in trying to put the pinch on people's lifestyles, 40 years later. Maybe I'll be proven wrong, but I suspect that we'll keeping pumping and burning until it isn't profitable to do so (and I don't suspect that global carbon taxes will make it not profitable any time soon).
  10. Dutch Harbor ski info

    Hahaha!!! @sepultura has been skiing up there for decades. He'll fill you in for a few barrels of Canadian Hunter. As you've gathered, it is a small community of backcountry enthusiasts.
  11. Perhaps the fastest time from joining CC.com to a TR? You're certainly in the running @BruceKaufman. Keep 'em coming!
  12. This road is no longer accessible, I think as of this year. 15+ years ago I came out this way from Chaval and I agree that it was a decent trail. Given that you can't drive the Grade Creek Road any longer, probably the Jug Lakes fisherman path will be the only trailish option going forward. It looked ugly getting from the upper Jug Lake to the 6100' col though, at least without snow. And yes, Granite Lakes!!!
  13. CascadeClimbers.com Turns 17

    Yeah guys, thanks for all the years of hilarity and beta overload! I went from a single young buck to a married middle aged dude with two kids in those 17 years. I'm still at the same desk with the same title though, which is somewhat strange, funny, and depressing all at the same time. @gapertimmy @jon @olyclimber
  14. Beacon

    So......I've never climbed at Beacon. Are these all free-solos you're doing on 5th class terrain?? I have to admire your determination no matter the grade.