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  2. Spokane - Roommate(s)?

    Hey folks, not sure if this is the right forum or not, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Finding it a little more difficult to connect with other climbers/outdoor enthusiasts up in the PNW than it was in SLC (not missing the saturation though!) My name is Nick and I'm looking to find one or a few likeminded climbers/outdoors enthusiasts to rent a house/place together. I'm a student at Eastern and l have worked in the medical field the past few years, (now just doing coffee though) looking for some other young professionals. Ideally, I think it would be great to find 2-3 other people who want to have a good little house/community situation. I'm open to couples/all genders, though prefer some folks who are stoked about getting outside. Preferably not looking to have any wild parties - though I do enjoy barbecues and get togethers. This is a very loose idea, but I wanted to throw it out there and see if I couldn't find some other folks looking for the same! Shoot me a DM or a text, timeline and area are flexible as well. 509-263-9214 0
  3. for sale BD Cams in great condition.

    I had just updated my rack then stopped climbing, now the Misses has suggested cleaning out the storage closet ;-(C4 - sizes .5, .75, 1, 2, & 3. Sling dates are all 2010.C3 - sizes 2, 1, 0, 00, & 000. No sling date on the tag but purchased new near 2010.$200 for each set. I'm located in Woodinville WA (Seattle) so only reply if we can meet somewhere half way. Cash or PayPal.
  4. Glacier Peak Advice

    While it may be possible, I don't ever leave the crampons and axe at home on a major peak this time of year. It is a long way to go to be turned around by a section of icy neve. But I don't have firsthand experience on Dakobed this time of year.
  5. CascadeClimbers.com Turns 17

    To those who contribute and maintain it, thanks for all the work. This site helps keep me young ...
  6. Glacier Peak Advice

    Hey everyone! I am hoping to get a little info on Glacier Peak. I just day tripped Rainier with a buddy last weekend and have volcano fever, with Glacier being my last in WA. Originally planned to ski it, but I'm impatient. I would love to hike it solo via disappointment peak this weekend. It looks like there will be a solid 7 days of sunny weather building up to the weekend with daily highs above freezing, and additionally, it's all south facing. I am wondering if anyone has any experience on the peak this time of year and if it's possible (no guarantees obviously) to ditch the crampons and axe and just scramble it off glacier?
  7. Mt Washington South East Ridge

    That looks awesome.
  8. Yeah - not a clue what it would be like in spring but definitely a fun alternative when we found the CH not to our liking!
  9. Beacon

    day 52 - lap 45 - the indian summer is threatening to last at least another week, the long-shot goal of 50 solo laps in a year yaws into sight - cats-paws n' baby white-caps upon the columbia, the raging winds of winter are clearly in the parlor and planning on rushing out soon to transform every outing into a rude epic, sunshine or no - fear enough to go round, despite no good reason, just the growing reality that it's all about to come crashing down soon and it's common sense alone between us and the devil and the deep-blue sea - the crag alone, the long nagging shadows of evening at just 4 o'clock now, the trail down as lonely as the climb up - a waxing moon - more corn trucks on the crawl in - before long it'll be finger-gloves n' 2 layers against the wind and a lap a month at best
  10. CascadeClimbers.com Turns 17

    young for a tortoise, old for your average tit-mouse
  11. Skis: K2 Shuksanne, 167cm length, waxed, never used. Not once. Pristine showroom condition. Bindings: Fritschi Freeride Pro size small. Mounted to skis for the following boots, also never used. Boots: Garmont SheRide 4-buckle, DynaFit compatible, used a couple of times. Thermo-moldable liners. Mondo size 25.5 / US size 7.5 / Euro size 38 Black Diamond waterproof/breathable gauntlet gloves with removable fleece liners. Used on one (successful!) Rainier summit. Smith ski helmet (women's), size small, gunmetal gray, used on one trip (sorry, no photos of this) Prices: Whole shebang = $550. I'm willing to separate items. If sold individually I am asking: Skis + bindings = $400 Boots only = $120 Gloves = $30 Helmet = $30 This is an ideal ski setup for a woman looking to get into backcountry skiing. The skis are not the cutting edge of design or technology as they have been sitting in a closet for a few years, but they are ideally suited to snow conditions in the Cascades. Selling because of health reasons - my wife thought she was going to get back into skiing but the reality is her touring days are over. New this entire package was $1,750. Can meet downtown Seattle near the central public library weekdays during business hours, or weekends/evenings near the Mount Baker light rail station. Please include your name and phone number when you email me. Cash only in person. I don't circulate much round these parts anymore. Best bet is to email me directly: njbratton AT hotmail DOT com
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  13. Climbing Denali 2019

    I’m looking for a team to summit Denali 2019 as well lets get it going!
  14. Denali 2019

