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  1. Looks like an awesome outing, thanks for posting the TR!
  2. Climbers Path Turnoff (1,600 ft) : 45:28 / 06:30 Heather Bench [top of hill climb] (5,200 ft) : 1:50:30 / 07:35 That's 3,600' in 65 minutes. 🤢
  3. I thought it was nice that entry into National Parks was free on MLK but the road to Paradise was still closed.
  4. Not sure how I missed this great TR either. You did a nice job of planning for contingencies, don't worry about the SAR call, it happens. Pretty badass effort!
  5. I'm submitting the opening bid on Eldorado and the Pickets. These would look great in my office!
  6. Am I the only one who is confused by this? What else is there?
  7. Bronco

    Is it Now?

    Can't say I climb 'em like I used to but still getting out. Where's your TRs?
  8. Can't make this one, maybe see you in January!
  9. I clicked the donate tab and:
  10. Washington State Department of Transportation North Central Region – 2830 Euclid Ave. Wenatchee, WA 98801– 509-667-3000 TRAVEL ADVISORY Nov. 8, 2022 Contacts: Lauren Loebsack, communications, 509-860-0000 North Cascades Highway to remain closed for winter WINTHROP – With nearly 30 inches of snowfall over the weekend, SR 20 North Cascades Highway will remain closed for the winter between Ross Lake Dam trailhead (milepost 134) and Early Winters gate (milepost 178). The route was closed between milepost 134 and 171 for potential avalanche danger on Thursday, Nov. 3. Throughout the weekend, the North Cascades and the area surrounding the eastern slopes were repeatedly hit with snow and rain. Though the immediate avalanche danger is now low, conditions are likely to change. Maintaining the closure now will allow crews to focus time and resources on the communities east of the mountain passes that have received up to 2 feet of snow in places. A snow berm has been built at the Early Winters gate at milepost 178 while crews focus on clearing routes on the east side of the mountain passes. Depending on resources and conditions, the road may be reopened to Silver Star gate for sno park access prior to the holidays. Spring clearing work is typically assessed in March and the seasonal reopening can be as late as June, depending on conditions. Updates on the spring clearing work will be shared in the North Cascades newsletter, the real time travel map, and on Twitter at @WSDOT_East.
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