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  2. I'm new to the PNW and looking for rock climbing and backcountry skiing partners. I have a rack and some experience with multipitch but rock is not my strong suit. I am a competent backcountry skier and snow / ice climber, but I don't have that gear up here right now. Based in Kirkland and soon to be in Olympia.
  3. Looking for 2020 Rainier Climbing partners

    Yo! I'm new to the PNW and would love to put something together for ranier! I have a few seasons of pretty serious backcountry skiing in the San Juans out of silverton under my belt, as well as climbing and skiing Mount Sanford (16,237) this spring. Lets link and climb some easy trad or snow and talk. I'm currently in Kirkland but will be moving down to Olympia sometime this month. Do you ski?
  4. Nice work Jason! Good training value and more scenic than I would have guessed
  5. Yesterday
  6. review Sewer wanted

    I thought of that when I saw it written out. How can you tell the difference between a waste water engineer and a drinking water engineer? A drinking water engineer washes his hands after using the toilet, a waste water engineer washes his hands before using the toilet.
  7. review Sewer wanted

    I called and Kyle said he could do the work for a very reasonable price and will even pick up and drop off my pack. I'm excited to see how the project comes out and I will report back.
  8. review Sewer wanted

    What's the difference between a sewer and a sewer? . . . One sews shit and the other sows shit (I have to pay $$$ to fix the latter recently so that shit is on my mind).
  9. review Sewer wanted

    Yes, thank you @tanstaafl, great looking service.
  10. review Sewer wanted

    Please reply back with how it goes! I don't have any need for them this minute but I'm sure I will in the future.
  11. review Sewer wanted

    Thanks for link, they look like just the people I need! I went ahead and contacted them. They make a nice little alpine hammer holster I will have to buy too. My tool holster is too big for my little hammer I bring when I climb with leashless (and hammerless) tools.
  12. yeah, when I checked in with der Rat as to how he felt about me spending a boatload of cash on an Ikon Pass, he said would only approve if I visited my college roomie in SLC and skied there too. (That guy really abuses his powers as head of the household.) Now it looks like it might the only way to get my money's worth out of it! Might even have to do a second trip in the spring..... btw stellar photos as always, especially the Dome and Whitechuck shots.
  13. That sounds even better than Plan A!
  14. my current plan b is to spend next week skiing around SLC. here's hoping for ten days of storms while I'm away.
  15. I wanted to get this out to the climbing community. I am working on producing rock climbing themed playing cards where I have replaced all of the traditional suits of Clubs, Diamonds, Spades, and Hearts with trad gear Pitons, Cams, Nuts, and Hexes. I also have re-illustrated all of the face cards. Also, $1.00 from each deck sold is going to Access Fund. My personal favorite is replacing the Joker with The Free soloist. Would love any input. Here is my website: www.mtncards.cc Here is the pre-order link for the first run of decks. As of posting I have 58 decks sold and need to sell 365 decks to fund the first run. Any support is greatly appreciated. I am happy to answer any questions. www.mtncards.cc/backdoor
  16. review Sewer wanted

    I haven't used these guys (this guy?) so can't testify as to quality, but saw their flyer on the bulletin board at Vertical World: https://highmountaingearandrepair.com/
  17. review Sewer wanted

    I wonder if talking with someone who works on sails or auto toggery would be a good option?
  18. review Sewer wanted

