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  1. Waynes Greatest Hits WA Pass Edition

    Wayne rules, I'd be there with my gimpy knee but live too far away. BUMP! PS, IN OTHER NEWZ, CC GOTS A CALENDER? ! WOOT, MOVIN' UP ! Opps, capslock thing. again
  2. Beacon Rock Stories

    You've been gone too long DH, heads up and spread the word that Joes been upgraded to "above average" decent person now and not to be F**ed with as in the past, since @ 3 weeks ago. Anyway, to Kenny's family, I didn't really know him, but I know how tough it can be, and wish you well. I'll touch base with a few folks who might not read it here that may have been buddies and let them know. FYI in case you don't know the climber trail to the S face is closed currently, something Kenny would have stepped right over, kicked down or at least taken a moment to piss on if he was here, but let folks know where you want to meet up, maybe in the parking lot and head up to the trial right where the SE Corner tops out, - hopefully you have good weather.
  3. Applauding risk acceptance beyond your own limits

    I apologize and mean no disrespect. It's tough, as we all know, nothing I say will change any of that. There are a lot of nuances which we miss in making bold declarative statements, it's harder to type it than say it. I'll bow out now with that final note.
  4. Applauding risk acceptance beyond your own limits

    OK, that was me that toss you in there. LUCK you say? LUCK? Pfft. Jens it looks like I'll have to take your name off and sub in Reinhold Messner......(kidding). Not all luck. I will note that Messner noted that if you drill the correct procedures into your own head so many times that when you are exhausted and out of it and the shit has hit the fan (my summation), you still do the correct thing on autopilot that will still get you out alive. That is what luck can be for some and that luck pulled his fat out of the fire many many times. That said, I know luck played a big role in Messners life, as the well known story of Reinhold Messner and his late brother Gunner will attest to. The pain of losing Gunner was crushing for him no question. I think we all choose where we want our own risk level to be. It certainly changes over time, but for some, it is much higher, and those of us still on the ground cradling our children watching others fly to new heights are shocked, impressed, astounded, upset, and a whole bunch of other things as well. It is about choices. No doubt. In this instance, I suspect that they chose to go light and fast. If so, they were out of fuel and thus water days ago and a happy ending isn't to be I'm sorry to say. I hope I wrong and if that were my kid I'd be all over that area trying to get rescue personal in there...... Now, what was Bob saying again? Oh, Polish folks. Amazing. Slovakians and Russians at times as well. Here's something worth reading as well https://marcleclerc.blogspot.com/ I got to cook some rice up for dinner now. Take care all, and may they both found before the rice finishes.
  5. Applauding risk acceptance beyond your own limits

    Didn't seem that long ago Marc Leclerc was a snot nosed kid posting on CC.com getting harassed by some of you old nose pickers. He turned into a bad ass pretty quick, certainly enough to know and accept the risks he took. There is still a decent chance they walk out of this one too, and I know we all wish them the best. I'm not sure "applauding" the risks is the way I'd say it, more like impressed by the risks and beating the odds. Off White has it well said about Donini above, (" it does seem that objective hazards can only be somewhat ameliorated by skill and experience. "), but then you have guys like Uli Steck who had otherworldly skill and strength and it still didn't work out. We all know if you choose to live the high risk game you play by different stakes. Big mountains, big stakes. I think you can be a badass and mitigate the risks somewhat. Look at Mikey, Blake Herrington, Jens, T. Caldwell... lots of folks.... ...maybe we're all on the same page but need a campfire, some drinks and part of an evening to get the whole thing out on the table.
  6. wamest jacket on earth

    I do. Mar 2nd 2018, he said: " Never forget the wamest jacket on earth is the one having the most fun ". Annnnd you're welcome Oly:-)
  7. fixed line cut by psycho; i coulda died

    Remembering this tale was causing my palms to start sweating again, in revisiting it I see that I'd totally missed or forgotten Ivans comment 8 years back.
  8. Beacon

    HOLY SHITE MUSLIM! Bold shite man, bold. I made it to the parking lot @ 11am thinking some cleaning and jugging might do the trick. Stepped out of the car thinking I'd be pleased to not have the car door ripped off it's hinges in the hurricane, made it to the restroom and back. A brief reflection of the wind knocking rocks off of Tower Rock with a trip you were on, coupled with another, generally more careful climber getting whacked unconscious by said rock where I wanted to go play gave me pause for reconsideration. Successfully opened the car door again and came home where it was still a balmy 43 degrees and no wind. Only thing of interest and suspicion was the park ranger truck and 2 BSNF "Police" vehicles parked in the climbers area.
  9. Paging Polish Bob

    Checking in the Bob's update. Glad I posted the full text, it's been a long time and I would have forgotten. Sorry about the ankle Bob, but if I can make one positive note, if we do tie in together now, I have a better chance of keeping up with you.:-) And Jason, no fury here. Not even sure what side of the isle I'd be tossed if I was in fact dwarf tossed onto one side. I read the 4th Turning recently and realized that regardless of the distractions, we're all fucked. Soon. Along those lines, if'n any of you read recently that the US was going to be putting in some anti missile defenses and you were thinking Guam and Hawaii at some point: it's on. They're in. Not in the news yet - an eyewitness reports that 5 or 6 anti-missile battery's are going in right now at the Ilwaco CC station mouth of the Columbia. The West coast will soon have other installations if they haven't been emplaced already. Just a heads up to pray for peace but do what you can to prep. It's moving along right briskly, horrifyingly to the thinking man, grinding over everything in it's path.
  10. First!

    Slick vid!
  11. Beacon

    Don't give up the ship just yet. There's at least one warm day, if not more, left in the year. 25 or bust amigo!
  12. New forum software!

  13. The writer nailed it too. Touching tribute. It's damned hard to do a brief summary of a person (family's) important points in that short of an article and still make it interesting. You're cutting out 7/8 of their life. I feel like I want to buy Lowell a beer just for being a good dude now just from reading it. The world needs more folks like those folks, sadly too many whom are not with us now, that's why yer heart goes out. I remember reading about Carl's death on Cascade Climbers, although it was sad and I'd never met the guy, was also shocked to learn about his impressive bad-ass accomplishments that he had quietly racked up. My best wishes go out to them all:
  14. Alpinist Magazine Buyer

    That's an insanely cute pup! Congrats! Looks expensive too. What ya pay for him? Bet it was at least $200 bucks. Good luck with the mags, I'm even more clueless on those so no help here.
  15. Beacon

    Saw those boys on YW todays, Jim and Sal making sure all was well. Wondered how it went for them. They started on Rythem Method thinking it was YW, Jim got them moved over. They liked Rythem Method. They were on the 2nd pitch Young Warriors so we walked under and went corner. They were accepting advice and at the P2 belay as we went past. Didn't them again. We dropped in and toproped both Separation Anxiety and Hazy Daze on the West Side. We both got a lap on each although Ujahn wanted Hazy Daze twice. One lap on both and I was toast: full sun 81 degrees. Car to car in 2-1/2 hours.