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  1. The snow pack is strange this year, very thin further north, more normal in the south. We skied at the Mt. Baker resort on Sunday and it was shocking to see how thin it was below 4,000', there's hardly any snow. This could all change with a couple of good storms but there's not much hope on the long term forecasts.
  2. March is historically difficult to line up stable weather windows in the Cascades as well.
  3. From the news today: https://www.seattletimes.com/life/outdoors/federal-proposals-could-curtail-climbing-anchors-in-wa-wilderness/ I have to wonder how this would effect Darrington as most of that is in the Boulder River Wilderness area.
  4. Hoping this forecast pans out.
  5. I'm surprised this fart guard hasn't become a standard feature in all tents.
  6. Looks like great conditions, might have to put this back on my list for this fall after the rain clears out next week.
  7. I have one season on the Dynafit Blacklight 95 skis and they're a great all around ski for PNW touring. I think the PDG might be a race ski and not real fun (terrible) to ski on anything firm.
  8. Didn't know him but I understand he was also the oldest person to summit Everest at the time he climbed it and was attempting his 80th summit of Rainier in June.
  9. Sounds like last night's public meeting was rowdy: https://www.opb.org/article/2023/11/03/omak-washington-public-comments-meeting-grizzly-bears/
  10. Probably better than a cat, they're jerks.
  11. Glad someone reported him, that's not an easy call to make.
  12. Anyone else see this? This could be one of the worst American climbing tragedies in recent times. Sad for them and their Tibetan guides, it seems like the situation was unnecessarily worsened by the competition. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/oct/08/two-die-in-avalanches-on-shishapangma-mountain-in-tibet More here from other climbers who were on the mountain: https://explorersweb.com/what-happened-shishapangma-climbers-speak/
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