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  1. Climb: Hood-Cooper Spur Date of Climb: 6/4/2004 Trip Report: Decided to take advantage of the weather window and full moon. With warm temps and calm winds when we left the rig on the road to Cloud Cap, the hike to Tie-in Rock was pleasant. Winds started in earnest as we reached the saddle heading up to to Tie-in Rock at dawn. Slope was in good shape down low with styrofoam snow. Snow became highly variable the higher we went, going from firm to thigh-deep mush and back every few steps making the 40-50 degree slopes a little suspect. The Elliot was looking fine but the crevasses were opening. The summit was icy, we descended the South Side. The 'shrund was wide open. 6220 feet of vertical and 5300 feet of descent and 8 miles of hiking. Gear Notes: Standard alpine fare, placed about 5 or 6 pickets up in the Chimney and above. Approach Notes: Road to Tilly Jane is open to about 5100 feet. A little snow in the woods and along the moraine.
  2. Ride The Duck

    keep away from the duck.
  3. white bark pine on esa candidate list

    Did you read what you wrote? Anyway sad about white bark.
  4. Muir telemetry 02.11.11

    I noticed yesterday that the plumes coming off Hood and St. Helens were noticeable in Portland and Clark County. Knew that would not be fun.
  5. important question

    Now where is that xxx-guzzling old crack whore tough guy Trask?
  6. On-line book: Written in the Snows

    Lowell, nice job getting the stories, pictures and film clips pulled together. Its a great read and fun to see the early newspaper clippings and film. I am glad you are doing this on-line so we can see the rich history of all types of media. Thanks for your dedication.
  7. The rhyme and reason behind falcon closures?

    Yes Ivan there is a huge old nest there. Golden Eagle nest sites like falcon aeries can be used for hundreds of years. I have read of gyrfalcon nests in Greenland that have prey remains documenting shifts in prey over the last few hundreds of years. This is one of the reason that agencies protect falcon nest sites. Once successful nest site is established by a pair they and may be used the site for the rest of their reproductive life.
  8. The rhyme and reason behind falcon closures?

    Thanks for mentioning golden eagles Alasdair. They are in serious trouble and are extremely sensitive to disturbance.
  9. The rhyme and reason behind falcon closures?

    Since you asked and I don't have time to read the above links, but as a biologist who is responsible for conserving migratory birds. 1. Yes, they are Federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Under that Act all take is prohibited unless authorized by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Take under MBTA does not include disturbance like the Endangered Species Act. However, removal of active nests or young is defined as take. 2. Each Land Management Agency can establish it's own rules, regulations and policies to protect nesting peregrines, active nests and young. There are no standard guidelines on how far from a nest climbing can occur without disturbing the birds. No agency wants to see the peregrine re-listed and be the cause of that action. So they all adopt whatever distance seems appropriate for that local circumstance. 3. Peregrines are increasing or stable in most of the West. But they require pretty specific conditions to successfully nest. Giving up a little cliff space for successful pairs seems like a reasonable thing to ask from climbers.
  10. sex map

    Are you referring to yourself for finding this map or the mapmaker?
  11. It is not going to dissolve in water and it more likely to just infiltrate deeper and grind away in water. I would just dust it off and put it away.
  12. important question

    No such excitement Paul. No, I am just old, fat, and had ACL replacement, been as busy as shit saving the world, and bought a retirement farm assuming I live long enough to retire. Muffster, hugs and kisses. 8D
  13. important question

    Paul I've been lurking but not doing much posting. Sounds like you've made some major changes too.
  14. important question

    Hey chicka Been awhile for both of us. Hope all is well.
  15. RIP Yellowstone Ice climbing fatalities
  16. Two Thousand Years of Chinese Climate

    Resetting the way back machine. Too bad there aren't enough posts on this page for a Remember them?
  17. Avvy conditions on Hood?

    I haven't a clue, but I am laughing at the Sobo welcome, hey Paul we need beer.
  18. R. Duke Watson, 1915-2010

    RIP Duke, thanks for your service and your love of wild places and wild things. Lowell as usual for a stellar job of reporting.
  19. Is it possible that the properties attribute is marked hidden? Right click>properties>unmark hidden I am not a computer geek, I didn't play one on TV or sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night.
  20. Dang Mike, you pedal faster than me!

    Nice assignment, Mike. Guess you won't be teaching an avy classes inside the beltway, unless its from from a paper slide. How long is your detail? Don't forget your friends over at FWS.
  21. Broken Leg on Hood

    Where did he fall, get hit or slide? The Sandy is a steep piece of ice with a huge 'shrud. Glad to hear he made it out and is going to be ok.
  22. Sobo's starting early today!!!1

    Glad things turned out ok Paul. I hope you also teach the little lady that wheat flour will burn also. I am glad that it smothered the flames instead of going poof. Wanna bet that beside the new MW and cabinets that you end up with new counters, appliances and flooring?
  23. what percentage of my diet should be carbs?

    Some days and some times 125% should be carbos. Likely if the bars are just closing then you should be at 125% of your daily required doses of peanuts, alcohol, carbos, and BS.