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  1. Climbing/bouldering near Joseph, Oregon

    I reckon there are a few things to check out. I can't imagine no one has ever put up a route on this essentially roadside crag, but I can't find any record of it.
  2. Best place to resole rock shoes

    It was my understanding that Ramuta was just on temporary leave as they're hiking the PCT this year, perhaps they'll be back in the swing come fall. I had a bad boot resole from Dave Page. In 1982. I guess I should let go of that one, ya think?
  3. Hah, of course. I haven't been in that trailhead in years, but I leapt to my conclusion because I'm the kind of tightwad who has resisted paying that user fee since the days of the NW Forest pass. If I'd ever seen any evidence that money went to things like expanding parking and facilities at popular and important trailheads like Mountaineer Creek I might feel differently about the user fee. It seems we all agree there is some sort of hidden agenda beyond emergency vehicle access.
  4. Yeah, I'm sure it's not because you can park on the road below the sign without having a discovery pass, no way would revenue be a consideration here.
  5. Not mentioned yet, but as it turns to fall think about Royal Columns in the Tieton. There are a lot of moderate routes, but you mostly need to be ready to learn to crack climb. Took my daughter there years ago and we had a blast. Western Front is a great 5.4 that you actually have to jam, a good introduction. Rattlesnakes though, but that's also a good thing to learn about.
  6. Rope on Wherever I may Roam

    I'm gonna hope that they rapped on double ropes and that was the knot on the tail they forgot to untie, rather than their single rope rappel program.
  7. Chehalis Access?

    I'm thinking G-spotter is your best source of current info, seems like I saw something somewhere recently from him on those roads. '
  8. Suggestions on where to live

    Olympia is a good area, though with the same cost increases afflicting much of the west coast. Similar to Bellingham as a city, but further from the Cascades, and for the most part further from good rock climbing. I do like living here though.
  9. I have some ancient Ramer avy beacons, too outdated to even give away for someone to use, but if someone wanted to use them as an upgrade trade in, let me know, I'll give them to you.
  10. Trad anchors

    Oooh, I like the "sleek chain and functional carabiner". Nice find!
  11. [TR] Prusik Peak - Stanley-Burgner + Solid gold 05/29/2019

    Tape there on Asgard to keep you from going into the waterfall of doom? Not a bad idea given that things track record.
  12. As a bump, it would be nice to have the pictures back on this one
  13. City of Rocks Climb

    You might try the Newbies forum, though I think you'll find this a difficult sell. Most folks from here who are at City of Rocks have traveled a fair distance to get there and probably have a full agenda that doesn't include providing free instruction. If you're in the Seattle area, you might reshape your ask to see if someone wants to spend an afternoon at Exit 38 or some such, or whatever the equivalent local crag is to your location.
  14. Roskelly, Auer, Lama missing after avalanche

    Word from John Roskelly via Tony Yeary is that they are in fact dead. :-(
  15. I've had moths show up more with sweaters, rugs, and other coarser wool items. Of course, my wife is a fiber artist with a basement full of wool fleece, felt art pieces, wool quilt batts, and other assorted such things. Large ziploc bags for storage of wool items works pretty well.