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  1. Pull-up bar free

    It's gone.
  2. Pull-up bar free

    Need to get rid of this. It's free to whoever wants it. I can deliver it in the Portland area and I'll be in the Kent/Seattle area June 16th through the 18th. It is very similar to this one If you want a picture I can email it to you. Aaron
  3. Montbell Monoframe Shelter Hexagon

    Anybody using this tent or any of the other Montbell tents? Montbell Monoframe Shelter Hexagon Aaron
  4. Can't F*cking Decide!!!! Down or Synthetic Bag?

    Well, this is what I f*cking have. I f*ucking purchased the god damn Lite Sabre bivy and the f*cking Feathered Friends Rock Wren. Now I really like how f*cking lite this sh*t is. I probably wouldn't take the f*ckin' sh*t on a wet/cold winter trip but for spring/summer/fall trips the sh*t f*ckin' kicks some serious ass. F*ckin' A.
  5. Atomic Sugar Daddy

    I have the Atomic Telle Daddies, got them last year. In firm to soft conditions they are great. But in firm to icy conditions they are a lot of work. 99 under foot is a big ski to get up on an edge in icy conditions. Besides, they are a powder ski and that is where they will shine.
  6. Hiking/climbig clubs

    I'm looking for clubs in Northern Califrnia. Preferably in or around Eureka/Humbolt county. Thanks Aaron
  7. Rgid vs DeWalt

    Thinking of getting one of those kits that come with a light, drill, recipricating saw and a circular saw. The Rigid is $399 and the Dewalt is $499. both are 18v battery opperated and pretty much have the same specs. According to the guy at Home Depot the Rigid has a life time warranty and life time replacement on the batteries, the Dewalt has a 3 year warranty and once the batteries are dead you have to buy them yourself. Now if this is all true it seems pretty clear to me witch is the better choice, Rigid. Has anyone had any experience with Rigid or Dewalt? Aaron
  8. New REI Bitch Thread

    Went into REI a couple months back to pick up a ski helmit and could not find any of the ski equipment. So I asked a clerk where they had the ski equipment. The guy just looks at me and laughs, "ski season is over dude". Aaron
  9. toothlessness

    Maybe this is why they call it a "tooth brush" and not a "teeth brush".
  10. Respect for others on Rainier

    What makes you think people are going to change when they get to the mt? People are assholes on the road, in airports, in the malls, at REI, at the ski resorts and on and on and on. If you want to avoid the assholes stay home. Aaron
  11. Tatoosh Peaks Traverse?

    Did it last year but we only did 10 of them in two days. You could get all of them in a day pretty easily but we decided to take it easy and do a bivy half way through. Aaron
  12. [TR] Mt. Rainier- Fuhrer Finger 6/24/2005

    Did it look like the FF have consistant snow all the way down for skiing? Aaron
  13. Ponying up for my mchale

    Can't say anything about the Kangaroo pocket but it took about a month to receive my pack after ordering it. I think I ordered mine about 5 years ago so it may be differant now. The only thing that will hurt after you order it will be your pocket book. I've been very happy with my McHale. Aaron
  14. I think going up the left side and not crossing the creek was a little quicker. This was the first time I had gone up the right. The only thing about going up the left side is you have to cross on the lower glacier and it seemed a little harry when I've done it. So, I guess I prefer the right side. This trip It was nice to be able to ski to the Tline trail. With an easy hike out. Aaron
  15. Hood, W crater rim?

    Two of us skied it earlier this year in February. We had planned to climb the Old Chute but at the last minute oppted to climb through the Pearly Gates. At the time when we did it there were chunks of water ice sticking out of snow that was just soft enough to get an edge in. I'm sure the conditions have changed since then. Aaron