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  1. I think you are talking about pitch 5 (5.7 8 bolts, staying left of the bush). We had the same issues as the leader ran the rope almost all the way out without finding the anchor. You've got to commit to making that last tree protected move to the right to see the anchors. We bailed after p6, and rapping p5 left us with only a couple feet of rope at the anchor. Next party up there should bring a wrench to tighten a few bolts.
  2. Aasgard Pass rescue

    Whoa. Aren't you hard core.
  3. Mad Rock sues Climb X

    Who really gives a flying f*ck?!? Obviously you don't have a life.
  4. Forrest Service Parking Permit

    Nope. You can park there with a DFW Vehicle Use Permit, which is cheaper than a fishing permit.
  5. Helmets ?

    Always (except TRing in the gym). Seen belayers get hit by falling rocks. Seen lead climbers fall awkwardly and smack their head. Had folks kick off rocks randomly from above. Ice chunks are always flying in the wintertime. Banged my helmeted head on roofs when climbing around them. Helmets like the Petzl Meteor fit well and weigh little. I can't waste any more brain cells.
  6. Grivel G12 vs BD Sabretooth

    Petzl Vasaks.
  7. Dry Tooling

    Your mama is drytooling.
  8. Thanksgiving Ice & Desert Road Trip

    Hi. My penis is this long: 8============> Can I go?
  9. Ten Years

    I'd say the big turning point occured on the 2nd ascent of The Disappearing Floor route on Mt. Hardy, a climb inspired by Dan and Forrest's TR here on the forum. 50ft out, pulling a 5.10 mantel very much at my limit, onto a ledge which looked more like a litterbox, is the first time I REALLY had to keep it together, and it all started here. Serious fwappage.
  10. Forrest Service Parking Permit

    Serious rc.com material. And you think you are superior?
  11. Gamma MX

    The cut of the OR jacket blows goats.
  12. WTB Rock Shoes

    If you're in Seattle, there's a store called Second Ascent that sells used climbing shoes.
  13. What's the latest on the unobtanium picks?
  14. Gamma MX

    Wait till you try an eVent jacket. Rab makes the best. Westcomb blows goats.
  15. a libertarian wet dream

    Quite the debate skills you've got there. You're standard tactical retort is ad hominem attacks. No, don't worry. I don't expect an intelligent response.