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  2. I didn’t specify location very well- on the east side of the cascades, Cashmere WA.
  3. If you’re on the East side of hwy 2, you should check out Colchuck Consignment in Cashmere. They started during Covid with a shop on their property upstream, and now have a really great bigger building. It’s a consignment shop obviously so the inventory is always changing, but they have seasonally appropriate stuff , rentals, a gear repair guy, and they do movies occasionally and other community events. It’s a rad local project and I drop in whenever I’m down there. Example: hilleberg Nallo 2 in new shape for $250, rap rings for $1, Arcteryx Sabre pants in great shape for $150. Lots of ski, climb, backpack cycling stuff. Check them out! https://www.colchuckconsignment.com/
  4. Anybody got a hut trip to the Great White North in the works? Here are views high above the Stanley Mitchell hut a few years ago.
  5. Thank you all. I have seen a therapist at least 3 times a year for a good while. For other things, it's nice to have the help navigating!
  6. All for increased connectivity https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2023/01/230111075837.htm
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  8. can't wait to see them!
  9. olyclimber


    OK I'm going do some nepotism and have my son design them, but won't get to that till mid-Feb.
  10. I'm also trying to buy one... do you happen to still have your single good one? Cheers, Mike
  11. Thanks! I am going to give it the 15 or 20 minutes and see if I can try again. If I can't get in I'll message!
  12. And feel free to ping @olyclimber if you are having trouble with your login.
  13. That is super cool! This forum probably gets the most traffic, but I could also see it in the rock climbing or Alaska sections. I confess I've never heard of this area, will look it up!
  14. Heya! I hope this is the right place to put this. I read through all of the forum sections and didn't quite know which one to put it in. Then I tried to login under and old account and it locked me out, so here I am. I swear I have more than one post. 😅 We are releasing the brand new bouldering guidebook for Hatcher Pass, which is our premier bouldering area in Alaska. To be able to pay for it we are doing an indiegogo sale. This is a pre-sale of the book at a discounted price and it also includes a bunch of other cool stuff that can be bought to help us fund this project. I am just posting to try and get the word out about it. Would love to see some other pictures of bouldering or climbing in Hatcher too if anyone wants to share! Help get the psych up for this summer! To Purchase: Click here!
  15. My kids are on the cusp of leaving the nest. Your post takes me back... My advice is simple: separate your workout/fun desires from activities with your kids and you'll be more likely to make everyone happy, including yourself. So get fit enough to get out with your friends once or twice a month. It'll be good for your body and soul. Cover parenting so your partner can have a similar opportunity. And do family-focused outdoor fun whenever you can. Just being in nature is good for everyone, even small kids. For family fun, keep in mind that often staying close to the trailhead is easier. You and your kid can have more fun playing in the snow bank across from the Alpental parking lot or near Gold Creek Pond than walking two miles in a crowded trail to Source Lake basin. If kids have a great time doing stuff outdoors with you they might be more inclined to keep doing it - with or without you - as they grow older. Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself. Have fun!
  16. One more thought: they get cold easier than you do. Less muscle for heat production--even in motion and relative to their total size. Don't assume they are warm just because you are. I made this mistake a couple times.
  17. Thanks for the kind words @olyclimber! I am good putting the funds wherever you feel the greatest needs are. This is definitely a fun community to be a part of and I am glad to help!
  18. Hello everyone! Here's sunrise on J-Berg,taken during a climb of Forbidden on August 28, 2022
  19. Last week
  20. First-time post, recently moved to WA and been looking for some ice. Went out to Whitepine, east of Stevens Pass on Sunday with the cold temps. Things clearly got beat-up with the warm-up on Wednesday/Thursday but found some climb-able stuff to do some laps on. Led up the left side, larger pillar on the right was unfortunately detached at the top. The mixed/ice lines closer to the parking area weren't in on Sunday but seemed to be fattening up, would be curious what they look like on say, Thursday morning. Was cold Sunday night/Monday morning (still around 11 degrees according to my car near Lake Wenatchee) so temps are promising. Oh and there is a bolted anchor above this stuff on Whitepine, but unfortunately its also a bunch of frozen tat-slings run directly through the bolts with various rings on it. Next time I'm up I'll try to bring a chain/quick links to clean up the anchor unless someone beats me to it.
  21. I carried Ulee on my back up the old mailbox peak trail, but I remember that was bested in my mind by a young woman I met up by Prussik who had just carried her child up and gear Asguard pass. I’d keep trying to link up with others but main thing is just keep just going and raising your boy in the wild as you are. Truth is this time will go faster than you want it to and next thing he will be in college. I’d say slow down and enjoy it but find time here and there to sneak off for a little adventure for yourself. I wish I could go back and just camp with little Ulee, but I now that he is big and busy with his own life I’m glad just to get any time with him.
  22. Hi, I would like to take all of the books if still available. Thanks. Sending PM
  23. Yes to keeping it easy with day hikes and car camping until they can carry some of their own stuff and walk five miles or more with some gain (usually age 4-6). No need to torture yourself or family in the name of trying to impress people with what you are doing with little kids. These tough days will pass. I will say it is all about working up to harder things with your kids, year by year, incrementally. That way they may still enjoy it once they get to be teenagers. It is really fun if they do!
  24. Now, occasionally, I get to take the grand kids. IMG_7015.HEIC
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