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  1. That truck is perfect except for the missing half of the gun rack.
  2. Glad to hear you'd take a stove next time. Hard to keep reasonably hydrated without one and really cuts your margin for error.
  3. Hood accident lawsuit

    Bob: With all of your incredible knowledge, I think you should join your local Mountain Rescue Unit. Here's a link for you to get started: http://wcsar.org/bmrc/applynow/
  4. Lib Ridge?

    I'm sure you could find a spot out there but it's pretty hairy. I watched a huge avalanche sweep out a good 1000' onto the Carbon glacier from a serac calving off a few years ago. I was glad to be at Thumb Rock as it rumbled by. Does the flat area you marked on your map appear to have avalanche debris on it in the photo above? My concern with your strategy is that most climbers want to climb the ridge below Thumb Rock while it's still cold in the morning and the choss is still somewhat frozen in place. Most climbers also want to climb the area above Thumb Rock while it's cold in the morning and things are locked up. Can you go in the first night and get to the camp at the east edge of the Carbon Glacier? It's pretty benign up to that point if memory serves correct.
  5. Solo glacier travel by a newbie in June on the Coleman Demming is a definite NO in my book. Check out google earth.
  6. Ok, I was curious if the Chris Hopkins experiment was over yet and noticed the thread was gone. I'm wondering if he can figure out how Fred is involved in the USFS/NWAC/Paid Guide/wealthy site admin conspiracy.
  7. What happened to the "how to remove tar and feathers" post?
  8. Fred Beckey book information request

    Like the very first post by Tiger?
  9. Skins - maintenance

    I cary one of these: https://www.blackdiamondequipment.com/en_US/ski-bindings/binding-buddy-multi-tool-BD1635000000ALL1.html And Brooks range has another version: https://www.brooks-range.com/ski-binding-tool-p/9608.htm Make sure you have the correct bits for your bindings. I added some torx bits. I also carry several ski straps, 4-5 various binding screws and a multi tool, the leatherman Crunch is my favorite for MTB and Skiing with the vice grip pliers.
  10. Skins - maintenance

    An occasional application of skin wax on the plush and ironing the glue side with a brown paper bag seems to keep them going. If Jason can put the amount of mileage on his over 16 years, that's pretty solid endorsement.
  11. 2016 Mariners Whining Thread

    https://projects.seattletimes.com/2018/mariners-missteps/ Longest playoff drought in professional sports. Unlikely to end this year.
  12. Day or two of rock this week?

    Must've missed this the first time around. I think I also climbed with the poster Kainsacad out at Index once with a similar experience. He advertised as a 5.10 climber and struggled mightily to follow a 5.8 and seems to lack some of the basic understanding of belaying and rope handling. There may be a different thread about him, his name is Mehrdad or something like that. Former Iranian army if I recall. Good times!
  13. Looking for a lightweight synthetic half bag like the North Face elephants foot. Send me an email if you have one you'd like to sell - ryan at rpmcousa dot com