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  1. The bar keeps getting raised! Nice to see a couple of “Worldly” people on the big local venues! now, when does that Rock-wall get bolted?
  2. Not sure if I can make it now..
  3. Not sure if you’re set up for it but I would love to do some thing in winter.
  4. Well done yet again with that adventure! I’m amazed you guys still have to drive for this sort of thing after all these years! I lost mine a long time ago. Good for you though!
  5. I’m becoming more familiar with the once a year multi pitch lifestyle myself unfortunately, good one guysAlso I’ve heard those pesky drytool guys are taking over the negative anyhow...
  6. Great pictures, and what an adventure! Very very smart of you to have started on the right side of the mattress. Everybody including myself trade from the left side and got shut down pretty quick.
  7. Quite the summer this is turning out to be for all you guys! It’s like the mid 2000s all over again!! It’s great to see “my work” become appreciate it after all these years. I had a feeling it would, I just didn’t think it would take this long. Just everybody stay away from that route I did On Logan, and we will all be OK!
  8. Yes! Yet another great adventure wow. I’m almost completely out of ideas now! I am saving one idea though for myself and Mike Layton though. The “Golden Age of Cascades Climbing “ is still going on! Congratulations again you guys.
  9. Well done and what a a strong team you two are! Great to see you two even try it after P+J let some air out of the sails. It was great to have you as well as pj over for dinner too! Anyone that climbs that rig gets a free dinner at my place! The Pole is pretty special place, hope it gets even more traffic.
  10. Great report you guys! You’ll be interested to know that just a couple of days after your attempt, my friends Sam and Lani were able to do The Ridge and the Pole. They found one of your cams and used it extensively. Lani has started a report on Instagram. Again great work up there I’m glad you have your priorities right, Wayne
  11. Wow, I can’t believe I overlooked replying to this amazing trip report! It must’ve skipped my mind somehow. What an amazing effort you to put in to my big sand bag. As I write this U2 are in the Karakoram and I haven’t heard anything for weeks. My heart is out there with you once again! Love Wayne
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