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  1. McKinley Tent

    Am alive. And kicking! Rumors of demise greatly exaggarated. But thanks for the nice obituary
  2. Oldest summit register

    Curious... what's the oldest summit register people have seen this summer? I haven't seen anything older than 1990 (Challenger). MountainMan's Buck TR mentions a register from 1965, that's pretty cool.
  3. Caught out during storm

    My wife and I had a total epic on a climbing trip this Saturday. Read on for the full story... We just wanted to do some easy climbing, get some mileage and a good workout in. So we were dressed really light, with sneakers and a small backpack for our climbing shoes and a chalkbag. Things were really cool for a while, we did some cool mid-fifth class climbing with little exposure and were having fun, but then it started to rain. We didn't figure it would be much of a problem, but it rained progressively harder and harder until the stone was completely doused. Scary! We eventually took shelter under an overhanging wall, and a roof around the corner when the wind changed. It was pouring, we're talking buckets, cats and dogs type of rain! We were totally stuck there. We figured we'd just have to hang out there for a while, until it stopped raining - not a big deal. That's when the first vulture showed up. Yikes! Nasty black thing flew in and sat on a stump, then later hopped off and kind of scampered closer. I bet it thought we were dead because we were sitting still to keep out of the rain. Yum, eyeballs! That's when the thunder came. Talk about positively frightening. We never saw the lightning, so we didn't know how close, but we knew we didn't want to stay under those spires any longer. We'd have to get out of there, into the rain, in our t-shirts and shorts. We switched shoes and got ready to move. It stopped raining, like somebody turned a faucet. My wife walked over to grab her bike and as we walked away from the UW rock we were nothing if not thankful that at least we didn't get wet. Talk about a close call.
  4. MOFA/WFR courses

    I'd like to take a mountain-oriented first aid or wilderness first responder course before I get complacent about this stuff once more, could you folks please post the local sources of training that you know about? I don't want to wait very long - more than a month and I'll likely be too buried in work again. I understand this probably means I'll have to pay $$$, but I'm OK with that. I haven't looked through the board for earlier posts on the topic and also haven't been here for many months so I have no idea what's been going on. Feel free to throw in some links to other threads. Thanks, Stefan
  5. Inauspicious beginnings

    Here's mine. Where's yours? Btw thanks for the reply Wayne, that was a cool day ice climbing
  6. 5 must skis in the PNW

    Ade's casual reply to being asked about ski plans, at the 2003 spring ski-in: "No, not skiing."
  7. Wanted: tele boots

    I have a pair of Scarpa T3s, send email (fleb... on hotmail) if interested.
  8. Ascensionist.com

    Me too I posted a trip report of being rained on at the UW rock once, that's about it though. Have to admit, browsing through asc.com was a hoot - Lambone spraying on everything. Made me start rooting for Dwayner and Cpt. Caveman and Trask and other bannees, you know, all happy spraying each other down. Maybe dissensionist.com would have been more apt?
  9. Bolting discussion.

    Never. Ah yes, the delicious subleties of a conversation between adults.
  10. Merv and Lambone booted?

    Ban that guy Schuldt, he uses too many CAPITALS.
  11. Merv and Lambone booted?

    How about letting us vote each other's post quotas down? Woo-hoo-hoo, quota wars!
  12. Merv and Lambone booted?

    Somebody playing with a new IP
  13. What did you do this weekend 9/25-26?

    West McMillan Spire, what a great time!
  14. Firearms and Mt. Forgotten

    I'm almost willing to bet 'Jim' is not a chick, so cut him some slack willya
  15. Steaksauce?

    So, I posted 'Lift a glass, smile and steaksauce ' on Pete Schoening's thread, only I wrote n-o-d not s-t-e-a-k-s-a-u-c-e... Would have cracked me up somewhat more if on a different thread. steaksauce steaksauce steaksauce n-o-d Excellent fun... try it
  16. For The Lovebirds

    Right, sow some smittens on the sleeves, put you in the thing, and send you off to a room with padded walls? Best idea all week
  17. For The Lovebirds

    Ski boots for three-legged randonnee races?
  18. For The Lovebirds

    Is it the siamese twin balaclava?
  19. Worst picture taken OF you.

    Poster was supposed to be in the picture on this thread... is it a reindru?
  20. For The Lovebirds

    This some sort of Canadian thing?
  21. Jeff Hansel

    ya right, screaming HAHAHAHAHAHA OFFAL WIDTH, HA HAAAA
  22. Steaksauce?

    If ever there was a time and place for
  23. Conditions NR Stuart?

    I'd be apprehensive about the section above the wide crack on the second gendarme pitch. I remember a bit of face climbing there. What do you guys think that would be like given the current conditions?
  24. Pete Schoening

  25. Open weekend

    Me too I've got Saturday morning thru Sunday night, day trip(s) would be OK as well.