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  1. I had some frost nip on several finger tips in both hands back in 2004. I had cold sensitivity (got painful quickly) for a couple of seasons and some sensitivity rock climbing. After a couple seasons, things got much better. I remember in 2007 doing some very cold treks in Vermont and remarking on how my fingers were finally 'right' again.
  2. There ain't alot of jews in the PNW. Probably not too many that climb and read Cascade Climbers. Maybe I'm the only one? and dude, you scare the shit out of me.
  3. I had not problem with the content. I don't mind folks linking to their own blog... as long as their own blog isn't firing off pop-up adds... at that point its more like spam in my opinion.
  4. I'll put the book in my car tonight. Let me know if you want to come by and get it while I'm at work (Bellevue-Eastgate area)
  5. Hey Matt, I have one. I work in Bellevue & live in Snoqualmie. You can drop by and pick it up if you want... but I need it back for a trip in September/October. -Zack
  6. The descent goes fine with one rope. I think we had a 60 meter. I don't recall if we needed the extra 10 meters or not.
  7. definately orbit. Here's a photo from AlpineDave's sight: The pic looks down at the start of your 5th pitch. That's the big right facing dihedral. There's one old button head and a newer bolt next to it. Protection is sorta scarce and the climbing is about 5.8 until you get to where this picture was taken, then it eases and you get some crappy button heads as you make your way to the next dihedral (where you started your 6th pitch I think) the next dihedral is left facing. Nicely done ff!
  8. pzack

    Thai Food

  9. It's a trick question. There are no bad climbing movies.
  10. I might have the record for the longest ascent. Did the WR in something like 37 hours. Bivied at the base of the route and then again at the top of the cascadian. Good Times.
  11. Hey Josh, If you do the Nelson route, and then start heading up the north ridge when you first get on it(instead of dropping over the other side and doing the ice/snow climb back to the ridge), then there is one 5.6 move very soon after you get on the ridge. Other than that one move, it's pretty much 5.0 all the way to the summit.
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