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What did you do this weekend 9/25-26?


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Where are all the TRs? It was really nice on the east side!


I went cragging at Leavenworth on Thursday. Crab Cakes, Heart of Gold (4p), Prime Rib (3p), Crab Cakes again (partner left a locking biner on the anchor, had to retrieve it cantfocus.gif), Cocaine Connection, Cocaine Crack. 12 pitches of granite goodness! fruit.gif




Cragging at Tieton on Sat/Sun. Orange Sunshine, Inca Roads, some sport routes, Thriller Pillar, Mush Maker, waded in the river, enjoyed some desert heat and sunshine, watched rafters on the river, smelled some sage, got rattled-at by a rattler, ate Yakima-grown-tree-ripened nectarines + peaches MMMMMMmmmm. Good stuff. thumbs_up.gif




Place your mini TRs here:

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Saturday: went biking with a few friends on the sweet-ass singletrack of Moran State Park, Orcas Island. great views, nice big trees, fast swoopy trails. thumbs_up.gif


Sunday: took us 7 hours, count em, 7 hours, to get home to Seattle from Moran SP (long ferry wait.. then ferry was late... the ferry had to wait for the "more important" ferry to disembark first... hellacious traffic on SR 20... also some traffic on I5) thumbs_down.gif

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Sunday: went cragging at Pearly Gates in Leavenworth. Absolutely gorgeous weather and basically no one there. A couple of guys there when we showed up then they left soon thereafter. Then a guy and a girl showed up just before we left. Anyone figure out how to finesse that start on Celestial Groove? I was trying to figure out how to do it without seiging it... Crap, I hate that stump sticking out of the ground at the start. Reminds me too much of Nutcracker in Yosemite... :-P

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Managed to get out by my word was I in bad headspace! Scraped up Saber and flailed away on Midway over at casltle rock. 2 moves up and I dropped a q-draw, so back down to get that, 5 moves up, I realize i'm sanz helmet, so back down to get that. After that I was space case, and nearly bagged it at the top of Jello Tower. Can we make an official change in the rating to 5.5 my ass? Still don't know what was up but hoping it's fixed by next weekend!

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W. McMillan was a great two-day trip in every regard. Thanks for the fun DPS, Fleblebleb, and Wazzu Mountaineer. Fun to see Tom and Sergio up there too. The trail may be steep, but at least there's now a trail, unlike in 1987 (when Wazzu was, ahem, five years old).


The old knees are sore but the grin is still big.


Sharp cool.gif

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