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  1. PORTLAND! Tonight, Wednesday, at 7 pm at Arcteryx on NW 23rd Radek will share photos from this trip and others. FREE BEER, Arcteryx prizes and international climbing radness. Hope to see you there!
  2. New, extended Enchantment Area permit season

    Just in time for the new guidebook
  3. Food on the Ruth Glacier

    I usually take a 0 for basecamp. The -20 is probably the safe bet unless you can borrow a 0 from someone.
  4. Food on the Ruth Glacier

    20 will work unless you go in early April... Early and late April are often very different.
  5. Yes they have. Brunckhorst guide book
  6. Hyalite/Bozeman beta

    +1 for Royal 7. Great spot
  7. Trip: Wyoming - Leaning Tree Date: 1/9/2016 Trip Report: I have to say this one lived up to the hype. Best WI3... ever? Quite possibly. So pleased I finally found some time and a partner to get this one done. Many thanks to Joe Josephson for the beta and Aaron Mulkey for the personal guided tour. Approach Notes: Don't fall in the river
  8. [TR] Canadian Rockies - Ghost 1/3/2016

    [video:youtube] Unless driving conditions are ideal I wouldn't suggest it.
  9. [TR] Canadian Rockies - Ghost 1/3/2016

    Unless driving conditions are ideal I wouldn't suggest it.
  10. Place to rent in Portland?

    I might have something for you on SW Corbett. Let me check.
  11. Trip: Canadian Rockies - Ghost Date: 1/3/2016 Trip Report: First time in the ghost. AMAZING! Big thanks to Tim Banfield for the tour and place to stay in Calgary. World Class. Climbed in the Valley of the Birds and Beowulf first day and Sorcerer on day 2. All photos by Tim or Nate Goodwin Daniel Harro on Yellow Bird Beowulf Truly one of the all time best Gear Notes: Standard kit Approach Notes: Stock Toyota Tundra no lift.
  12. Alpinist magazine back issues GONE!!!

    Ill take them. PM sent
  13. Denali pricing

    Great reply Mark. Some great points here.
  14. Petzl harness b*tchfest

    I crag in the new Adjama and I like it. Check out the Aquila if you want a super padded harness that still climbs well or the Sitta for super lightweight performance. The Sitta is amazingly comfortable for weighing what it does. The FL 365 from Arcteryx is a fairly sweet harness also. Leg loops aren't adjustable but not a deal breaker for me.