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  1. Boots

    Salewa has some great boots out as well. Ascent Outdoors shop in Ballard has one of the best selections of boots around and pretty knowledgable folks working there.
  2. Looking for specific harness...

    Black diamond Bod and Alpine Bod appear to use the old style buckle.
  3. Dawn Wall on Netflix

    I watched Free Solo and then Dawn Wall the next night. Interesting contrast even thought both we filmed on El Cap. I was touched by Caldwell choosing to help Kevin work through the crux for a few days instead of just finishing the climb. I thought it was a much more enjoyable film than Free Solo.
  4. Amazing you guys were uninjured in the fall, sounds pretty hairy! Thanks for positing, I'll have to add this one to the list (minus the detour into the 'schrund).
  5. What hapened with the site?

    Thanks Jon, that works just fine!
  6. What hapened with the site?

    Howdy - The "Trip Report Search" link at the top of the page isn't working for me. I get an error that says "can't connect to the server at cascadeclimbers.com" I turned off my ad blockers and popup blockers and accepted cookies. Any other ideas? I'm trying to research some extreme climbing routes for the upcoming hardman season!
  7. crampon lace

    I say save it in case you run out of webbing to rap off of.
  8. Government Shutdown

    Yeah, I don't think the park staff is to blame. I've been responsible for clearing roads in the mountains and if they don't get addressed frequently, it's a major problem to get them opened up again. I'm impressed that it looks like they'll get it opened up soon!
  9. Government Shutdown

    Probably get it open just in time for the pending shut down on February 15.
  10. Dovetailing Jason's comments, I was reminded on Saturday how much a slight change of aspect can also significantly impact snow quality. Went from boiler plate to breakable crust to 3" of hoar frost and facets as I went from SW-S-SE facing terrain. The hoar frost was pretty fun to ski. Happy Monday from Captain Obvious!
  11. Government Shutdown

    So now that the shutdown is over, will they re-open the road to Paradise? Fortunately it hasn't snowed a bunch in the last 34 days but probably enough that they might consider leaving it closed until it melts out.
  12. Thanks for the excellent write-up and glad you didn't have to wait for the rescue. Could have been a cold night out.
  13. Trip: Green Mtn Lookout - South Slope Trip Date: 12/02/2018 Trip Report: After arriving at the trailhead with no snow to be found, we agreed to hike for a while to see if we could find some. I believe we hiked a couple of miles to approximately 5,000' before finding enough snow to start skinning. By the time we reached the south face, there was 12" of boney (but solid) base with 3" of semi-bonded fresh snow and grauple. We took a short break at the top and had an unexpectedly fun 1,200' run. We continued to push our luck down to 5,000 where the brush put an abrupt end to my run with a fabulous digger into some rocks. Except for Kit, he managed another 500' of tremendous brush and rock skiing. We didn't see anyone else out, which always makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong. Remarkably satisfying first ski outing of the season. Where are we supposed to ski? That's better Does it count if you don't skin all the way? That's what we came for - Gear Notes: rock skis & helmet Approach Notes: road is in good shape
  14. Can someone tell me how the environmentalist lobby is reconciling the removal of hydro-electric dams? Seems like a pretty good source of clean electricity to this unsophisticated bonehead.
  15. Yep. Hopefully we can keep this open. It's not like there is ever a crapload of snow at the old gate, maybe 2-3' in early spring? Don't they need vehicle access to the Ross Lake Dam and resort? I have to imagine Seattle City Light signed off on the additional closure. Seems kind of crazy!