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  1. Fred Beckey book information request

    Actually, my "debate point" was that there are actually reasons (that escaped your logic, by your own admission) that you failed to address that were included in my reply. Points that were so basic that I just concluded that you may be"logic challenged". Sorry about that! Obviously I was wrong. Anyway, you seem to have a lot of information about Megan and her motives. You must know her well, otherwise you wouldn't be accusing her of trying to make a buck off of someones alleged abuse. Or did you just read what someone else wrote unsubstantiated on the Internet and take it as fact? If you have substantial facts to share, then do that. Otherwise please do not respond. This subject needs no speculation or rumor mongering.
  2. Fred Beckey book information request

    You mean pop up in a Internet forum and make a bunch of heavy accusations about someone, provide no proof, and then disappear? Is that an "opinion"? Or unless you're talking about what is going on over at NWHikers...I don't know the truth of it. But I don't think accusations of sexual harassment or whatever is being said over there is an "opinion". It is either fact or isn't. The truth is known by those party to that, or witnesses to it. I think the real problem is that some people are treating the matter like an opinion, when all parties (especially victims) deserve a discussion based upon facts.
  3. Fred Beckey book information request

    It would seem you're just a little challenged with logic. Maybe....to present more full picture, to write a more informed biography?
  4. What causes this rock pattern?

    Found in SE AK.
  5. current song in your head

    Good song off a great album. Congrats on finding the one.
  6. Lots of hikers

  7. until
    Dave Burdick: This Thursday 4/12 I'll be telling little stories about big mountains at the Arc'teryx Seattle store downtown (7pm). Hope to see you there! Join us as we partner with Gear-Aid/ ReviveX to bring you an evening of education on best practices for taking care of your Down and Gore-tex gear so it wont fail you when you need it most. We will be sharing stories of gear failures fixes and sucesses along with basic washing education. Vertical Generation will be joining us for the evening and all proceeds will directly to them and the great work they do with kids in our community.https://www.verticalgeneration.rocks/ Each attendee will be entered for a chance to win an Aton SL along with a host of other sweet swag!Cider will be graciously provided by Seattle Cider. @Arcteryx Seattle Store
  8. for sale 5.10 Anasazi MoccAsyms size 10

    Make an offer on either pair....MOTIVATED SELLER
  9. As the title says. These are my sons old shoes which he used a bit at Stone Garden, but not a lot. He is size 13 now! They look like they have a lot of wear left. New $125, will let them go for $40. Come get them in West Seattle.
  10. [TR] Goat Mountain - SW route 03/31/2018

    AWESOME!!! Love the shots. Love it all.
  11. Lots of hikers

    A war seems to be the most efficient way to both reduce population and available munitions, not to mention to cause a bone spur outbreak in ranks of the upper class.
  12. Lots of hikers

    we need the space
  13. Lots of hikers

  14. for sale McHale S-SARC +2

  15. US Government bans Dru

    this kind of shit will probably result in other countries responding in kind for Americans traveling abroad, making the world a more delightful and friendly place for everyone
  16. 2016 Mariners Whining Thread

    The Mariners are undefeated. I'm selling tickets again for Ulee's highschool team. $20 each for July 31st vs the Houston Astros. Tuesday night game. 300 level.
  17. 2016 Mariners Whining Thread

    we're going all the way this year. where, I don't know.
  18. current song in your head

  19. current song in your head

  20. current song in your head

  21. group site in the Icicle, as mentioned, i think is the best. lots of stuff for every skill level....and they actually have group campsites.
  22. local photo shout out..

    yeah that @JasonG dude is super OK at taking purty pictures