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  3. Wow! Very impressive; you make it sound easy!
  4. Epic! You make it seem so casual! Where’s all the scariness and suffering?! 😏

    Happy 40th Joe!
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  7. Buckhorn Lake

    I saw that! Stone Henge?
  8. Mt. Baker partner wanted

    Hade a partner take a ride down a frozen creek, hiking out on the North side after a failed October attempt. Very lucky not to get mangled.
  9. Buckhorn Lake

    Felt like pointing out some of the odder contour lines I've ever seen on a USGS map due south of the Lake. Thrash back in there an tell us what's up!?
  10. Buckhorn Lake

    The projections I saw are that the Olympic glaciers will be gone within a few decades. Their low elevation is a key factor. That will have a devastating effect on the forests and environment as snowmelt provides water through the dry months. We will likely see more fires and changes to the natural environment.
  11. FF Helios Hooded Jacket XL - $250 Sat in the gear closet the vast majority of it’s life. The arms are too long for my short torso so it never replaced the beat to death helios I still use. One small clean edged linear cut to the left arm, tenacious taped, shown in the photos. Pick up in Portland or ship at your cost. Cheers
  12. Mt. Baker partner wanted

    I once tried the south side of baker around October 10. It snowed around 8 inches overnight and the next day, most of the crevasses were covered with a thin snow layer. We made a attempt anyway, with every step taken after being probed by a basketless ski pole. After an hour of this torment, my last climber on the rope team punched in while following steps. We bailed. but if the weather keeps the way it is going, early October could be fine except for the maze of open crevasses.
  13. Buckhorn Lake

    There is no glacier feeding that lake. Its just western facing snow fields above. So I guess it makes sense because it being the driest year on record.
  14. Buckhorn Lake

    Google Earth allows you to look through historic satellite imagery too. In Sept 2009 the lake was pretty low but all other imagery from summer into fall had it fairly full. I'm not familiar with the Buckhorn area but I'd imagine it slowly drains throughout the summer and in years with low precip such as this it winds up close to empty. Interestingly in 2009 there was a relatively decent amount of rain in Seattle, maybe the Buckhorn area was heavily rainshadowed that year? Here is a link to NWS Seattle's recent Twitter post about Seattle rainfall that I referenced.
  15. Buckhorn Lake

    That is interesting. Caltopo has a daily satellite imagery... you could try tracking it. I wonder if receding snow/galciers have exacerbated the yearly shrinkage. It is weird they call it glacial fed given your pictures and google map though. I would assume a glacial fed lake would have the characteristic suspended sediment. I also wonder if a geologic shift has opened up more water flow to escape beneath the ground. Any earthquakes since that google imagery?
  16. Slot canyon bridge

    Get any pics?
  17. Mt. Baker partner wanted

    Route conditions on Baker are typically pretty challenging in early October. I wouldn't expect "ideal".
  18. You crazy mofos :O. Hats off, very very admirable!
  19. Mt. Baker partner wanted

    Hello! I am looking for a partner for the mt. baker climb first week of October. I honestly don't have much experience on glacier travel as I mostly climb on the rock (multi-pitch trad), but I can learn along the way, assuming the route condition is ideal. I recently summited Mt. Whitney and is reasonably fit. I am in my early 40. Thank you so much!
  20. Thanks Jon for the beta. Respect for soloing that glacier; that would have made me nervous. We went in loaded up for the SW Buttress but it was so dang cold on Saturday night that we opted for Maximum Enjoyment and did the NW Ridge instead. Never have I had such a lackadaisical alpine day; we left camp at 10 AM! This turned out to be perfect as we were in the sun all day except for a few minutes in the notch. Even so I was wearing two jackets on the whole climb. Summer's over. Note: while we were out, some tweaker broke into all the vehicles at the Eldorado trailhead and apparently was siphoning gas from them—all had gas caps off. The climbing rangers came up while we were at Eldo camp and let us know that Ken's was the only vehicle without a window broken; possibly because his gas cap didn't lock. Evidently this has been happening quite a bit at Eldorado, Boston Basin, and Thornton Lakes trailheads. Be warned.
  21. I am finding these selfies photos satisfying. cool to see faces to the names/avatars that are familiar but never met.
  22. Just returned from Dorado Needle and Eldorado beautiful double feature at more relaxed pace. Also nice to spend some time with my friend tanstaafl Notes: Colder temps this last weekend with a thin layer of snow on top made for some easy travel on the glacier. There was no smoke, maybe the slightest haze the first day . No moat issues. Mr. Sharp-shinned brought up some friends there was three of them flying around Dorado Needle while we made our ascent. Final note is to self, need to get out more.
  23. Cool story and photos For those that don't remember, this is the route where Steve House fell 80 feet onto a ledge and probably would have died without a quick helicopter rescue.
  24. Comfy rock shoes for narrow feet

    yeah, I love La sportiva finale.
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  26. Moat was not an issue for the NW ridge. The photos just before the hawk photo show the glacier conditions as of 10 days ago.
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