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  2. I’m an older climber from Maine looking for an Alpine climbing mentor from the North Cascades. I’m from the Penobscot Nation in Maine, and I’m a former USMC grunt. I love dogs, climbing, motorcycles and pizza.
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  4. Greeting s, great trail the Mt Jupiter was. I hijed the trail alot,maybe 40 ascents, over 25 yrs. As a former thru hiker,it was a great way to " keep your trail legs". I drove up past jupiter trail head last July after gaining access from loggers. It is totally logged out! I don't think it will re open. It was a great remote trail w some east coast trail vertical ascent and good views. I doubt usfs will reopen. So trip reports like this help to keep the memories alive! I really miss the trail and it's potential to help in training and strenuous recreation. 2 Spirits
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  6. I read this when you initially posted, but was too lazy to log in and comment! Incredible climb and style!! Stoked to see you get all the Bulgers in winter. I just climbed Hard Mox a week back - seems my party was the first of the season, and I found / have your beal escaper. We did leave your rope in place - Happy to get the escaper back to you - I'm in Seattle. @Eric Gilbertson
  7. There are some numbers on this site: https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/giffordpinchot/recarea/?recid=34143 good luck!
  8. Left my black hiking backpack at the parking lot for the mt st Helen’s trailhead via ptarmigan trail. Has my car and apartment keys in it, as well as my glasses, micro spikes, sunscreen, water bottle, knife, and whistle. If anyone has information, please contact me. Also, is there a park ranger or someone I can call that it would have been turned in to? Thanks!
  9. @Blue40 Not sure what happened but should be good to go now! That was a fun climb, enjoy it!
  10. Is there any chance that you could repost or send the photos of Jefferson via Jeff Park? For some reason they arent loading and are showing an error. I am planning on doing it this weekend and everything is helpful. Cheers!
  11. That is a stellar slogan for the catfood (though I can't help but feel that eating like Fred Becky *must* include many tiny packets of ketchup). Maybe I should get a dehydrator and start experimenting. I recently discovered that freeze dried meals have improved drastically since the 90s, but damn they are expensive (and usually at least a third more than I can eat anyway).
  12. I have the Eldorado too. These tents seem to even pack lighter. My Eldorado does really well with minimalizing condensation. What about condensation inside these tents? Anybody know?
  13. Nice man! Stoked and inspired seeing people getting after it. I'll have to check this one out.
  14. July 10,2024 Someone lost a phone on the glissade from the false summit down to the lunch counter. I picked it up and am trying to find the owner. **Owner found!
  15. If it is free YOU are the product.
  16. So happy you asked about Chad's Backcountry Catfood ("Climb Like a Cat, Eat Like Fred Beckey") Here's a photo of a fresh batch. There's usually a ton of foraged mushrooms dehydrated into the mix as well, which really helps with the bowel consistency for those wag bags... there's just no dehydrated meal on the market that compares (and we've tried plenty!!), or that you can prepare in multiple ways (as soup or as a weird salty crunchy snack). I think the fresh ingredients from the Moline garden are key. If we heat it up, we usually put some fresh garlic in there too to make it seem more like a fresh meal. When I was first getting into dirtbagging, someone told me that the old heads like Beckey and Chouinard would get discount cat food to bring into the backcountry, so I would be out in rural Wyoming trying to be like them eating literal cat food haha... this feels like a way of keeping that tradition alive while also being kinder to my internal organs!
  17. Very inspiring line and objective you chose! Thanks for the pics and shout out, loved reading your report and connecting some dots for all the tracks we saw. We have more copies of the poem if you wanna read it! awesome trip and write up!!
  18. We always sleep the best in the alpine. The first few nights were recovery from the wedding for sure, but once we slept like royalty on tower 3 (~10 hours) we felt completely fresh. And Chads is meant to be shared! Named after my cat, a stellar climber, and inspired by Beckey’s cat food diet, its been our main food source these trips. Most of the other meals we have tried do a number to our stomach and are low in fat. I’m mainly looking for fat, fiber, flavor, and protein when I make it. It’s quite an ordeal to make, so I’m definitely leaving a few things out below since there are many little additions, but I’m happy to share in more detail somewhere else. Half dehydrated eggs following a recipe on YouTube, and most of the rest is a blend of various legumes/quinoa/onions/garlic/etc that I cook and dehydrate. Then tons of herbs, greens, seasonings, and powders like bone broth and some cheese powder this year. These trips were the first time we realized we could eat entire meals of it completely dry and the wedding couple even liked it more this way. So it’s a pretty versatile meal and we mostly ate it dry on Mongo and on the journey home. Which is great if you can wash it down with fresh water but there’s a benefit of not needing water for it. Plus when you make it to the bottom of the bag it makes an incredible hearty soup.
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