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  1. Am alive. And kicking! Rumors of demise greatly exaggarated. But thanks for the nice obituary
  2. Ade's casual reply to being asked about ski plans, at the 2003 spring ski-in: "No, not skiing."
  3. I have a pair of Scarpa T3s, send email (fleb... on hotmail) if interested.
  4. Me too I posted a trip report of being rained on at the UW rock once, that's about it though. Have to admit, browsing through asc.com was a hoot - Lambone spraying on everything. Made me start rooting for Dwayner and Cpt. Caveman and Trask and other bannees, you know, all happy spraying each other down. Maybe dissensionist.com would have been more apt?
  5. Never. Ah yes, the delicious subleties of a conversation between adults.
  6. Ban that guy Schuldt, he uses too many CAPITALS.
  7. How about letting us vote each other's post quotas down? Woo-hoo-hoo, quota wars!
  8. Somebody playing with a new IP
  9. I'm almost willing to bet 'Jim' is not a chick, so cut him some slack willya
  10. Right, sow some smittens on the sleeves, put you in the thing, and send you off to a room with padded walls? Best idea all week
  11. Ski boots for three-legged randonnee races?
  12. Is it the siamese twin balaclava?
  13. Poster was supposed to be in the picture on this thread... is it a reindru?
  14. This some sort of Canadian thing?
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