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  1. I just added some more people who have donated to our super secret Supporters forum. Aaron, I don't know who you are on here, DM me! Thank you all!
  2. Wow there is a name I have come across in a while. I loved Conquistadors of the Useless.
  3. Not that I would know, but I bet you guys just got ideal conditions. I also enjoyed the video. I'm also someone not psyched about drones in the wilderness. No doubt that footage is awesome, but the TR would totally not be diminished if that footage didn't exist. Thanks for sharing here.
  4. Continued thanks to those that utilize the "Donate" button in the upper left! We've had a few people donate more recently, and these funds go towards stuff like software licensing, domain registrations, and other expenses. Thank goodness the biggest cost is covered by American Alpine Institute.... our only sponsor other than you! Together with AAI this site lives on without Google soul harvesting. And should any of you want a free Cascadeclimbers.com sticker or two reach out to me. Would love to see these on vehicles at the crags and trailheads. I still have a good amount of them and they aren't doing any good sitting on bag on my desk. If your work at an outdoors store or climbing gym or whatever, I can get you some to give out.
  5. What a prime adventure. I absolutely love wandering the muskegs and ridge tops in that area of the world. The alpine environment is so close to sea level. I need to retire and go do more of that.
  6. Not bad form to share old TRs at all! This place is for sharing stories new and old. Thank you, great pictures and everything. If you ever have issues with the site again, there is a Contact Us form at the bottom of the page and I will help you. Thanks for sharing!
  7. No. But here is another option similar in all specs. Due to the yen vs the dollar makes it bargain a compared to that tent. Looks like there is another order window in July. https://locusgear.com/products/djedi-dcf-b I have a Locus Gear tent (not this one), and the quality is top notch.
  8. https://www.columbian.com/news/2024/may/28/100-summits-bulgers-in-a-season-documentary-about-camas-grad-ready-for-screening/
  9. I’ll go with “Legal Threats” for 1000 Trebeck. Gross.
  10. Kiba would rather see us both dashed on the rocks dead than see me go to the summit without him. He’s f’ing crazy. All good, our normal route is a long enough day as it is.
  11. It’s kind of heavy. Works great for Kiba but he is 50 lbs. I think you should make the cat a Swami belt.
  12. Love it! I know a certain L'town cat that sends the gnar. This is Kiba's harness, the one you mention above: https://ruffwear.com/products/doubleback-harness It's a dogs world when it comes to climbing, so for a cat you may not find any products, so would have to roll your own solution.
  13. Appreciate it guys! We are still taking funds for the site, there is a button to donate. AAI, our sponsor, pays our monthly server hosting bill, which is huge. Without that, I would be continuously bugging you guys for money or be faced with turning things off. Think a never-ending public radio fund drive. That would suck. But Cascadeclimbers.com also has its own fund that you all contribute to, and the money is used to pay for software licensing, domain name costs, things like that. We also *could* use funds for paying a developer, but for now there just isn't enough to do that. What would be awesome is if we could find a climber who is also a developer and good with PHP/MSQL who has the time and energy to help solve a few problems for the site. But also understand that we need this developer(s) to have bought in to how we are running the site. Myself and all the moderators who participate are doing this without pay. We do it to keep the community/site going. Any developer working with use has to be ok with that and do it for the love of the site and community. Regarding the site, there are a few things I would like to at least consider changing, and obviously recreating the search function would be nice. We also have image issues that may be fixed in bulk with code. We may also want to consider moving from Invision forums at some point as I'm not super enamored with the support and direction the software is going, but given the current landscape of the products in this space it may be the best option.
  14. Jason and his AAI crew continue to support this site, providing the financial backing that pays our monthly hosting bill that keeps the lights on. We have continued gratitude for that! I also added a second advertisement to the site for NW Alpine. It's not in its final landing spot, as I've got to figure out a better way to host the advertisement. We are hosting this ad for free for a while, with Jason's blessing (AAI continues to be our sole sponsor, aside from donations from you which help pay the other costs like software licensing, etc). If you know NW Alpine, they are a local, Northwest company making great outdoor apparel.... manufacturing in the United States. In the past NW Alpine has supported Cascadeclimbers.com, so we are returning the favor as Bill Amos and company continue the battle to maintain domestic manufacturing. The ethos we see for Cascadeclimbers.com is as a local, non-corporate alternative, a community of people who share the same passion. Oh yes, we have our differences! But we are here because we love to climb, hike, ski, accumulate closets full of gear, photograph, and spray about all of it. And I think the story telling format of our TRs are the crown jewel.
  15. Lake Leland. Two cats. One I believe is dead. The other is wearing a collar now. Were you at (in general) in Quil?
  16. Looks pretty thin for snow already. How tough was the summit…as in could a dog do it? Thinking of adding it to my yearly trip through that area with Kiba.
  17. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/video-captures-cougar-chasing-pets-coming-within-feet-of-family-in-wa-backyard/ar-BB1mopOr dang I can’t seem to escape these dang cats!
  18. To the non-profit end: if anyone has experience (especially from the legal side) I'd like to explore what it would take to actually incorporate this enterprise as a non-profit from a legal and business standpoint.
  19. wow. that was a near miss for sure! I admire your offer to eat the TR though. I hope it stands an FA, but if not, I recommend some good hot sauce as a condiment.
  20. I wonder what cougar populations are these days. Growing up in the sticks, I only ever once saw a cougar, fleeting....running in front of a car driven by my dad. We also used to have a cougar rug, made from a head and the whole body that was from when one of my older brothers shot one that was attacking his dog (epic story behind that one). I'm seeing more cougar reports these days, this is just anecdotal so pretty worthless. But two in Quilcene there were HUGE, biggest I've ever seen was captured on a friends game camera near Lake Leland. One had a tracker on it. Edit: 3600 in Washington according to WDFW https://wdfw.wa.gov/species-habitats/species/puma-concolor#:~:text=Cougar (Puma concolor)&text=Sleek and graceful%2C cougars (Puma,3%2C600 cougars in Washington state.
  21. Love these Bike/Hike/Climb TRS @Eric Gilbertson !
  22. Maybe its a control room for the secret super collider.
  23. Sorry for the thread drift…
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