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CC.com Turns 11


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Yesterday we started cascadeclimbers.com 11 years to the day. A big thanks to everyone who has contributed over the years, and thanks to the moderators for keeping things in order. You guys are the ones who make it happen.


Want to give cc.com a birthday gift? Post that TR you have been thinking of doing. Encourage your friends to start posting or posting more. Join our Facebook page.



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I just logged in to post on this important thread.
That's the same thing you posted last time you were here, about 20 months ago. 'Cept then, you were screaming at us... :whistle:



You crack me up, Drew... :laf:
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  • 3 weeks later...

I don't know about Jon, but I'm really excited to see your film--especially juxtaposed against your more recent contributions here:


Yes, the other three quarters ended up as a brown stain on a mattress....

But I guess it's easier to stick to talking points for someone with IQ of a 5 year olds. Now fuck off clownpunching maggot.

You know you self-righteous prick, you are just like any fucking commie- I think russia would be a wonderful place for assholes like you....

But you are just too plain fucking dumb to put the two and two together. You might pretend like you are someone else, but you are just anther dumb califuckingfornian lacking logic and ability to think. now get rad and stoked bro-bra.


The point is that you are a clueless fuck, that talks about a subject you have zero knowledge of.


r u THAT stupid or u just pretend to be?

That's what you call republifuck "originality"- just another dumbfuck behind the keyboard. Don't you have some shitters to clean?

The detachment from the reality is quite obvious. it's going to be a tad harder sucking corporate cock Mr Cantor?

yes, you see- instead of smoking corporate pole and have your eyes shut by a big corporate jizz shpunk you should have been reading some history books. You see, when people have nothing to lose they become desperate and unpredictable.





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