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  1. Thank you for all the input!!!! its a big help. Been obsessively surfing gear options and finding ways to lighten my pack. So many fun options! Think I'm settling on, already have a good 4 lb 2x person tent(a little overkill maybe but no need to upgrade), definitely sounds like aluminum is the way to go, down 30 deg bag, with a puffy etc etc. Thats a great article on footwear. I was leaning towardsTrangos but sounds like no reason not to go lighter. To be honest havent worn the heavier boots since Rainier and that was years ago, just overkill 90%of the time. No just need to stay in shape!
  2. Hoping to make a go at the Ptarmigan next summer And was interested in folks thoughts on gear? Thinking 5 or 6 days likely mid july, likely with at least a summit or two a!ong the way. Its a few pounds swing depending on decisions, but im totally paranoid about being underprepared, and also lazy about carrying extra weight! Crampons aluminum or steel? Dropping weight sounds great but only if the aluminums will hold up. Slerping bag, synthetic or the new fancy waterproof-ish down? (do the coatings practically help?) A light down bag sounds great, but extended use makes me nervous when there arent any easy exit points Boots, light synthetics (La Sportiva Trangos or similar) or something more insulated? Will the lighter ones be warm enough, thinking yes but im paranoid! Water access? TR show mostly camping near small lakes, so im thinking water filter as opposed to needing to melt snow. Tent, free standing or is it possible to reliably stake out a tent at most of the sites? TIA!
  3. anothet idea but there are a few moderate climbs out in the British Isles at Exit 32. 5.5, 5.6, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, which i think you can walk to the top of and settup a tr. they're trad lines so dont get the attention the sport lines do? pretty short and in the shade as well. was thinking about taking my girls there for their first trip outdoors. Keep the ideas coming as i defintely want to get the little ones out this summer.
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  5. Cant get out during the week, but am looking to get out to Exit 32, 38 or Index this weekend, weather permitting. 8s to 10s is perfect, as is a mix of sport and trad. If weekend works let me know. Cheers Josh
  6. Have a couple free weekends and looking to get outdoors on some real rock. Haven't gotten out much lately but should be good to lead 5.8/5.9 trad and mid 5.10s sport. Happy to belay harder or do the leading. Have a full rack and rope. Even up for aiding city park. Have a dog at home, so either she would need to come, or would need to stay within a reasonable day of Seattle. Contact me on the thread or by pm here. Cheers! Josh
  7. Does anyone know about a possible rescue on Mt Stuart yesterday? We were up on Ingalls and saw a helicopter hovering really low over what looked like the Cascadia couloir. Hoping everyone is ok, and it was either training or nothing too serious.
  8. Anyone up for Index on sunday? I'm looking for some 5.8 and 5.9 mileage to knock the rust off. Have to belay harder or easier too. Message me if interested. I'll be out tomorrow, but back in the evening so arranging may be last minute.
  9. Anyone interested in Index on Sunday? Mostly trad. Looking to get some 5.9s in. Rogers corner, maybe Princely. Message me if your interested. I'll be out tomorrow during the day, but back in the evening so arranging it may be a little last minute.
  10. Woohoo! Saturday and Sunday it is. I'll pm with a phone number and contact info.
  11. Anyone looking to get out this weekend? Up for local stuff near Seattle.
  12. Looking to do some local cragging this weekend. Exit 32 or 38, Index, Anacortes. East side looks too damn hot. Haven't climbed too much lately but I'm probably up to lead up to 5.7 or 5.8 gear (maybe harder with some warp up), and 5.9 to low 10's Sport. I can belay 5.hard and am happy to follow. Happy to ropegun / teach some gear or follow. Hell, I'd be open to single pitch aiding in Index for that matter. Needs to either be close enough to seattle I can get back to let the dog out, or mellow enough to be dog friendly. I know that's a narow band but I'm desperate to get out! First free weekend in far too long! Have a full rack and rope. Also looking to get out next weekend with more flexibility and without the pup. Easy alpine would be great as well. Cheers! Josh
  13. Where in Seattle are you? Our girls are 3.5 and 6, and were kind of in the same boat. It's been a slow few years but hoping to do a lot more hiking and other things this summer.
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