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  1. Hey, I am doing a show/fundraiser for the WCC and the Liberty Bell Conservation Initiative. I plan to highlight my favorite 10 under-the-radar routes at WA Pass, and my favorite 4 climbs in the Northwest! Beer will be served, tickets are free, but require RSVP. Bring dough for raffle and suds, thanks! Wayne https://waynewallace.wordpress.com/2018/04/26/please-join-me/
  2. Wow! that does indeed look steep. This is one of only a few routes that have appeared to put up a good fight! Nice go on that climb guys, way to get after it.
  3. Trip: Canadian Rockies - Virtual Reality, Elliots Left Trip Date: 11/25/2017 Trip Report: Starting out to be a decent season so far in the Rockies, but they haven't gotten that deep freeze yet, so the pickins are slim. There are some rarely formed routes that came in well though. Virtual Reality is one that I have been waiting a while to get, and boom the pics on social media sent the crowds up there for it. It wasnt picked out though when we did it Thanksgiving weekend, but we did end up in a footrace for it! Worth the long drive and cough I had for the next few days from burning-out-of-shape-lung-stress. More on personal journal..https://waynewallace.wordpress.com/2017/11/29/canada-ice-11-17/ Gear Notes: screws Approach Notes: 1 hour 3 minutes
  4. This is almost inconceivable to imagine.
  5. Yes he is ok, poor communication is all, thanks
  6. Trip: Slesse Traverse is up for grabs - Date: 8/31/2017 Trip Report: I came just short tagging 5/6 summits with my sweetheart. Burly to say the least, yet not in technical terms. Have a look, and good luck. https://waynewallace.wordpress.com/2017/08/30/slesse-5-peak-traverse-v-5-7/
  7. Nice to see that inspiration can visit all people! We had a go at this traverse last weekend. Alas, we got 4 of 5 of the peaks, made it to the top of Slesse for our version of this insane traverse. I will be doing a report of this very satisfying adventure soon, Thanks Wayne
  8. Many Camalot SOLD

    sold everything thanks
  9. Speechless! just astounding... Sean, you "skipped" West Spectre peak, neither of the prior traverse parties summited it either, as it is considered a satellite summit. So congrats to you on an unbelievable raising of the bar.
  10. WTB Master cams, offsets

    Hi! I'm interested in your old master cam's. Looking for sizes (0-3), I'm also looking for offsets MC's in that size range. They don't have to be brand new, used is fine with me.
  11. Nice effort!! Thanks for the detail on Towers traverse.
  12. Excellent report and anchor work. thanks! I still have a spot in my heart for that peak and area.
  13. Trip: Liberty Traverse and Big Kangaroo - Date: 7/9/2017 Trip Report: Thanks for the inspiring trip reports everyone! It is great to see this site thrive on as this great summer winds on. Fourth of July was a 4 day weekend for my friends. My gal and I started with the Liberty Traverse. One of the great traverses in the state for sure. We purposely did it overnight for the romance. Next my guy friends and I did the 2nd ascent of the Skinny Start to the Kearney/Thomas route on Big Kangaroo. It was a burly outing for sure with some minor epics to add interest. Info in Blakes new book, but be careful with the beta, there are more pitches than described, and didnt see the rap anchors for going down the Becky route. About as much fun as we can have on a weekend. Further musings on my online journal. https://waynewallace.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/liberty-traverse-skinny-start-big-kangaroo/
  14. Do you still have the Metolius offset?