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  1. Amazing adventure and astounding persistence! Glad the drytool crag could be of some assistance!!
  2. Damn! Nice work I had my own go with that back in the 90s. What an epic wall, great job.
  3. Well, this is, indeed, a unique pleasure! I never would’ve thought this would have seen a repeat attempt, and of course this is the first one I’ve heard of. I am so glad you enjoyed it. Such adventure !! I grew up climbing on choss, so that rock actually felt pretty solid to me, but we probably varied our lines from in our respective route fighting efforts. Cheers again to you, and we are running out of climbs of mine that haven’t seen a second attempt! I can only think of a few left at this point.
  4. You will have to add 2 rests to be viable. I tried a couple of different methods and they were bulky and cold to the touch. My conclusion: there are amazing tools out there, If ice and mixed are going to be your sport perhaps you should invest in it?
  5. The bar keeps getting raised! Nice to see a couple of “Worldly” people on the big local venues! now, when does that Rock-wall get bolted?
  6. Not sure if I can make it now..
  7. Not sure if you’re set up for it but I would love to do some thing in winter.
  8. Well done yet again with that adventure! I’m amazed you guys still have to drive for this sort of thing after all these years! I lost mine a long time ago. Good for you though!
  9. I’m becoming more familiar with the once a year multi pitch lifestyle myself unfortunately, good one guysAlso I’ve heard those pesky drytool guys are taking over the negative anyhow...
  10. Great pictures, and what an adventure! Very very smart of you to have started on the right side of the mattress. Everybody including myself trade from the left side and got shut down pretty quick.
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