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  1. Rossignol Hellgate 184 cm tele skis w/Voile releasable plate bindings $40 Pretty skinny by today's standards, but I did a decent amount of touring and lift skiing with them over the years. The bases need some love. The bindings are not in great shape--the plates have some significant wear where the cables connect, and the cables are bent and need reshaping, or else they'll come loose too easily. Release mechanism worked well the few times I wanted it to. SOLD ScottyBob Fat Bastard 174 cm tele skis w/Hammerhead bindings Garmont Veloce tele boots, size 29 (mondo) $20 Basic tele boots, well-used but entirely functional. Pretty sure I threw crampons on 'em and climbed NF Chair Peak. I could be half a size off here, don't have the boots in front of at at the moment. I'm usually a US 11.5 shoe and wouldn't want them any smaller. Scott Chase 2 helmet, size Small $50 It's a ski helmet! Used 5 times, then my kid outgrew it. Never truly put to the test, the dang size sticker is still on the back. -- Ideally you'd pick up in Portland. I'd be willing to look into shipping, but I'm lazy and haven't done that yet I'll probably sell the oldskool AT setup you can see in the first pic, but don't have the details on that at the moment.
  2. Whoa, that's wild! It's... a pretty wacky book. Dense and solipsistic, quite absorbing for my self-absorbed 20-year-old self, if I remember correctly. Thanks for bringing back my account!
  3. Hey sobo, thanks for the welcome! I've been in Colorado for the past couple years. It was fun, but I'm glad to be back. Lots of family here to help take care of the little one. Hey thelawgoddess, you can't get pregnant from a stick in the eye. I think you're looking for another smiley. Choada, don't be scared. I'll be gentle.
  4. Hey Off! It's nice to be back in the PNW. Doing Wednesday nights at the quarry, then? Mila, I don't have a regular schedule, but usually early afternoons some subset of Tue/Wed/Thu (I work from home a lot). When are you there?
  5. Posting in a sahara hat thread. This one's got legs. That photo of the "ice axe attack" is incredible. Josh, keep on keepin' on. Just don't die.
  6. My wife's pregnant and won't belay me any more. Bouldering's OK, but I want to lead stuff. I go to the Warehouse in Olympia a couple times a week and would like a partner who can lead belay. PM if you're interested.
  7. http://climbinglife.com/current-rmnp-conditions/ is a good resource for the mountains. Lots of cornices waiting to drop, but conditions are still good for many mixed and rock routes. Windy as hell up there now. Boulder Canyon is probably best for a youngun cragging for the first time. It's closest to civilization and has many easily topropable routes right off the road. Search mountainproject.com for route info.
  8. Ha! eric8 and I went that way, too, back in the day. Good times.
  9. Seven Virgins and a Mule is 5.7 with good gear. And just try falling out of the thing.
  10. Everything's free for the taking now.
  11. Fender and poles spoken for.
  12. I'll be at Colin's slideshow Tuesday at Feathered Friends--if anyone wants something, I'll bring it there.
  13. Everything left is FREE. Used, but in serviceable shape. Acopa rock shoes, size 44 or so, one needs resole (free) REI fingerless cycling gloves, men's S (free) Camping Gaz Globetrotter 106 canister stove w/pots (free) - This thing is old, but it works. Compact design fits in its own tiny pots. Takes Camping Gaz 106 canisters. Two Camping Gaz C 206 butane/propane canisters--do NOT fit stove above (free) Sold: Leki Makalu shock-absorbing trekking poles ($10) Planet Bike rear fender (free) You pick up in Ballard or pay shipping. PM me if interested.
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