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  1. Picks and cams sold. Bindings still available
  2. Updated to remove items sold. Also wanted to note that the picks fit both the first and 2nd generation Nomics.
  3. email me: dave@alpinedave.com 2x Petzl Ice Pick Quark/Nomic/Ergo (current models) - New - $40/each #4 BD Camalot (old style -- purple) - $35 #3 BD Camalot - $30 G3 Targa Telemark Bindings - Used, incl leashes and both heel riser sizes - $40
  4. Nice trip report Jon, that was us making noise over on Heaven's Gate. What a busy day on the upper wall! Hard to pass up such perfect conditions. I spent a day on Wildest Dreams this spring, and agree that it is a total classic. The first pitch is a great warmup for it or other climbs, and the 2nd pitch is totally superb with an awesome finish. I felt the 5.12 pitch was definitely honest, but think it would be worth A0'ing if not up to the grade for the final pitch. We sussed the gear on p3 and it seems like after the last bolt you use two green C3s in a row, then either a purple or red C3 near the top where it opens back up a bit. We brought brushes to scrub on our outing but found the route in really clean shape. Hats off to Chris for his fine work.
  5. Climbed this route recently. It was a quality climb with only a few spots of dirty or mungy climbing (mostly in the first pitch). Haven't climbed Acid Baby, but my partner had and commented that Valkyrie seemed like the better route. Val- I'd get on it. The stated grades seemed a bit soft, my impression of the pitches were: 5.10-, 5.10 (awesome), 5.9 (one move), 5.8, 5.9, 5.9. A #5 C4 would make the 10' off-width section top roped on lead, but a #3 fits in half way. We also only took 1 #3 which seemed fine.
  6. "the slight double fall line nature of the couloir naturally managed my sluff" ha, nicely done Dan!
  7. If I were to buy a gopro, I'd go for the v3 Black. While 1080p resolution is plenty for most uses, shooting at 2.4k (or 4k) allows you to do more aggressive image stabilization later. Also, having 1080p at 60fps is unique (most provide 720p). However, those extra features may not be important to your uses. FWIW, I have an original Hero and I mis-aim it all the time, especially when skiing. Screen/remote app (which I think Contour has also) would be really nice. If you're just doing a little fun editing, iMovie should probably work well enough. Otherwise, I'd probably recommend investing the time to learn Premier as it natively edits H.264. Transcoding to ProRes is a pain and explodes your disk storage.
  8. Seattle, but happy to ship if you're not. Whippet still available.
  9. 1 Whippet Ski pole, 115cm-140cm size, $50
  10. Anyone have a black hole bag they want to sell?
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