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  1. Why is baby Orca So Aggro These Days?

    I picked up my current posting style from you.
  2. they honked and

    Dr. Phil can see you now.
  3. Why is baby Orca So Aggro These Days?

    He's banned me today already.
  4. Sphinxie is being MEAN!

    Mean, as in average?
  5. an idea

    Rules are aid.
  6. Thanks again George!!

    My international mutual funds are in great shape due to the declining dollar. Hedging is aid.
  7. Guess the Douchebag

    Guess the
  8. Guess the Douchebag

    REALLY close. If fact, this person has pressed themselves atop Laura Bush at least once, gritting their teeth, and crying with frustration. I said Hillary!
  9. Guess the Douchebag

    If there was a cigar involved, it must have been Clinton. Or her husband.
  10. Guess the Douchebag

    Off White!

    The UW Rock was built in the '70's and there is no charge to use it.
  12. Has CC.com changed the way you do things?

    I'll never wear shorts over polypro and always opt for Schoeller. Also I've bought a kit of manufacturers stickers for my helmet, which I leave on my pack. Next I make sure everyone in the group ridicules other groups in the wilderness, complaining that they are the problem. Last, I'll spray on any topic, cuz that's what the kewl folks do. Hey, this is just my opinion. It's just semantics.
  13. Cascade Alpine Journal?

    Let's get these important issues taken care of.