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  1. Bedal Peak

    Green Beckey lists the NE Route, NW Shoulder, SE Face and some other variations. You might check it out from the library or something.
  2. I've seen a black bear with a complete white stripe down it's back, looked like a giant skunk. Tracks are definitely black bear. I had a cinnamon colored black bear encounter this spring in the upper Methow and found this guide on how to tell tracks apart useful: https://westernwildlife.org/black-bear-ursus-americanus/know-your-bears/
  3. question Best approach shoes

    Same here, had a pair for a couple of years, the uppers are holding up great. I really prefer leather non-goretex approach shoes.
  4. [TR] Johannesburg - DD x2 08/21/2022

    It certainly rolls off the tongue a little easier than Ptarmigan Direct.
  5. [TR] Johannesburg - DD x2 08/21/2022

    Nice! Thanks for sharing the TR-
  6. Black Peak to Goode

    Haven't been in that way but remember how heinous the brush is along Bridge Creek and thankful for the trail. It could be pretty slow going cross country.
  7. There Was Shrinkage!

    Pretty depressing to see the glacial recession in just the last two decades. I was listening to an endurance sport podcast this morning and the runner being interviewed was talking about traveling to Bhutan to participate in an ultra intended to increase climate change awareness. I'm not sure how people justify an International flight to raise climate change awareness, can you purchase a carbon offset or something? Sounds like a scenario from Idiocracy. https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1147621/bhutan-to-host-worlds-toughest-ultra-marathon-to-raise-climate-change-awareness
  8. Psycholocross Bikes

    No, it sounds terrible!
  9. I'd say if Washington Pass rock is graded an "A", then the N. Buttress of Goode is a "B-" The most difficult part is generally gaining the toe of the ridge from the glacier, once you're on the ridge/buttress, it's pretty sustained blocky 4th and low 5th climbing. Obviously very exposed but relatively clean. It's been a while but I don't remember any hard moves after making the transition to the ridge.
  10. Great photos as usual! What kind of tent is that the 3rd to last photo?
  11. 2016 Mariners Whining Thread

    Yes, we've been hurt so many times!
  12. [TR] Liberty Cap - Ptarmigan Ridge 07/01/2022

    Alpine climber/dad joke humor, sorry folks.
  13. [TR] Liberty Cap - Ptarmigan Ridge 07/01/2022

    Sounds like a lot of walking for a couple pitches of ice.
  14. Fun day, good glissading if you're willing!