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  1. We also have some three year research positions in high performance computing that are going wanting for good candidates. Looking for people with experience with hybrid computing (mixed MPI/OpenMP and/or GPGPU experience as well as parallell algorithm development for atmospheric modeling). jobs link
  2. Cool! What did she think of the book? bada bing He's here all week, folks, Try the veal.
  3. I think they're on to the people wanting to make black holes for nefarious reasons now. I figured Seattle is a good place to post this because of its high geeks that climb mountains quotient.
  4. Maybe in some future life when I've been assigned a better body.
  5. C'mon, someone must be interested. :-) job link
  6. Nice job, Mike. I'll have the wife pick up a copy when she's back in the US next May.
  7. The Grampians are down in Victoria. The Blue Mtns are in New South Wales.
  8. I'll try to pull it off. I managed to find some local guide books the other day and there's huge amounts of stuff around Lake Como that just looks sweet. Oddly enough, no one I work with climbs. There's one ex climber dude but no one else. I've never been around such a collection of techie types with no climbers amongst them. Plenty of bikers and semi-Italian girlies though.
  9. Yeah, I glanced at a gun shop that I happened to pass by and about had an aneurysm. Thinking maybe I SHOULD have imported something along with my personal effects. The other hilarious thing (at least, to someone like me who grew up around guns and then spent way too much time in places like Boston, SF, and Seattle), there's an outdoor gun range right next to the parking lot of the big grocery store that we go to. I'm thinking "Oh, that would have gone over really swell in Redmond."
  10. You know...sadly...I have no clue. I've got more than enough to do so that I'm largely unaware of the whole thing (like spending half my days in Italian classes). I'm sure that'll change soon enough.
  11. So, I'm down in Switzerland now and do have one of the above show black Speed Triples (should show up here sometime around Oct 10 or so). During the obligatory trip to IKEA (the only place you can really afford furniture around here....and, yes, we did buy a sofa bed) i discovered a sporting goods place with a fair number of local climbing guides to start me drooling. Ski season should start soon enough...woot!
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