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  1. I am looking for a training partner for the Vertical World (Seattle) once or twice a week to get back in shape after a years layoff. Currently at 5.9-easy .10ish range. If it matters, I am a 53 yo male, and if it bothers you that my children may be older than you are probably best not to contact me.
  2. hohm

    Sad news coming

    I am crushed to hear this news. I considered Mizuki to be one of my favorite climbing partners, ever. Unbelievable.... Here she is high on Infinite Bliss. edited by off white to get photo to show
  3. Sorry, cant take them all, as I only need 2. I have a great idea for next year though. Next year, I think I will buy ALL the Enchantment permits, then I can have the mountains to myself!
  4. I would also take 2 of these permits, if they are still available.
  5. I am stuck in town this weekend, but would like to get out for a few hours either Sunday or Monday. If you dont mind climbing with an old-SOB who cant lead anything harder than 10.b, lets do it!
  6. I also have the fondest memories of learning what it means to be scared and runout on slab at the Pinnacles back in the 80s. Even though there is some choss, and the bolts are sparse, I have always enjoyed my time there. And Lightning Crack and Vertigo were important rites of passage for me when I was learning to lead trad....I still remember them clearly (fear does that to your mind)!
  7. Ok, finally got mine from UPS today. Looks great, and cant wait to give it a spin.
  8. Did anyone who ordered one of these get their pack yet? I have not seen mine, and 2 e-mails to Crackers have not yet been answered. Just curious....
  9. Whidbey, Check your PMs for future fun....
  10. Partner found. Enjoy the weather while it lasts...
  11. The sun is shining, and the rock is calling from outside my office window. I would like to head out to 38 this afternoon around 2 or 3, to jump on some 9s and 10s. If anyone is available, PM me or call at 206-351-4666 John
  12. Crackers, please check your PMs
  13. I have got a full-set of second editions in excellent shape, that I will sell you for cheap. PM me if interested.
  14. I am interested in the Cilogear packs also, and FYI there are some pretty complete writeups on RC.com. For those of you have have one, how well can it really carry 50+ lbs for long distances? The reason I ask is because I have 100 highest-summit fever, and some of the multi-peak slams way back in the Paseyten are week-long affairs. No matter how much I starve myself, the food weight adds up. It would be cool if the pack works as a technical summit pack also, for both snow and rock (Bonanza, Goode type stuff). I almost had my mind set on an Andinista, but now the Cilogear is sounding pretty good. So.....any further objective comments would be appreciated (sorry Crackers, you dont count as objective).
  15. I have seen your packs on Rockclimbing.com also. Aside from price, what are the advantages of your 60 litre pack over the Andinista? Are are these packs currently available?
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