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  1. sold! Alpinist Magazine 0-37

    I'm selling my collection of Alpinist Magazine again. Issues 0-37. I almost sold them many times, but I think this time is real. I'm sure you know about the warehouse fire if you're interested in these. $300. All in good shape. Cash only, and no I won't break up the set. You can flip what you don't need. Pick up in West Seattle. I know its a lot of money, but this is way cheaper than what other people are asking. Also listing on Craigslist, and will probably go to Ebay if neither of these work out. This is your shot at them
  2. for sale Scarpa Freney XT 44.5

    I have a pair of Scarpa Freney XT boots in size 44.5 in great shape that need a new home. Includes orange superfeet insert. Really nice Eye-talian made boots. $75 OBO. Get ready to climb some ice this winter.
  3. for sale Grivel G14 Crampons - Cramp-o-matic

    Still for sale
  4. G14 crampons with Cramp-o-matic bindings for sale. See pictures for condition. i believe walked around outside once with them, basically new. Touch of rust on the front points, but just been sitting in my storage. Just found them, and someone else could use them more than I. Pick up in West Seattle. $150 cash. Original paperwork included.
  5. sold! Alpinist Magazine 0-37

    buyer never came through, these are still for sale.
  6. [TR] Stuart Range - Stuart Range Traverse 08/30/2021

    Appreciate you sharing. Never underestimate the stoke you are providing others, and the conditions report, and all that. Nice work!
  7. sorry dude, man that sucks.
  8. What is your photo system and why?

    Glad you made it up there, I wish I could have made it with you. This year between my mom almost passing a couple times (she didn't and is holding on great once they figured out how to keep her going), and myself (kidney stone, finally resolved with a procedure I won't share as I don't want to think about it) my summer got shot to hell. I felt lucky to go hiking on the beach the times I have. Do look forward to doing the Bowron and this fall and a November AK trip. I actually have a Sony RX100 Mark 4 I might be willing to let go of if someone is in the market. It does have an issue, like i think i may have put a crack in the screen or something. I'll have to dig it out and figure that out. Great camera though, and it was the best one a while back when I bought it for outdoor adventures i think where you need a super compact camera. I have had great look with the small Canon point and shoot cameras over the years. Mostly I'm shooting my Canon 5D Mark III, but usually don't bring it on hikes/climbs as its heavy.
  9. mountain/outdoor photography forum

    If I created one, would you use it.
  10. mountain/outdoor photography forum

    created it. maybe it will be used, maybe not. worth a shot.
  11. for sale free: retired 70m & 60m dynamic ropes

    I assume you donated the ropes to the Smithsonian, if they were "game used".
  12. NSFW pop-ups (really?)

    Yeah that Wordpress install just needs to be nuked. @Jon is on only one with access to it. I'm sorry dude...for now just book make the forums and go there directly. https://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/
  13. Bibler Big Wall bivy sack. I think I used it once, but i didn't get any dirt on it. Has: mosquito net tie in point hoop to keep it off your head original stuff sack Made in the USA! SOLD
  14. mountain/outdoor photography forum

    basically a forum to share pictures, information about camera set ups, questions, etc etc etc
  15. I remember approaching the Flag Pole in a failed attempt, up from Ingalls Creek, and we wallowed a short while through a recent burn. It wasn't that bad or that far, but I would definitely not do something again like that by choice. Give me sweet, clean slide alder.
  16. Looks like a fun trip! Thanks for sharing!
  17. Homepage got hacked

    Yeah hopefully Jon can get to it soon. I don’t have access.
  18. Is there a size limit on photos or topos?

    I just used the "Preview" app on my Mac to set the image to 50% of what it was....that seemed to be a good size and the system took it so I guess that is the solution. I did adjust the system so it would take an image the size of the original you sent me and it still didn't work.....DANG COMPUTERS!
  19. Hey, can you email the updated topo? I'll get it into the post.  Thank you!



  20. the size of the image was so large that even when I adjusted the system to accommodate it, it still didn't work! So I resized the image and added it to your post. Thank you!
  21. for sale F-Stop Tilopa Camera Backpack

    Make me an offer.