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  1. Thanks for the excellent write-up and glad you didn't have to wait for the rescue. Could have been a cold night out.
  2. Trip: Green Mtn Lookout - South Slope Trip Date: 12/02/2018 Trip Report: After arriving at the trailhead with no snow to be found, we agreed to hike for a while to see if we could find some. I believe we hiked a couple of miles to approximately 5,000' before finding enough snow to start skinning. By the time we reached the south face, there was 12" of boney (but solid) base with 3" of semi-bonded fresh snow and grauple. We took a short break at the top and had an unexpectedly fun 1,200' run. We continued to push our luck down to 5,000 where the brush put an abrupt end to my run with a fabulous digger into some rocks. Except for Kit, he managed another 500' of tremendous brush and rock skiing. We didn't see anyone else out, which always makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong. Remarkably satisfying first ski outing of the season. Where are we supposed to ski? That's better Does it count if you don't skin all the way? That's what we came for - Gear Notes: rock skis & helmet Approach Notes: road is in good shape
  3. Can someone tell me how the environmentalist lobby is reconciling the removal of hydro-electric dams? Seems like a pretty good source of clean electricity to this unsophisticated bonehead.
  4. Yep. Hopefully we can keep this open. It's not like there is ever a crapload of snow at the old gate, maybe 2-3' in early spring? Don't they need vehicle access to the Ross Lake Dam and resort? I have to imagine Seattle City Light signed off on the additional closure. Seems kind of crazy!
  5. They added this statement to the top of the blog post: Thank you to everyone for your feedback. We heard you. Here are the changes we’re making in response: We will close the gates on SR 20 at milepost 134 just as we have every year when the avalanche risk increases. We are committed to keeping the western closure point at that location through at least Jan. 2, 2019. After Jan. 2 we will continue to keep the road open to the gate at milepost 134 until there is significant snowfall to the west, to alleviate concerns about large patches of bare pavement beyond the new closure point at milepost 130. We have heard from many snowmobilers concerned with the change in our operation. We are working with local snowmobile groups to attend/plan a meeting next month to discuss your concerns and talk more in depth about the issues we face on SR 20 while accommodating winter users.
  6. See here: https://wsdotblog.blogspot.com/2018/11/change-means-more-room-to-roam-for-sr.html?m=1 This adds 8 miles round trip (probably a lot of it will be road walking) to the standard Ruby ski tour and sled access will be pretty limited with the new closure at 1,400' elevation (not much snow). What chaps my hide is the way WSDOT is spinning it as some sort of great accomplishment for recreational users.
  7. idea Best clothing for cold, wet weather?

    That's a lot of info. Thanks for pulling it together and sharing it!
  8. Falling with skis A-framed

    Yes it would be more difficult to roll over into self arrest with skis on your pack in any configuration. You could probably attempt this at home on the living room floor. If you find yourself in any situation where arresting a fall would be beyond your skillset, you should rethink your route, setup a belay or turn around.
  9. NSAW Vids are up

    This was a great lineup on Saturday, Scurlock had everyone cracking up, he has a great sense of humor. Videos are up on the NWAC youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXKN3Cu9rnnkukkiUUgjzFQ
  10. found these in the infamous boulder field on the approach to Eldorado in the summer of '13.
  11. There is this report of a different route but I don't know of much else on the interwebs:
  12. Hi Zeno: There are a bunch of routes but the standard route that you attempted is the most straightforward. It's kind of a grind getting up there but a great training hike and scramble at the top. Good job turning around when in doubt. SAR rescued a young man just about a year ago who attempted the peak in similar conditions.
  13. Congrats and thanks for the detailed TR! The gear list is a wonderful pot-pori of hardcore minimalism, "one long spoon to share", what if you lost it!?