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  1. [TR] Mount Carrie - Smoot Direct 09/11/2022

    I came in 14th in my race, in the heat and smoke at Marymoor. I wiped out twice. Wish I could have joined you, but this cyclocross stuff is turning out to be pretty fun. Got my 4th race in Arlington on Sunday. I will definitely go camp at this spot next year. Glad you got to tick it off, it is beautiful back in there.
  2. Local Boy Makes Good

    Ah he is an InReach user too. I may be at the other end of the "risk spectrum" with my dog hikes into the mountains, but InReach sure has been nice to keep my wife from worrying about "if we made it". "It is difficult for me to gauge or quantify how much more difficult it was than soloing the route in summer back in 2009. For sure it was a significant step up, even though in 2009 I had particularly bad conditions for summer, and even though this time I had, I think, pretty good conditions for winter, and certainly good weather. It is also difficult for me to gauge, at least in my still-tired state, where this ascent stands among my other climbing accomplishments, or how this ascent will be viewed by others. I often find the public reaction to various climbing accomplishments to not correlate very strongly with the actual difficulty of the climbing accomplishment. These days what seems to count is making movies rather than making difficult ascents. It doesn’t matter really. I know from the intensity of my experience that it was pretty darn badass, and I don’t need external affirmation to confirm that to me." Damn...that sounds just like me after I climbed Chikamin with Kiba! More than anything, the thing that has always impressed me about Colin is his integrity and humility. And no doubt I could never truly judge his ascents, they are beyond my comprehension.
  3. Buckhorn Lake

    I saw that! Stone Henge?
  4. Buckhorn Lake

    Not sure what the story is with this lake, but it sure fluctuates a lot! I was there in the late 90s and camped out to it, a beautiful blue lake right below Mt Buckhorn. It must have been earlier in spring, because the lake was full. This past weekend, at the end of summer, it is shrunk to a little pond. I think it must fill up and then empty by the end of each summer...even the google map imagery shows it full: My photo from the late 90s...must have been late spring: (I loved that tent! I think it was a Northface Arrowhead. I wore it out.) Yesterday: I assume this is normal/it has been like this? Also weird: this site describes it as a "glacial fed lake". http://www.protrails.com/trail/659/olympic-national-park-buckhorn-lake What glacier?
  5. Buckhorn Lake

    There is no glacier feeding that lake. Its just western facing snow fields above. So I guess it makes sense because it being the driest year on record.
  6. Daniel Harro

    Terrible news about @DanielHarro ...you may know him from here and his wlfe @ElisifHarro
  7. question Best approach shoes

    Wondering if you guys have a preferred approach shoe. I know a lot of people just use running shoes and that is what I've used mostly, primarily the Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes, of which I've used since they came out...though I stopped for a while because it seemed like they got narrow for a couple of years (I don't know if they actually did, but I didn't like the way they felt when I tried them on). So I've been using those quite a bit, but man I pack them out quick. The ones I'm currently running (current year model) felt super packed out after a 15 mile day in the hills, and I don't think I had more than 400 miles into them. I know the life on running shoes it probably shorter than I want it to be. I switched to the Arcteryx Konseal FL approach shoes and I mostly like them, but even they are starting to seem a little packed out...or maybe I wish they had a shank. I used some Superfeet inserts and those stiffened them up a little, but still wish they had a shank...the bones in my feet were sore at the and of the day after 15-20 miles. My last outing in the hills with these and my feet felt no different than if I had used the Cascadias. I know it probably has to do with that I'm a lard ass (205 right now and dropping), but I just wish I could find the perfect light weight but burley shoes that maybe had a shank or at least better support/cushion. Maybe I need to try out the La Sportivas. I could also go back to just using mountaineering boots, but I sure like have lighter shoes for days when I'm covering more ground without glacier travel.
  8. question Best approach shoes

    You guys were right. The TX4s are the best. They had the most fun. But also just kinda of the perfect balance of lightness, grip, fit, and support/cushion for my feet. Put 19 miles on mine yesterday and my feet were happy at the end of the day. Kinda of reminds of if Mythos were a hiking shoe. I'm actually considering buying another pair to stash because every time I find a shoe that works it seems like the next year they change things up a bunch and make it worse.
  9. Chouinard gives away Patagonia

    Which depending out your political point of view and your trust of those in power politically to spend that money in a wise and fair way is pretty smart (or not, again depending on your politics).
  10. I'm putting together a list of catagorized weblinks for the the upcoming revamping of CC.com. I'll mine this forum for good links, but please post any climbing related websites that you don't think are here. A few of the catagories: Weather Rock Climbing Alpine Climbing Personal Website Climbing Photography Gear Related Forums for other parts of the world Edit: add ski/boarding related too.
  11. Yeah I’m guilty too and my excuses were pretty lame. Yeah its better in the spring.. The views from the eastern Olympics were no better today… but Kiba got another summit. You know, he could do this one. I’ll have to put it on his list. I ended bagging on section J because of the fire and we hiked up Buckhorn via the Tubal Cain today. 19 miles but that section of trail once you get past the mine up to Buckhorn pass is belíssimo. Then into the clouds from there.
  12. That is the cleanest summit registry I've ever seen...or at least the driest.
  13. Mont Blanc hut destroyed

    https://snowbrains.com/mont-blanc-mountain-hut-in-italy-crashes-from-its-altitude-of-12057-feet/ dang!
  14. Well could have also been a camel.
  15. I don't think I've been to that one! I will get over there. Schmitz Preserve and Mee Kwa Mooks, both which are close by to me have them. Once or twice a year you hear of them "attacking" someone, probably because that person has a hairdo that looks like a tasty rodent or something.
  16. Slow down man, leave some of the climbing to the rest of us! That is a cool shot of that bird. The weird bird experience I have had this summer is hearing owls hoot on pretty much every trip I've taken this summer. Usually late at night, right before I go to sleep. And, after wishing I had an owl living in the trees on my tiny piece of land here in the city (West Seattle), I actually have been hearing them this summer while laying in bed at night! Its a barred owl. I should buy one of @Uncle_Tricky 's owl houses for it. But every night, even heard one up at Goat Lake in the Olys, which was strange because I didn't think they would go that high. My last was just there at the Mineral Creek trailhead when I laid in the tent next to my truck. Maybe I'm just going crazy though, idk.
  17. The real question is whether Sasquatch is an inter-dimensional traveling super intelligent alien, or is he just another shy earthbound critter?
  18. Two for one! Thanks both of you, I want to get back in here too now.
  19. “My successes have largely been built off an ability to separate the negativity of my dumb brain from the mechanical motions of moving upwards.“ you are not the only one.
  20. Certainly would change the objective hazards of alpine climbing if you added in getting shot at or IEDs. Looking forward to the next installment on your alpine adventures. With a camera/lens set up like that coupled with the talent to actually use it….in the alpine. Awesome. Nice to have another guy like @JasonG lugging the good gear up to bring back some fantastic images here.
  21. Pub Club - Seattle Area?

    No worries Rad, and nothing set in stone here yet. I have some vacation to burn and weather still looks good, so I may just head out mid-week anyway. Gotta get out there while the gettins good!
  22. Pub Club - Seattle Area?

    Any interest in a Seattle area pub club? I gotta go out and remodel my parents bathroom...tile in a shower and stuff. But when I come back maybe in the next couple weeks. Not a big deal...just meet up and have a few brews. Like the olden days. Maybe I can talk @jon in coming down for it.
  23. Don't go too hard on the courtship! Rat might find out.