    Does anybody know a sewer who could work on packs and clothes? I have some repairs and modifications and I don't want to pay Rainy Pass $75.00 an hour because they have F'd up every project I have brought them.
  19. To paraphrase a saying commonly (but probably erroneously) attributed to Mark Twain: Ice climbing is a good winter hike spoiled.
  20. I agree! If it is going to suck for skiing, make it really, really suck, since climbing and ski quality are almost perfectly inversely proportional. But that is my plan B. Skiing powder is always my plan A. Right now it is Plan C, which isn't nearly as grand.
  21. Last week
  22. Howdy! Its time to cull some more trad gear in preparation for some more fly fishing stuff. For sale is a pretty darn nice trad rack and extras, like a haul bag, belay seat and Rock exotica tools. All the hardware is in excellent shape and has been stored in the cool and dark, stable temp room. As usual any webbing/slings must be inspected and replaced if it looks dubious or is pretty old. Asking $650.00 firm for everything. No parting out, no trades, no shipping. Local, face to face, cash. I am in Tacoma BD and Wild Country cams.Triple sets, thin hands to wide hands.Only one #4 TCUs: Metolius, BD, Wild Country, and Alien, great shape, no damage. Stoppers and tiny wireds Many brands, the right clump of tiny ones were used for aid. Many biners in a plethora of styles. Lowe/Byrne ball nuts, double on all three sizes Rock Exotica: Wall Hauler Soloist Small ascender Weird stuff and belay devices... Leeper "Friend of a friend" tool A set of Tri Cams with doubles on the small sizes. Metolius Half Dome Haul Bag and Pika rigid belay seat.
  23. 2004/2005 was a shit winter like this and access and climbing conditions in the mountains were sweet! Pray for the Pineapple Express! (those of you who still engage in such shenanigans).
  24. That is better than I do. I feel Iike 90% of the time I just take my gear for a walk and I always think to myself that it would have been a nice hike if I had not had 25 pounds of climbing gear in my pack.
  25. idea Let's talk clothing systems.

    Layering systems. Plans of usage. There are countless ways to create a clothing system. One would need a gear truck to follow you up the hill to have all the possibilities you may want. Whatever the system need a plan. A plan to stay cool enough. This means a light enough base layer for hiking uphill and when in the sun, or in unexpected warm weather. A plan to stay dry enough. This means a way to dry out , usually at camp. One way is to take off wet clothes and put on dry clothes at camp and do it over the next day.by putting back on wet clothes next morning. Another way is to have a system to dry out clothes via a over capacity in warmth sleeping bag that won't wet out, via a Stephenson's warmlite sleeping bag or a heavy synthetic sleeping bag. A plan to hike in the rain, snow, sleet etc. If using a traditional three layer system that often means a single layer on legs and a base layer with hardshell on top. Likely to get wet no matter what, if warm enough just use the hardshell alone, when stopped shake out the water and put on dry clothes. If intermittent light percipitation a soft shell or base layer alone may be used, body heat driving off excess moisture while moving, especially when hiking uphill. A plan to be warm enough. Most often adding another layer to go over legs and a puffy jacket. If carrying a sleeping bag to be the lightest weight, may do away with the puffy. A plan to dry out while hiking. That means when the rain let's up a clothing system that will dry out by body warmth. A very breathable puffy, let's say a primaloft puffy, or a pertex pile garment. Or a fleece with a breathable windshirt, or a good quality softshell designed to move water out. For legs a thin breathable layer, most likely hardshell off the legs. I find a thin nylon spandex pant works well in cool to mildly cold weather. A plan for a emergeny bivy. A pad and puffy, and a thin sack such as a SOL breathable bivy sack. Or maybe a blizzard bag, or a bothy bag, or a light tarp with fire starter. Ect. Usually just enough to get through the night and be able to effectively move the next day. Whatever the clothing system it is best to have an effective plan for all common situations. If you hike or climb enough, you will have a unplanned night out, or you will be soaking wet and cold, or you will be too hot, all of these and more adverse situations happen sooner or later.
  26. Now you're figuring out my secrets @genepires! Yes, 300mm in the case of that Dome photo (many of the others were in the 120mm range), plus a bit of cropping. It helped that the air was quite clear, hiding my optical jiu jitsu.
  27. did you need a telephoto lens to get some of those photos? Seems like dome is pretty damn close but I thought dome was light years from anything else.
  28. Looking for solid partners to lead or join a climbing expedition to one of these places in June. Open to other suggestions as well. Please email me directly at AscanioPignatelli ATgmail.com for more info. Thank you.
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