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  1. Vote

    Cambodia garment productions enlightened bwahahahaha
  2. Strange highway sightings???

    I saw a mid 60s Plymouth Valiant, no hood or doors, doing 35 down ruta 40 in Patagonia
  3. It's F'in cold

    better stock up on extra newspaper, maybe invest in another corrugated extension
  4. The Mortgage Bust Goes On

    OMFG PETER! I CAN CHERRY PICK ASSETS IN ONE CLASS AND THEY'LL OUTPERFORM UNDERPERFORMING ASSETS IN ANOTHER! I knew you were a stupid arrogant cocksucker, thanks for proving it
  5. b!tch. I'm introduced with the Optimus Prime voice saying "Born of spray, he descended upon this planet to wreak havok, known as cj001f he sought the cube, and Megan Fox's ass"
  6. It's F'in cold

    I wear a gold C - I didn't use a heater for 5 years.
  7. It's F'in cold

    I need to make some soap, stop on over for the liposuction. You'll save on your lingerie bills.
  8. Strange highway sightings???

    that's nothin. i saw a guy tossing off on the shoulder of I-5 at the Terwilliger curves during evening rush hour. apparently he likes the audience. guess the mask worked, he didn't recognize me

    If they are willing to sell you the beer, who cares?
  10. Strange highway sightings???

    3 cows in the back of a Ford Ranger with snugtop.
  11. What's up with the Shit Streaks??

    porter, just because you like my mark on your tramp stamp doesnt mean everyone enjoys it
  12. fish oil supplements

    layton- can you give me a vaginal spinal readjustment to fix the pain in my heart?
  13. Best snow?

    So that's the Columbia snow snorted off the tits of hookers?
  14. Best Snow?

    December 20th, 3pm, Gore Range, Colorado
  15. Best snow?

    Mt. Hood, Glory Bowl, February 23rd at 4pm.