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  1. Dana, I have Sept. 10 - 14 off and after that much exercise, I might be sick for another day of climbing. I have done the routes you mention but would be ok with repeating them. They are good routes. (509)745-9078
  2. I am sure you are seeing just what you want to see.
  3. NAH, NAN, NAH, NAN, NAH, NAH. I lead, and you don't. NAH, NAN, NAH, NAN, NAH, NAH.
  4. Best 5.8 at Frenchman Coulee: George and Martha. Yeah, I know that the book says it's 5.10, but lots of us have climbed 5.8s at Leavenworth that are lots harder.
  5. Or it could just mean you're a Canadian!
  6. I'm for "un-developing" as many USFS facilities as possible.
  7. The green range is a "go" from a marketting standpoint. Those are the placements that become "fixed". Then you need to buy another to replace it. That said, cams placed in that range are the most secure. And when I get concerned on lead, guess what my placements look like.
  8. Expert's Choice is really cool. One of the classiest pieces of ice I have ever been on. Definitely better than the Weeping Wall.
  9. You will be lucky to get half that many holes in basalt. It is much harder to drill than granite.
  10. I take the "Move Free" formulation of glucosamine/chondroitin for relief from a comminuted fracture of the talus [ankle] in which the inferior-lateral portion of the joint surface crumbled away. I am pain-free unless I miss taking "Move Free" for several days, then it starts to ache. The stuff works really well for me.
  11. Carlsberg Column Kitty Hawk Polar Circus Weeping Wall Center
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