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  1. Do you have to be in GOOD shape to climb?

    Sounds like you're all likening climbing to football here "the season" and
  2. Kids RopeUp

    I believe the chiggin was named Bob?
  3. can I still come? I got assigned to the alternate drill weekend that weekend
  4. Kids RopeUp

    I was just gonna ask that
  5. Kids RopeUp

    Depends on where in Montana...Bozeman is noted for their competent drivers...but Missoula has some crazy maniacs hit the roads (ducking....)
  6. Kids RopeUp

    Defo's: Snowbyrd and fam Billygoat and fam Olyclimber and fam Kamatz and fam NCascadeMtns and fam Maybe's: Sobo Rumr Muffy Bug Anybody else? Place: Tumwater Group Site THIS Friday and Saturday nights Cost: 179/however many show up. Bring: Self and kids Any climbing equipment you have Food - something for selves and something to share Beverages (alcoholic and non) Wood Am I missing anything?
  7. Subterranean Homesick Alien

    My favourite band...named my son Thom
  8. Can you bring Ketch with you as well? Oh wait....n/m...I won't be there I'll see you at Smiff though
  9. yep! you can! Hide those from Marie...ya never know what she might try if she runs out of batteries...
  10. mt erie tomorrow afternoon?

    Stand By for incoming....
  11. Kids RopeUp

    Anybody can go as long as they aren't a pediphile... The more the merrier...and in retrospect, the more adults, the more belayers and ropes for the squidlets!
  12. girlsclimb

    PM me, or just wait to see what pops up here. I'm totally open for the next 2 weeks
  13. Kids RopeUp

    Of course I am.... If only experienced people are going then I'd have to stay home too I have to say though...I'm playing referee this year and if anybody gets outta hand, well I'll...I'll....I'll....well, no pointy sticks or out of control people please. Last year was alot of fun until the very end. Sorry to bring that back up but we don't want a repeat. With that said, I hope everybody from last year comes and we get some new ones as well So far, we've got 4 sets of parents committed to camping and one just committed...that would be RuMr...when they letting you out Rudy?
  14. Kids RopeUp

    No, only experiencd climbers only. No newbies allowed.
  15. Kids RopeUp

    Awright people... I reserved the group site at Tumwater. It was the only one open for that weekend. The cost was $85 per night and I put it on my credit card, so if you guys wouldn't mind chipping in when you come, it'd be much appreciated. If we don't haveenough people to make it worth while, we can always cancel and just get there early. We'll make that decision closer to the time. http://www.reserveusa.com/jsp/commonpage.jsp?goto=/nrrs/wa/tumw/newindex.html Reservation is for September 16th and 17th. Who we got so far? Olyclimber Snowbyrd Who else?