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  1. Shinishoefucker = Twocents And the lengths he's going to to present otherwise, is, um, sad and pathetic. A true indication of character.
  2. "one who shows morbid interest in things considered shocking or repulsive" Are you fucking kidding me? That's all you've done here. Two cents? I throw pennies at asses like you.
  3. You still don't get it, do you? Fuck off you choad sucking right wing hypocrite pimple on the ass of all that is good. Come to the NW you sad asshat and I will pop you.
  4. Guess again! There is a huge hazing period you must go through. We all went through it. Bah, this site is fine for newbies, and anyone interested is welcomed, I was there when I didn't know my ass from a bowline. The trick is to have some tact and not be an asshole!
  5. I'm sure we all are fucked, but at least we're having fun.
  6. "teenage ghetto lesbian mothers" You are a hateful little bitch, aren't you?
  7. Phil Jones = MLU Salesman. Cc.com, I haven't really been coming around much of late. But I still love you.
  8. The 'huge problem' will be solved when you stop posting your bullshit, and go back to your local evening news.
  9. "Good Job! This was probably needed a while ago..." No, it wasn't, and it's not needed now. Ok, let me speculate - twocents is a hypocritical asshole, advocating respect for the climbers families, but then carrying on with morbid speculation that causes nothing but more hurt by second guessing a situation that he knows nothing about and cannot offer anythig relevent to. Not too far off, eh?
  10. Something you clearly lack.
  11. Well said tvashtarkatena. This thread has turned into a disgusting, pathetic mess.
  12. Oh that's just what I need, Climb Max moving to spittin' distance from my house... That will be a cool arrangement between you and Mtn Shop. Thanks for posting.
  13. Here's a thread with how to get there: http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/threadz/s...true#Post253571 It actually wasn't that bad, just not that interesting IMO. I remember running the first two pitches together, then two pitches of a crappy traverse, ending with a fun last pitch on mini huecos. Most of it is a lot easier than 5.8 too.
  14. Steve! It'll be good to see ya. I'll be lurking by the Festivale. And while I'm a sucker for that porter I think the ESG would be a pretty good choice. BTW, you More like 1.2 pitchs of super easy fun, the rest is silly!
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