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  1. what's a "pro" climber? BAWAHAHAHAHA
  2. Really glassgowkiss? You might want to read a bit more carefully before calling people out. Raindawg never made any claims about free climbing related Numbah10: It was implicit in his statement. He has made claims like this of other routes...
  3. ahhh man, haven't been on here in a loooong time... Same old crusty farts (Dwayner, Chirp)... Funny thing, i've been climbing a little bit more as of late. Was up at Si this weekend, and it was CROWDED. CROWDED with people all having a good time, being courteous and supportive. The bolts made it accessible to a lot of people who otherwise wouldn't have been able to enjoy it. There were families, teens,kids, old fokkers etc. It was a great use of resources for a living, breathing city to enjoy over a splendid, albeit hot, weekend. The day before we were at Index and had a great time there. Didn't clip a bolt, wasn't crowded (pretty hot) and was fabulous. Both styles of climbing can coexist with mutual respect. Dwayner and Chirp, you both smack of elitism. Don, you still haven't sent Chronic despite claiming that you could given the time. Still waiting for the proof...talk is cheap and you are tiring. Rudy
  4. I have no problem with well mannered pooches. Its kind of like people...
  5. Your a tard, I don't give a fuck if you were there first....if your dog pisses on, or eats my pack, I'm gonna kick it in the chops. Seriously, wtf?!? and I like dogs...(I don't care if he humps it). Maybe a better solution is I dump your pack out, and trade with you? Or maybe i'll just take a wizz on yours?
  6. Is that you Bob? Shoot me a text...
  7. No Rad...different issue here. Woods was pissy because of the new scoring system didn't favor him. The one top that Mohammad had was worth "more" because no one else could do it. Julianne beat Pooch under the old scoring system. The WC guys are not "better" than woods...Muhommad is not a top notch WC guy...Woods is as strong as them but doesn't have a ton of comp experience...
  8. Totally agree Bob...funny, had he been a "big name" Woods probably wouldn't have pouted like a babe...
  9. Bitter poop...errr...bitter old has been pope...my bad...
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