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  1. Rappell fatality at Red Rock

    "Please ensure both ropes are through your device and always sit your raps before removing yourself from the anchor." I am adamant about this and have been surprised when many folks I've climbed with were not accustomed to this double check. It only takes a moment folks. Safe climbing and descending mountain friends and family.
  2. Clear Creek 2060

    Mark - I've taken the liberty of establishing a go fund me campaign in an effort to raise funds as you have laid out here and as we have discussed privately. I've cross posted to as many avenues as I have at my disposal and would encourage others who derive pleasure from the area to do likewise. We couldn't have a more capable person out there assessing or performing this work than Mark. He and the others I have met that share a love for this valley and Darrington as a whole are some of the most diverse and inspiring folks I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. This is a modest sum of money for the value of the terrain accessed by this road. So, do what you can. Thanks! Tyson geBauer go fund me
  3. Totally God forbid one uses the wrong nomenclature. It makes you a thief.
  4. [TR] Slesse- North Rib 8/9/2004

    Yep, great name for you Gene. Hell of a nice guy, in my circle you'll always be Gene, Gene the climbing machine.
  5. Found: Weed and pipe on Stuart west ridge

    Gawd, what a bummer......
  6. Anyone been up to the value village crags? wondering if it is worth the steep climb up. Looks pretty cool.
  7. value village - Leavenworth

    Three + years later, I finally made the trek up and what a trek it is. The climbing is sweet, steep, varied and fun. The bivy is super sweet, particularly after the effort of schlepping those loads up there. I can't believe I am typing this but I will definitely go back again. Once my legs stop being sore.
  8. So here's a shot in the dark but I'm traveling to Vermont for a week the last part of this month and I'd love an opportunity to get a day of cragging in. I know this is Cascade Climbers but I'm hoping somebody knows somebody or something?
  9. Killington - Deer Leap or Vicinity

    No joke! I'll send a PM a bit later.
  10. [TR] Darrington - Safe Sex 9/5/2015

    Nice one Curt! I totally agree about this climb. I really liked the split pillar pitch.
  11. Nicely done and sweet detailing of the approach. Way to go gents!
  12. Found wallet - if you are or know Nate Redon please contact me so I can return this. Thanks! Tyson
  13. FOUND: Camera & jackets on Ptarmigan Ridge

    I actually recognize the fellow on viewers right, I'll pass on the info this evening.
  14. Carrying your water on alpine objectives?

    I would contact a green builder and or the manufacturer and ask for a sample.
  15. Carrying your water on alpine objectives?

    IMHO carrying a small piece of air sealing tape, I.E. Sigatape or 3m is a much more reliable option for repairs on anything like a Thermarest or a platypus than duct tape....by light years. These products are amazing and the repair is flexible, instant and permanent. I would not however recommend putting these products on anything you don't want them on forever!
  16. Amber Alerts

    You can opt out. iPhone : Settings - notifications - government alerts - move the slider to off. Viola! Android: Pretty much the same
  17. word Just over a year since he passed..... That man is missed greatly, by many. Thanks for the laughs and memories friend.
  18. [TR] STUART - Ice Cliff Arete 8/10/2014

    way to go you two. That down shot of Sherpa glacier is amazing.
  19. Crux AK 47 Pack

    Wow has it really been 4 years since that gold?