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  1. Summer solstice traditions/fun things

    Basically, its almost November.
  2. Here's a well written piece with a lot of details around the search. I notice we don't really have an appropriate sad emojii for something like this. Last Days of Marc-Andre Leclerc
  3. [TR] Colchuck Peak - Colchuck Glacier 06/17/2018

    Nice, looks like you had great conditions, it just doesn't get much better when booting up this glacier. Thanks for the pics!
  4. [TR] Strobach - Jatinga (FA) 01/30/2018

    Great, especially psyched to see those TR's. Thanks John.
  5. Someone else posted a found cell phone on this route, is that your partner, or is one of you perhaps the person who lost a phone?
  6. Advice for First Timer to N Cascades

    Whoa ChucK, I hadn't seen that video before. Folks normally assume the Colchuck Glacier is such a passive little patch, but I was telling someone just the other day, "You know, people do die up there." I was thinking of the father-son duo from a few years back, but this was just a case of winning the alpine roulette for those guys.
  7. @olyclimber can you help Bhagwadminiwan? Looks like the missing images are hosted here, not due to the Photobucket debacle.
  8. You just watch your step little mister...
  9. current song in your head

  10. Bronco, it got moved to the trash can because the Admin's didn't want to host any salacious screeds about other sites or be providing a platform for Chris' ongoing battle with sites he'd been banned from. Personally, I'd have shitcanned it just for quoting Dave Matthews' lyrics.
  11. Fred Beckey book information request

    Chris, the quote of Megan's you cite from NWHikers was posted 6 days after Fred's death and is what she was referring to in her most recent response here when she said, She's not writing a salacious tome in order to make some quick bucks, and she's not looking to exploit the experiences of any "victim of harassment or abuse."
  12. Is Mt. Hood still as scary as it looked in March

    Shhh! don't jinx it.
  13. Squamish Climbing

    I'm sure there is a board that is much more Squamish oriented, perhaps a better place for your friend to look. If they wanted to climb at Index this is probably the place to look for partners.