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  1. Alpine BUCKS

    reckon we can give you way better beta on hunting goats
  2. no fair having snow to melt and booze to be drunk - we did that back in the day in saharan heat with nary a drop to drink - the descent in particular was a horrorshow of zero viz in clouds and getting lost in bear-tunnels complete w/ fresh blueberry-studded bear-turds congrats though - for the legendary "blue-collar trifecta" you need to add the ne buttress of j'berg and nooksack tower, if'n you haven't nailed them already
  3. Aid Climbing Practice Circuit

    next step when you're done https://www.mountainproject.com/route/113377948/rapunzels-back-in-rehab
  4. yup, folks definitely get killed on that steep snow section below the false summit, and it stays there pretty far into the summer as i recall
  5. reckon you just have to pick which part of the hike will potentially suck, the middle or the top - there's no time like the present though
  6. How do we add photos to an article?

    i gave up on tr's b/c i was either too drunk or too dumb to figure out how to make photos work anymore after the gallery fucked off - how durst one do this these days? how do i make the magic picture-thingy in my smart-thingy talk to the great-big-cc.com-daddy in the sky? large font descriptions explaining how to do this with less than 6 words a sentence and photos with picture and arrows and paragraphs explaining what each one is would be swell.
  7. So is this where we spr8y about b**ldering

    all boulderers iz basterds
  8. Is that the Matt who got hurt on Stuart a couple years ago?
  9. How to initiate someone to alpine?

    south side of hood seems right for what you're looking for - or the cooper spur on the north side if you want it to be a little cooler (and use them skis)
  10. staff meeting

    this is all an excellent example of something, i'm just not sure what
  11. staff meeting

    bitter be the damned, embalmed in their base hate better they rise and die as the flashing meteor abates batter down the bricks, each edged in the mortar of my mangled state bother, such a bother, so i lie in my earthern crate your vision, my fashion your's wends while mine winds the heart of the sun, these poison passions hatred between us all, each in kind and time
  12. staff meeting

    ya can't take from me what was never mine man, fucking-off in a zoom staff meeting just doesn't have the quite same je ne sais quoi...
  13. wait, when did we start listening to englishmen? don't they hate us for our freedoms? aren't they kinda soft on the nazi question? isn't choosing tea over coffee a symptom of latent homo-ism?
  14. facts are so farcical
  15. the scheeple...try to keep up, eh don?
  16. Did you summit?

    if you're ten foot below the summit, but eleven foot stoned, then ya summited
  17. i like how the look on this lady's face tells you all you have to know and thus absolves you of any responsibility to listen to a word of it
  18. the constitution, meh, i'm more a fan of the twelve tables of rome, them bitches really knew how to organize a shindig
  19. so...the answer is maybe, maybe?
  20. aLl Ur VaCc1N3$ R b3L0nG 2 u$!
  21. don't know if the vaccine'll kill ya, but it sure as hell brought spray back to life