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  1. The crevasse-hucking shot is priceless. that'll be on my desktop for a while. Sounds like a damn good time.
  2. Double_E

    mt. daniel

    hope you're taking skis or boards... I hear it can be a great ski, this time of year.
  3. Bummer. I would have liked to see him live, but never got the chance. I've got about 30+ artists in my reggae collection, and he's probably in the top 5, in my mind. Story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/5018910.stm Nuff respect to The Original Rude Bwoii, may he RIP. sweet music the sound of freedom sweet music the sound of freedom well the time has come for us to cooperate the time has come for us to live in unity so take my advice try to be wise if you're born free you must stay free, oh yeah sweet music the sound of freedom sweet music the sound of freedom
  4. Happy belated birthdays, Klenke and Matt!!! Sorry I missed this thread... I prolly woulda come, Klenke.
  5. Fun times! Already lookin' forward to next year's Ski-In. OK, finally got some pics together, here. Dave S: Dave P: Matt P:
  6. I seem to recall hearing about a keg in yrs past. Should we bring money for keg, or just bring beer? And these Weber grills someone mentioned... are charcoal, I'm assuming?
  7. 3 inches? so that means they'll fit up to 76 mm? does that make them the "narrow" size? (I think they come in three sizes). If they were good for 80 mm I might be interested. I have an older Diamir setup (pre-2004) which will only take those older crampons... I just ordered the size "wide" ones from BD (only ones they had left, and said they aren't getting any more cuz Fritschi ain't making any more). BUT... if yours will go up to 80 mm I'd probably return the others and take yours.
  8. Dave P: I forget, (or maybe this hasn't been covered, yet).... do you recommend high-clearance and/or 4WD to get from the highway to the parking area on the property? My rig actually has both of these, but I'm hoping to perhaps mooch a ride from certain other friends, some of which have 2WD.
  9. Brews are always good. So wassup, I thot you were climbing this weekend, foo..? If you don't go climbing tomorrow, you should come skiing with us!! ... me n' Chris and Jerry, and some others.
  10. I'm gonna go fer SURE this year, unless I somehow get sick or injured in a manner that prevents it. I had to miss the last Ski-In cuz of a nasty cold/fever... but I was sick a couple days just this past week, so chances are I won't get sick again for at least a few months from now!!
  11. Well the desired effect has been achieved. Am kinda bummed I didn't go. sounds like a great time guys. Still thinking of going again later in springtime maybe? We had a great time on Jim Hill mountain tho. Killer weather, almost no wind to speak of.... and some of the best freakin powder of my whole LIFE!!!! Here's a trip report from someone who wasn't with our party but was on mountain at same time.... http://www.turns-all-year.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=tr0603;action=display;num=1142891124 I went with Jersan, Mjolner, and their GFs.
  12. Skied up to Camp Muir and back on Sunday. Went with Scott A, Jerry S, and Chris M. Great day. Fun to finally go to Muir w/ skis on; had done so once before, on foot. Weather was pretty darn good, overall. One cloudbank kept threatening to completely envelop the mountain, but it ended up staying mostly on the W/SW sides of it. Some nice long periods of full sun, too. Coming down from Muir, snow was really nice powder for about the first 1500 feet of drop, then after that it started getting crustier and/or denser in places. Not too bad tho. Toyed with the idea of doing the Nisqually Chutes .... then Jerry skied over to the entry point and looked down to see some other skiers struggling with reeaally crusty conditions, so we opted to take the regular route down. Jerry, Scott, Chris, and Tatoosh: More pics eventually .... haven't got around to organizing them yet.
  13. Size L or XL .... or maybe even bigger. Seems like sizes can vary a lot in size when it comes to outerwear. 650 or higher fill. Would prefer no hood, but hooded fine too. bikr273 (AT) yahoo (DOT) com
  14. I really wanted to take the Mountaineers' glacier-skiing class this spring, but it isn't gonna work, cuz of other plans I had for parts of April. SO.... any other glacier skiing n00bs out there want to get together and teach ourselves a thing or two??? Here's some stuff I want to work on: Skiing roped up ... have never done it, either going uphill or downhill. Have travelled roped up a few times before, but on foot. Have always thought that skiing roped up was crazy.. just couldn't be that much fun at all.... but I'm starting to realize that it's just what you gotta do, if you want to expand your ski horizons. Z-pulleys with skis on ... have practiced z-pulley 3x, but but never with skis on. And also never in an actual crevasse. Skiing with a HUGE pack on ... have done only two overnight trips before, with full pack, on skis. Winter camping ... only done so a few times, and never above like 5000 feet. Would really like to camp above 7000 this winter, and if so, soon... cuz there's only 15 days of winter left!! Hoping to meet some others with similar abilities in at least a couple of these areas.... who might want to put in some time in Paradise/Muir/Nisqually in March, and then maybe do some ski trips in the N. Cascades later in the spring, maybe summer. Some more random info... -> Got most weekends free (no kids, pets, school, etc). First half of April is booked for me, but the rest of the immediate future is pretty flexible. -> Got 4WD. -> Got 50m dry rope. -> Currently have mmmmost of the glacier skiing gear I need. Don't have ski crampons, but I do plan on getting some, soon... also am debating whether to get a whippet ski pole. -> I tend to be a little slower on the uphills than most people.. on average, more so than maybe 75% of the people in any group of bikers/climbers/skiers I'm with. get in touch! Ethan
  15. Double_E

    Saturday night

    very nice. I like the background music too... can't tell who it is but I say it's kinda AC/DC influenced.
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