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  1. Pretty crazy story, and so glad you're ok Stuart. I think its reminder for all of us that there are places we go that no matter how experienced we are, one unlucky slip (being tired, not the ideal gear, whatever) can have such terrible consequences. Even this last summer with my easy third class (or easier) scrambles, there were places where you just can't mess up.
  2. And also huge thanks to those that threw down as well.
  3. Indeed. @JasonG feel free to earmark if you want this to go to certain efforts or whatever. We will make sure this happens. This whole community is in your debt for this. But at the same time I would also recognized all the other effort you have put forth to keep this place alive: Stepping up to be a moderator. Being a general advocate for the site. Much more than this.... But the biggest one in my book: Creating some of the best content this site has ever seen (consistent and numerous high quality trip reports with professional grade photography) Thank you, you are appreciated.
  4. Another way is to use this: https://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/search/ and select "Topic" on the left. Then you can select all the forums you want to search, and customize the search to your liking. But all this is no replacement to that Trip Report search tool that is being worked on.
  5. Upgrade of the site broke the old search tool which I didn't like how it was implemented anyway. It is being worked on and I don't have an ETA yet. In the mean time use the above.
  6. You can track with many apps apps, but I use Strava for it alll.
  7. I didn't have too much trouble with my mend. Maybe I'm lucky, but I also didn't charge back like maybe you're trying to do....I don't blame you. For me, currently, I've taken up cycling and I'm full tilt into that. I love it, you can cover so much ground. It doesn't involve the pounding that running can, and with at modern gravel bike you can do some cool stuff on trails and road you can't get to in a car. I used to mountain bike a lot and i love to hit the single track. I'm feeling more fit than ever, and I'm going to do a number of 80-130 mile ride/races that have 6-10K of vert. I'm definitely still carving out the core summer months to be in the alpine up on peaks though. Just not as 5th class focused as before. As to to my accident recover, it took time. There were times where I was just happy to be able to walk...that went on for months and then I discovered I could jog for blocks...then miles. Then I could run, and eventually did a 1/2 marathon comfortably. I think you should definitely have them figure out that fib alignment...if it were me I would have them fix it even if it set me back again.
  8. I snapped my tib/fib falling off a training wall at the UW. and before that had an infection that almost killed me that I got while climbing. these things happened in consecutive years and after the second incident I ended up just focusing on my son and raising him, and my climbing dropped off a cliff. Breaking my leg definitely had a psychological effect on me, and I can't say that I ever really recovered to where I was before that happened...so maybe I'm not the guy to talk to. But now that my son is raised I've been getting back into the hills again (just scrambles and planning a modest easy climb with a ropegun). I'd like to get out cragging again too, but my goals and aspirations are no where near what they were, but I'm ok with that. I just like getting outside and into the alpine and staying as fit as I can.
  9. Maybe people can stay at the hotel....
  10. olyclimber


    I'm going to work on some stickers to get printed up so you can pimp out your ride (car, bike, skis, whatever) with a CC.com sticker. Just gotta work up a design. Will be giving them out at Pubclubs.
  11. until
    Location to be picked by @JasonG
  12. RE: The Great Norther Pubclub! I set a calendar date! See the CC.com calendar (which you should add climbing events to BTW!). Our man @JasonG picks the venue. Come up and pick up your auction winnings! We are going to work to see if we can get a few CC.com legends to show up...will one not to miss. @bellowsand I will be coming up from Seattle, may have room for a couple more…
  13. great Pubclub! That was fun. Lots of stories told. I probably talked too much, but I do have a few good ones. @Rad made it by later. Really great to hang out with you folks! Next up in February: The Great Northern Pubclub!!!
  14. Taco Tuesday on a Wednesday. First for everything
  15. I’m here don’t have a table but it’s Taco Tuesday! Red Nike hat, dark Rab jacket with black glasses. Super alluring.
  16. welp, may not have time to get there on my bike due to work. but i'll be there, just gotta drive.
  17. I have not done it. There is this: http://www.alpenglow.org/nwmj/09/091_Carless.html
  18. Love it! I love Eastern Oregon...want to do some exploration in the central eastern part on a bike! This looks like an awesome trip! In the realm of "smoking toads", I randomly came across this podcast about a particular (the strongest by far apparently) of magic mushroom...and was surprised to hear that it has it "roots" right here in Seattle and that people used to harvest shrooms out of the Arboretum by the UW 75 pounds at a time.
  19. Tomorrow: 7pm. At the Roanoke. I'll be there. Will I be the only one? https://www.roanokeseattle.com/what-and-where-we-are/
  20. OK....Roanoke this month, and @JasonG gets to pick the venue for next month!
  21. I ended up tearing down this wall. A family of racoons nested behind it and a full brood of baby racoons lived back there. it stunk and they constantly made noise at night. Eventually i evicted them. The wall lasted but I needed to redo the siding and all the windows so the wall came down.
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