    Im looking to join or create a team to summit denali 2019 as well. If you want to know my experience and or feel each other out get ahold of me.
  15. Trip: Colfax Peak - West Ridge Trip Date: 10/14/2018 Trip Report: Brief TR and pictures from the west ridge of Colfax yesterday. Huge thanks to Eric Carter for bringing this line into the light and being willing to give a go beta-less. We had his beta so it was perhaps a less stressful endeavor. Sunday morning we looked at the C-H, hoping it would be in, but expecting it wouldn't be, and it wasn't (but getting there). So we wrapped around Colfax (on a pretty major boot pack) to take a look at the west ridge. With hard snow and a fun looking line we started up, following occasional faint boot marks from Eric's party. We opted to solo as we both felt comfortable with the positive, stiff, snow. Climbing was straight forward and very fun up the first steep section to gain the ridge, steepest slope was likely around 55-60 degrees. We followed the ridge to a rock face and saw the snow couloir down to the south, we tied an equivocation hitch, rapped into the gully, pulled and coiled the rope, and continued up. The gully was very easy, perhaps 45 degrees on great snow and steepening up to 55ish near the tight exit with some alpine ice. Here we followed the cliffy headwall left and after a steep soft down-climb into the upper chutes of the C-H (probably the scariest part of the climb, but would be easy to protect with pickets). From there we followed the standard route up to the summit, encountering our steepest climbing (65 degrees? Maybe a few steeper steps? Never actually measured) and a mix of hard snice (snow/ice), breakable crust over powder, and more stiff snow. We had a blast as we wove our way up the chutes toward the top. We must have had our heads down as we climbed because about 150ft from the top we missed an obvious left hand gully that has an easy top out. Instead we ended up with 15 to the top of very steep snice and rime covered rocks, we pitched this out, and Peter lead us to the summit plateau and belayed me up. Route took 3hrs bottom to top only stopping to rappel and pitch out the last section. We descended the East ridge (one rap on good tat) and had to end run a crack on the Coleman all the way to the east, long detour, just as Carter mentioned. Lots of new snow up there but with cold temps things stayed solid and we never punched through any cracks. Colfax ice, sorry no better photos, upper curtain on C-H is not yet fat enough for our ability. Looking at the start of the West Ridge Missed everything until we were in the couloir Sorry I didn't get many photos, here is the first stretch of the upper gullies of the C-H Next 2 photos we are already too far right to have an easy top out Baker, large y shaped crack requires an end run to the East One short rappel on tat to get off the east ridge and to the col between Baker and Colfax Long afternoon shadows as we near the trail Fun route, deserves more ascents!! If I were to grade it I'd say grade 3, steep snow 65deg ?PG13?. Not sure this route would always get a danger rating, would depend on what the gullies do in the spring, maybe they'd be easier to protect and slightly lower angle. Gear Notes: Brought screws, pins, cams, and nuts, used none. Approach Notes: Heliotrope trail
  16. Doink, No shor of the shaft. Certainly a unique feature. By that time of day I was too spent to think of taking more photos.
  17. Sweet! I bailed off the C-H many years ago and probably won't be back. But I could see myself doing this! Looks like a good fall route. I would imagine that cornices might prove to be a problem in the spring?
  18. A fully enclosed (all four sides) bombay chimney in the upper summit ridge, right above one of the Doorish routes (I think).. The final bit of the Diamond overhangs so dropping rocks down the chimney means they don't touch anything for a long way. It is totally wild, and completely unique in my Cascadian ramblings.
  19. Last week
  20. Skis for Denali

    In the 90s I had some silvretta bindings that could connect to climbing boots. Not sure what the modern equivalent would be https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images1/1/0212/12/silvretta-404-ski-bindings-barely_1_69d42fdb12694bff63f74097a4342fa8.jpg I took them as far as the football field on Denali and skied slopes above when we were hanging out at the camp. Taking a setup that far was worth it.
  21. Beacon

    10/12-13 -days 50-51 - 2 days of beacon bliss, and all thanks to adam, the supplier of the beacon-base for this critical shoulder-season session- my birthday friday free and so ben n' i made our separate ways out to the woe-be-gone driveway just off the little road in the early morning, where 'true country-living,' to coin ben's phrase, was for the having all around - friday a bit of donnybrook, me way-laid on flight time, a true disgrace really, for a route i once regularly traveled when the world was young - we salvaged it though in the afternoon, clambering up the first two crazed pitches of jensen's and fixing on down - a rare hootenanny of an evening to follow - bonfires n' beers n' hellish introspection on the part of your friend-n-humble-narrator - abed by 10 for firfawksakes and that's the worst you can say for some sad-sack on the completion of his 44th whizz-whirl around the great big-flaming-what-have-you - the first day after that though a prime one, ole'adam lighting-along his signature breakfast that makes dining till dusk unnecessary, the goddess-sauce the primary touch - we bolted from ben at the first opportunity, then jugged n' juggled our way up from the place where the trail ends - atop pitch 2, i launched again, my cuticles immediately cursed to dribble blood on the rock from there to the end - p3 the tribal-treasure, the wind blast a test of our basic character and nothing more - exposure enough to excoriate our under-lying essence which is weak-weak-weak - ben owned on p4, which we all beheld in the furious glare of fall's fell air, then me up the final bit and belaying on the trail - burgers n' bridging-the-light-fantastic after n' then the long roar down the road home to hang w/ ladies who don't look lightly on trying to talk during the midst of their movie-tales
  22. [TR] McMillan Spire - South Face to West Ridge 09/28/2018

    That was a very well written TR. Liked the black and white photo's..Terror Basin is a special area.
  23. Skis for Denali

    Nothing compares to BN pow runs at 15k in June. Glad to share the stoke! There’s snow in the hills!
  24. Totally agree, but if people don't think their actions matter, that is also wrong. The issue is whether of the majority of people in the world care enough about carbon emissions to change their behavior and the way the global economy is structured. And on that point it is pretty obvious that they haven't, and likely won't, until it makes economic sense.
  25. Woman partner Monday

    Looking for a woman partner who is an experienced belayer for Monday. Either Index, or if you are crazy enough, a day trip up to Squamish. Have gear, can lead 9’s and easy 10’s. Be happy to lead or follow or both. Thanks. Christine
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