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  1. How to pack your rack

    I put my cams in my spare underwear then in the pack. Always hang your biggest cam or two on the exterior of the pack so chicks (or guys if that's your thing (not that there's anything wrong with that)) will think you are a hotshot super studly boulderer guy and want to tear your pants off and throw you down in the dirt and play with your GPS.
  2. Newbie Question

    In the interest of traveling as lite as possible, I usually bring limited amount of clothing and only change when necesary. How do I know when I absolutley need to change my underwear?
  3. Post Like Catbirdseat Contest

    I'm proud of my pocket protector!
  4. For Sale : Bibler Eldorado 2-Door - $350

    If I had to guess, I'd say it's 3 or 4 months old (says he bought it in August) and in good condition with one small repair to a 1 cm tear near the corner. he probably only used it for like 8 nights out maybe in Nepal.
  5. How to prepare Eggplant!

    Slap trask in the face with it until tender (his face). Shred with a cheesegrater and force into his ears and nose until the desired result is acheived.
  6. I love HAPPY HOUR!!!

  7. movies that suck.

    I hear old Trask made a version of that movie called "Crouching Lamb, hidden Gerbil".
  8. Trade. Have MH Absolute zero. Want 9mm.

    Bug: Can you possibly find out if he's stopped taking his meds? That might be easier in the long run than filling him with lead. The police are usually sympathetic with these goofballs and may help you track down a relative or even his Dr. when they find out you mean business. Dr. Krazy
  9. TLG: Put in a bad mood by this stupid thread

    Have you ever sought the wolf in someone else? hmm?
  10. Suicide, is it an option?

    Mr. trask, this is the type of thing I had also concluded. Unfortunatly for me, the authorities did not agree. I know a lot of my patients just wanted to escape the pain and burdens of this old world. Especially that smart ass punk who needed a perscriptoin for acme. He won't ever smart off to me again..HA HA HA HAAAAAAAA a;lsjdflasdflkjasdlkjfas;ldjfalskdjfa;lsdjfa;ioweruqopihg;nv;aldkrjqiopeihgn;;;b....asoooepmmmsaaffkoweiint
  11. TLG: In a Bad Mood!

    These symptoms often appear just prior to or durring the onset of what we often refer to PMS. Not the Pro Mountain Sports PMS either. The other one. That's right; it's nothing to be too upset about, it should hapen about once a month. Fairly common in females who have entered or past puberty really.
  12. silver star via silver star creek

    quote: Originally posted by thelawgoddess: hmm. i really do hate bushes. now what??? In my research of females experimenting with homosexual relationships, I have found that most will get over the feeling of rejection within a short period of time. My prognosis is that you will soon explore the "one night stand" with a male of your choosing. Consumption of alchohol in excess is encouraged for this recovery period to occur. Yours Truly Dr. Ben Crazy
  13. Pickets

    Hold them in your teeth like a pirate holds a knife!! Similar to this little guy - Then you will be a cascade HARDMAN!
  14. Hardman Checklist

    quote: Originally posted by texplorer: I am looking for a new 'project' climb. So I was wondering what other climbs I have to check off before I can call myself a true NW Hardman. So if you had to name one route, be it alpine sufferfests, big mountain slogs, or a roadside crag pitch, what ONE climb would you say is quintessentially a route that only the hardest of the hard would or could do. The conclusion of my exaustive research on this matter is: Winter ascent of Mt. Index (solo) via the N. Norwegian Buttress followed by a ski descent of the route, solo. If your schpincter ever functions normally again, you would certainly have "hardman" status.
  15. Beer & the Rope-up

    quote: Originally posted by Dave Schuldt: quote:Originally posted by iceguy: Called ranger to verify--all open except 8-mile and J-Creek. That doesn't make sence, are you shure? Are they realy that stupid? ALL OF THE CAMPGROUNDS ARE CLOSED IN THE STATE OF WASHINGTON AND UNITED STATES OF AMERIKA UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. GAPERS LIKE DAVE SCHULDT MUST STAY HOME FOR THE REST OF THIER LIFE!