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  1. Scottish Ice

    Or gloves! I don't know how many of you have ridden a motorcycle any distance in the winter but you'd better have some good gloves or you're going to have some pretty bad screaming barfies. Maybe it was part of his conditioning program?
  2. [TR] Mount Baring - Standard 12/05/2020

    This trip report makes my knees hurt. I agree with Kit's sentiment.
  3. Can you identify this mountain?

    My gut reaction is that photo was taken in the Rockies.
  4. Wy'East Gear and Experience Requirements: Should I climb it?

    Have you climbed the south side route on Hood? I've always thought climbing a new (to me) peak by the standard route was a good way to get familiar with her and develop some confidence. I haven't climbed the Wy'East route but from reading its description, it's pretty exposed and probably more difficult to bail off, especially if you don't have confidence in anchor building. https://www.summitpost.org/wy-east/157708 Hope that helps!
  5. [TR] Diobsud Buttes - Standard 04/16/2020

    Awesome, look forward to the story about the gate.
  6. for sale SOLD Climbing/Skiing Tacoma camper

    That camper is just primed for a bunch of obnoxious stickers.
  7. Good call Dana, that's definitely an old radiator cap. I worked at Grease Monkey for a couple of years in the early 90's and am well acquainted with them.
  8. Anyone Coached by Uphill Athlete or Other?

    I'd check out: http://coastmountainskiing.com/coaching/ I don't know how much Eric charges for individual coaching but I purchased a training plan from him 4-5 years ago and thought it's a very similar approach to Uphill Athlete. Lots of Zone 2 training volume. He might be a good one to compare Uphill Athlete's fees and program and Eric's a good dude.
  9. Ptarmigan Traverse - Very Late Season

    Downy Creek Fire has closed FS 26 and Downy Creek Trail. Just a heads up. https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/7190/
  10. https://methowvalleynews.com/2020/08/26/local-climber-encounters-mysterious duffle-bag-containing-suspicious-substance/ According to a press release at the time, AMO agents witnessed the pilot toss several bags out of the plane into the wilderness. However, the story does not end there. Responding Deputy Anthony Coble performed a quick drug test on the bag the climber found in July, after he returned the bag to the Okanogan County Sheriff’s office, and determined the substance was not drugs. The North Central Washington Narcotics Task Force (NCWNTF) collected the bag for evidence the next day. So, if you happened to lose a duffel stuffed with a white crystalline substance portioned into individual Ziploc bags near Mazama, feel free to contact the task force to collect your valuables.
  11. Bozeman, MT or Victor/Driggs, ID

    Home prices and cost of living would be significantly less expensive in Driggs. I think the home pricing in Bozeman is comparable to the suburbs around Seattle. That being said, Bozeman has a lot more going for it for restaurants and events. I don't know how important that is for you and your wife but they're both towns worth checking out. Bozeman has a good hospital and airport as well. Might check out Dillon MT while you're in the area. Skiing, fishing, some climbing close by and pretty low cost of living.
  12. Good reminder of the badass folks who worked the mines in these mountains. I wonder what they'd think of us.
  13. Just so long as you match your friends, that's what matters.