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  1. Do you track your elev gain on the bike too? It adds up fast!
  2. So, the national park system has the money for this scheme--but absolutely no funds to, say, keep park roads open? I have no problem with Grizzly bears or wolves. But NCNP is the least-visited national park in the contiguous United States. Decommission the park, retain the designated wilderness areas therein, and let nature sort out which apex predators wander in and out. Maybe with some help from over/under passages along Hwy20 into the southern unit.
  3. https://www.foxnews.com/us/yosemite-national-park-reinstating-indoor-mask-mandate-amid-high-covid-19-community-level I'm growing sour on the whole nation park ideal.
  4. ...more like the gate to the cemetery!
  5. I spent a few days XC in the Olympics this last summer. Can you name the lake?
  6. 2023 Goals: (I'll be happy with one or two) One last Rainier climb - Tahoma Glacier Mount Sanford on skis Baranof Island Traverse Complete Cabinet Mountain Traverse S-->N Missouri Breaks Canoe Trip Admiralty Island Canoe Traverse Olympic Mountains - XC Ice River Glacier Environs
  7. Flew around the summit tower of Waddington with Whitesaddle in 2019--and that was enough to scare the @#!$ out of me. Very intimidating. (What good is a recon if you're not willing to say NO? 😁) The NW Peak, however, was absolutely beautiful. Would love to go back and climb it from the Dais Glacier, or, maybe, Combatant Col and roll the dice beneath the seracs. If you decide to scale back your plans give me a call. In any event, I took some decent photos if you're interested.
  8. Those are some great photos of a great looking trip. Just when I'm ready to ditch my real camera for my phone cam you have to go and post photos like this!
  9. Elites aren't necessarily wealthy. ($179.00 tickets at Crystal Mountain notwithstanding.) In fact, when I think of elites, I think more about folks who have a wealth of free time on their hands compared to the general working population. I think of public sector employees. Insiders. Credentialed. Politicos. Cosmopolitan. Don't you wonder why MORA is leaving access open only on weekends, and not, say, Sunday and Monday? It's simple, really--elites tend to have weekends off. The rest can eat cake.
  10. Conflicted about this. One one hand, it seems absurd to claim short staffing issues with, what, over 100 winter employees and millions in heavy equipment now just sitting idle in the park. What's more, I'm not sure how keeping the road open during the week is any less labor-intense than prepping it for opening on Saturday mornings. Unless, of course, the real goal here is to allow the road to get so buried during the week that they just throw up their hands and proclaim, "Paradise is now closed until late spring!" On the other hand, Paradise hasn't always been open year round. Recall the book "A Year in Paradise," by Floyd Schmoe describing his isolation as caretaker at the inn during the long winters before the ski hill era. Furthermore, I'm not heartbroken these days to hear that a taxpayer-funded playground for urban elites has been throttled. Let's do the same with Benaroya Hall. I'm guessing cars will start to pile up at the bottom of Crystal Mountain Blvd as skiers and other winter recreationalists seek the path of least resistance to MORA snow.
  11. If we use history as our North Star, he is more likely mellowing nicely at Camp Schurman.
  12. Hmmmmm, still way too quiet. I think I'll go snowshoe the shit out of someone else's ski tracks and then post about it here! 🤪
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