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  1. Marmot was a sad deal. I used to go there almost weekly when I was in high school to drool over gear. I think what happened there was complicated. Sometimes owners of businesses or slow to adapt and accept how things are changing. In talking with one employee there the owner apparently didn't want to spend money on advertising. I also think the reality is the location became terrible to get to. The parking was horrible and the traffic was worse. What they really needed to do was move, and I suspect that is part of the problem with SA.
  2. This is pretty upsetting to read. I had been going to that shop for a long time, remember seeing Backes do a presentation there, they long sponsored a local cycling team, and also advertised on this site for a long time. When I started getting into the outdoors in 1992 there were tons of stores in the Seattle area, especially on the Eastside where I grew up. This is really terrible. I will say I'm surprised to read they had a store in Redmond; I had no idea. I would also say that the changes in Seattle have likely not been kind to having a business in Ballard. Ballard has always been hard to get to, but with increasing traffic, a vast number of good bars and restaurants there taking up even more parking in a situation that already sucked, I suspect didn't help. I do think there is a unmistakable reality in that companies like Backcountry and REI are just crushing the competition. These companies are very sophisticated in their operations, they are very data driven, and have extraordinary reach. REIs made a very strategic play in acquiring Mountain Project and their related sites.
  3. No offense to Steve, he is basically running that site out of his house and just trying to make a living, but that's basically a paid ad not a PSA post.
  4. Great to hear you can do this from your phone easily! Did you try adding any picts?
  5. Fuck man what a shame. Condolences to Jess' parents and Allison.
  6. What hapened with the site?

    Thanks for pointing out that trip report. These all fail for various reasons, sometimes it's because the images were hot linked from some other now non-existant site or service. In this case it appears we actually have the images but our redirects are not working correctly: https://cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/503/3363LJT_Routes_V2.jpg Obviously this is something we can fix I'll look into the best way of doing that.
  7. What hapened with the site?

    The shift cable is not attached.
  8. wanted to buy cilogear SMALL 40B worksac

    If you want a pack with them in the immediate future you need to order it by Saturday as they need to stop taking orders from general consumers for a while.
  9. Looking to get a new Suunto watch and the seem to have 20 different watches now instead of 3. Anyone have any recommendations for one that works well for climbing and multi-sport?
  10. Bellingham partner

    Might be time to bring back Pub Club and make it a Whatcom/Skagit edition!
  11. What hapened with the site?

    Issue is resolved. I really apologize for this issue. I accidentally deleted a configuration file on the server which basically caused our server to stop listening to http and only https.
  12. What hapened with the site?

    Thanks for pointing this out. I can see the issue and I'll look into how to fix it.
  13. What hapened with the site?

    @Bronco I need to fix that, but you can access that here: https://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/tripreport
  14. I'm curious how long people's merino tops and bottoms have been lasting from Smartwool or Icebreaker? Most of the stuff I have is Icebreaker and around 10 years old, I've been really happy with them, but in the last few years they have totally deteriorated. Lots of small holes mostly on the thinner stuff. I generally don't wash them a lot and hang dry them. Part of the reason I'm asking is while I haven't seen any other signs, I wonder if I have carpet beetles in my house and want to rule that out before buying more.
  15. Free Solo wins Oscar!

    If you can see it in the theaters you have to. In a way I wonder if the people who voted for best picture actually saw it. I've never experienced something like that in a cinema, especially knowing exactly what happens. It's really a remarkable achievement. Props to @Wallstein what an amazing thing to have been part of.
  16. I have some Merino dress shirts that are fine, and a 320 Icebreaker that does have a few holes in it, but it's also odd and I wear it quite a bit. Thinking about it a bit more I think it's mostly the age, usage. My other hypothesis is because I don't wash them frequently, the build up of salt is weakening the fibers.
  17. Granted I think 3+ years of those were busy with baby/kids and not getting a ton of usage. I originally thought wool products lasted "forever" but I think the fibers are much much thinner in these garments, and lets face it not the greatest business model to make something that never breaks down. Glad to not be the only one to consider critters. They started falling apart after I moved into a new house, but that also coincided with getting out much more often. Which brand are people having the most luck with now? I noticed there are about another dozen brands in the marketplace now.
  18. Government Shutdown

    Let's just not forget these people didn't get paid for a month, and risk not getting paid in the future. Not being able to get up to Paradise for the 74rd time isn't a big deal.
  19. Government Shutdown

    I suspect they will open the road all the way. The website says they plan on resuming normal operations. My guess is they didn't have time to fully winterize the facilities for non-usage so they likely need to get up there to prevent damage.
  20. Dogs and Mt St Helens

    I will say this is one thing that drives me fucking nuts, and I'm a dog owner. The dog shits and they put it in the bag and then leave it there to retrieve on their way back, like everyone else who walks by it doesn't care.
  21. Winter climbing in Bend?

    I think there is a picture on the Coavy IG account from a big slide on Tumalo. Definitely check the avy conditions report.
  22. Concerning snow pack

    Come on Rad didn't they teach you that in Chem 140? (Moles of water * density / enthalpy of water) / (angle of slope * speed)
  23. Concerning snow pack

    I read something by NWAC, I think on IG, that basically said the same thing in that we need some major rain for long term stability. A Bellingham based photographer got swept over a cliff in an in-bounds slide the day before opening at Baker, but thankfully he was fine.
  24. As part of the Paris Climate Accord the United Nations panel for climate change released it's findings that are summarized pretty well in the below NYT article. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/07/climate/ipcc-climate-report-2040.html A couple interesting quotes in the comments of that article... There is no question we will have to make some majorly drastic changes in how we operate in this world. As climbers and general outdoors people how do we justify things like long drives into the mountains, long airplane rides to far off places, the occasional helicopter ride? Where do we draw the line, and how do we justify and minimize our impacts? A typical trip for me around Mt Baker will result in me using 6+ gallons of gas, where 1 gallon of combusted gas will product 20 pounds of C02. I'm putting over half my weight in gas into the atmosphere just traveling for one trip! I'm curious at to others thoughts on this and what things can be done to help minimize our impacts even more. We seem to tread lightly once we are there but not so much getting there.