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  1. Ptarmigan Traverse (S. Exit Options)

    Hi Justin - looking at a map, don't see an exit point to the east of Bannock Mountain. Could you post a map of your proposed route?
  2. Bastards. You're an awful long way from cell coverage up there.
  3. Dang, kind of a long drive to get the cat off a car. Anyone else get hit by the thieves?
  4. 2016 Mariners Whining Thread

    Here we go again. Haven't been able to bring myself to watch or listen to any games lately. Is it injuries or just terrible at baseball as usual?
  5. North Cascades Highway Summer 2022

    At least the logging project is scheduled to take 3 years!
  6. North Cascades Highway Summer 2022

    Also this - https://methowvalleynews.com/2022/04/13/work-on-mission-project-logging-will-begin-in-may/ Logging project in the Methow that will send 12 logging truck loads over HWY 20 twice per day. Should be interesting to see the shenanigans at the 4 way stop in Winthrop between the tourons who wander around eating ice cream cones while staring at their phone and logging truck drivers in a hurry to get to Darrington.
  7. And still better than snowshoes!
  8. Out of control dogs at the Coulee

    Send this cat to patrol the crags for unleashed dogs: https://mynorthwest.com/3460416/infamous-bellevue-cat-wins-large-settlement-due-to-conflict-of-interest/
  9. Hwy 20 Opening 2022

    On Friday DOT said they have at least a week of snow clearing and then they can make repairs to the guardrails and road. Based on the big washout on HWY 20 between Marblemount and Newhalem, I'm guessing they'll find some more road damage than normal once they get the road exposed up at the pass. I'm hoping it's open by May 14th but it's not looking very likely at this point.
  10. Accident/Death on Triple Couloir

    Maybe we should start a new thread for this but, are people successfully self arresting a slide with ice tools (as opposed to a traditional axe)? Are you using the spike of the shaft? I attempted to practice it years ago and it didn't go well with a drop pick tool. I feel like I'm missing something.
  11. Wow, thanks for posting your TR here and congrats to Priti!
  12. Ptarmigan ridge- Rainier early season

    Here's a link to road status and projected opening dates: https://www.nps.gov/mora/planyourvisit/road-status.htm
  13. Ptarmigan ridge- Rainier early season

    Hi, welcome to the forum. The weather in May on Rainier is fickle. I've certainly been stormed off in May. The best weather for Rainier is typically the end of July and August. Unfortunately this is past the season for the Curtis, Liberty and Ptarmigan routes. Too late in the season and you won't have enough snow/ice on the route. Too early and you're wading in chest deep snow if the weather allows an attempt. If you're traveling from out of the area, it's a huge challenge to line up conditions, partners and weather. My suggestion is to have a solid plan B east of the Cascade Mountain crest like Mt. Stuart or something in the Stuart Range. It's also unlikely the roads to access the Mowich Lake and White River trailheads will be open in early May to further complicate it. The park has to plow them out each year.
  14. Accident/Death on Triple Couloir

    Such a bummer. I saw Rick for a couple of injuries over the years, he was just a super nice, humble person. We even talked about climbing a couple of times and he never mentioned that he had completed the Seven Summits. RIP