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  1. chucK has passed away

    Very sad news. I'll miss Chuck's sarcastic sense of humor, his brotherly teasing, his intelligence, and his adventurous and ready spirit. I spent one of my all-time favorite mountain climbing days with Chuck when we climbed the full North Ridge of Mt. Stuart in a day, which was his idea and turned out great. It was one of those days of alpine perfection. We didn't see another human the whole day and we flowed up the route in the glittering sunshine. I can close my eyes and recall a dozen moments from that day. Memories that I have cherished to this day, but are now a bit heavier. Thank you for that day! I will miss you my friend.
  2. [TR] Buckhorn Mountain - Marmot Pass 6/12/2016

    Is that your hammock? How many zoots consumed on this trip?
  3. [TR] The South Brother - South Couloir 5/30/2016

    As I hobbled around the house yesterday I was pretty humbled knowing that Ulee was at crossfit. Thanks for letting me fill the creepy uncle role on this father/son outing.
  4. Tonight is the 10 year anniversary of this accident. I think of that night often and can pull up a flashbulb vision of Sam, caught briefly in my headlamp beam, pitching forward into the snowy dark whenever some random hint pokes the part of my brain where that dark cold night is stored. The three of us exchanged texts and thank yous tonight. It was a terrible night, but it has bonded us as friends forever, and for that I'm thankful.
  5. Thanks Laurel! I hope you have a great long weekend with Fred.
  6. Trip: Mount Rainier - Sunrise Date: 6/28/2015 Trip Report: Fred and I escaped the heat in Seattle yesterday. Several little spits of rain did not stop us from enjoying the mountain views and wildflowers. [img:center]http://cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/509/FredRainierSunriseHike.JPG[/img]
  7. Hey folks, Mr. Beckey would like to go to Squamish this weekend. He cannot drive anymore, so he needs a ride to/from Seattle. He can leave as early as this Wednesday and needs to be back in Seattle Monday night. He can't hike very far or fast, so you will be limited to the Smoke Bluffs or Murrin Park, etc, but he knows people up there, so you might be able to crash at someones house rather than camp out in the boondocks. If you have the patience, spending time with Fred can be a great pleasure and an honor. I know this is a longshot, but Fred is really anxious to go, so he asked me to post on here. (contact info deleted)
  8. Chris Greyell

    Incredibly shocking and sad news. Chris was a wonderful guy who gave tremendous amounts of time and energy to the WA state climbing community. I first met Chris at the very first WCC meeting. I was pretty stoked to meet the guy who did the FA of Dreamer, but he was very humble and open and shared a lot of information about Darrington with me. I crossed paths with him several times climbing out there and he was always a smiling, friendly guy. He will be sorely missed.
  9. Trip Reports

    OMG is it Trask????

    A cc.com conspiracy?
  11. DELETE

  12. [TR] Denver - Final Ascent 5/5/2012

    Very sad news. I met David through cascadeclimbers.com and went climbing with him at Index for just one day. He was a fantastic climber and redpointed all the pitches we climbed, while I flailed at the other end of the rope and tried to keep up. We had a great day of climbing and stopped by his family's house in Woodinville on the way back to Seattle. I felt I'd made a good friend in just one day and looked forward to him returning from his trip to Brazil so that we could climb together again. My condolences to the Trippett family. I'll miss David very much.
  13. Last Minute Alaska Trip with Fred B.

    Thought I'd provide a bit more info: Fred is interested in going either to the Revelations (incredible and remote area) or the Ruth Gorge. It will be about a two week trip. If you have the skills, time, money, and temperment, this is a hell of an opportunity to spend time with a legend in some of the most beautiful alpine terrain on earth. If you have any questions or want Fred's contact info, you can contact me. Revelations: Ruth Gorge: