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  1. wait, when did we start listening to englishmen? don't they hate us for our freedoms? aren't they kinda soft on the nazi question? isn't choosing tea over coffee a symptom of latent homo-ism?
  2. the scheeple...try to keep up, eh don?
  3. Did you summit?

    if you're ten foot below the summit, but eleven foot stoned, then ya summited
  4. i like how the look on this lady's face tells you all you have to know and thus absolves you of any responsibility to listen to a word of it
  5. the constitution, meh, i'm more a fan of the twelve tables of rome, them bitches really knew how to organize a shindig
  6. so...the answer is maybe, maybe?
  7. aLl Ur VaCc1N3$ R b3L0nG 2 u$!
  8. don't know if the vaccine'll kill ya, but it sure as hell brought spray back to life
  9. Beacon

    someday this war is gonna end
  10. Beacon

    9/20 - day 16 - lap 15 -nearly 10 days scorched by smoke, every soul snugged down indoors and refusing the outdoors if they were sensible - a week of school from home, haunted by children and chickens, with nowhere to go when the working day was done - a species of hell surely, though not so hot i suspect - broke a bit by friday, then a good swim saturday, sunday w/ adam not so early, back-achy n' belly-bad - the corner n' some young warriors, elk at high speed fleeing the island under the cloud of a pair of apache attack helicopters